DRUNK FOOD: 10 Best Grubs in Manila After Your Drinking Spree

Friday. End of a workweek. Finally! It’s payday, you reach out to your ATM get some moolah and group message your friends and ask them all out to the nearest watering hole or dive bars.

Night time is the crazy out of town cousin of daytime. Because he has a different set of rules, more tolerance and an enabler most especially after hours. We do things we don’t do during daylight. We’re more open to friends of friends of friends of friends. Wait I lost connecting the levels. But you do get me right? After a few buckets of beer or emptying the bottle of that mid-range liquor at past 1 am. You all pay the tab and in a harmonious mindset, the final fight would be how awesome it is to go grab some food. How satisfying it is to go grab that cheeseburger, that Chelo Kebab or that hot tapsilog after hours of a drinking session?  Late night is the easiest time to eat like a no one is watching you because eating like nobody is watching you is all about self-pleasure and very little else.

We’ve rounded up 10 highly recommended places around Metro Manila that are open til’ late down to being open 24/7 to gratify your NEED to munch. All these menu recommendations for TASTE had been rated 4 Extra Rice Rating. If you don’t know what is our rating scale is, please click this link.

Hungry after a drinking session? Here are the top 10 food you should get! You’re late night guide around Metro Manila

iPiccy-design.jpg1) Hungarian Meal at Whistlestop (24 hours)

Whistlestop 2.0 is a nicely designed restaurant with retro touches, much different from its original cowboy-styled incarnation. It’s open 24/7 and with ample parking spot and steady location.

2 pcs Hungarian sausage, 3-4 pcs of honey cured bacon on a bed of their glorious rice mix. This is good to share for 2-3 people. Depending on how awesome your hunger is. If you eat like a MAN, then just share this with 1 person nevertheless. Ask for a side of honey mustard and a glass of ice cold coke.


Address: # 28 Jupiter Street, Makati City.

2. The Shawarma at Ziggurat Makati (24 hours)

Smack behind the alley in Makati’s red district lies a 24-hour tower of Middle Eastern cuisine, a good place for dinner but an even better place for post-drinks grub. This is by far the only middle eastern restaurant with the most extensive selection. One of our favorite hidden place in Makati.

A newspaper spread of their menu selection

You can never go wrong with a good shawarma roll. It will outlive most food trends available in the metro. Perfect one hand snack that you can bite into furiously.

What makes their shawarma special is they don’t mince the meat so small and just spread it out. They serve it as sliced beef strips, with roasted onions and bell pepper.

Address: Durban Street Corner Makati Avenue, Makati, Tigris, Makati.

3. The Beef Pares at The Original Pares Mami House (24 hours)

I recommend ordering the classic Beef Pares of course, the camaron rebusado and their campto soup. Good food stands the test of time. You do not need so much forward thinking concepts and expensive restaurants to satisfy your search for palate satisfaction. A complete set of Pares will cost you 90php.


Pares. Do I need to say more?

Address: N.S Amoranto Sr. Avenue, La Loma, Quezon City

4. The Tapsilog at Tapsi ni Vivian (24 hours)

It’s sweet and salty, garlic infused with vinegar. They’ve been serving their tapsilog since the 1980’s. Open 24 hours and 7 days a week. A Plate of Tapsilog will set you off for 90php.

Address: (Multiple Branches)

  • Mayor Gil Fernando Ave, Marikina
  • Lauan St., Project 3, Quezon City
  • Ortigas Ave Ext, Sto. Nino, Cainta, 1900 Rizal, Philippines

5. The Pad Thai at Dusadee (24 hours)

Authentic Thai food that is cheap, clean and decently tasty.  They source their spices directly from Thailand as the owner is from Thailand.

Photo by: http://www.elleswhere.com

Their Pad Thai’s comparable to Fort or Makati restaurants that will charge you double or triple the price. The noodle is bouncy and chewy perfectly covered with the sauce, the right amount of meat and topped with fluffy eggs. Big serving size for just 110php.

Address: 40 Aguirre Ave, Parañaque City, Metro Manila

6. The Roastbeef Sandwich at Burger Machine (24 hours)

This buy one take one menu item has been underrated for years. The tender beef and the oozing gravy of this dish will sure make you order more than 1 set. For 60 PHP, it’s the best roast beef sandwich you’ll ever try.

photo by @dweckyboy IG

7. The Carne Asada at El Chupacabra

From the same group that brought us Mexicali, Cafe Mediterranean, Fishbar Boracay fame. El Chupacabra is located along Felipe Street near the corner of Polaris Street with the table overflowing into the actual street.


One of the best taco place in Metro Manila. It is cheap, and it is greasy the way a street taco should be.  

Address: 5782 Felipe Street, Makati, Luzon 1200, Philippines

8. The Porkchop and Sinangag at Atoy’s

Atoy’s is very low-key and sparsely decorated. There’s no air-conditioning either, just a couple of fans to cool the customers.


Their pork chop is salty and best served when you had at least 6 bottles of beer, and by the way hands down to one of the best garlic rice we’ve ever had. Their porksilog hits you on the right spot.

Address: Aguirre Ave, Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines

9. The Chelo Kebab at Mister Kebab’s (24 hours)

This might not be the best kebab available now in Metro Manila, but Mister Kebab never lost it charms to their patrons like me. The Chelo Kebab is a classic. Smother your rice with that cube of butter and pour their garlic-yoghurt sauce with the right hint of hot sauce.


Address: 31 West Avenue, Nayong Kanluran, Quezon City (Main Branch)

10. The Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup at Borough  (24 hours)

The MAN-WICH grilled cheese comes in their in-house buttery brioche bread seeping with cheddar and gooey mozzarella. Dip it in the small pot of slightly sweet roasted tomato soup. Bite, sit back and chew while smiling.

thumb_600 (1).jpg
photo: Foodspotting

Address: G/F Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Forget your diet, forget your Kales for a moment. Late night, after drinking eating is that sweet spot moment where you can EAT for pleasure.


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