Ryu Ramen & Curry: Top 5 Reasons Why Keep on Coming Back


Ryu Ramen & Curry is the brainchild of owners and longtime friends Ogie Alcasid, Edwin Dazo, Neil Castillo, VJ Vergel de Dios, and Joseph Juico.

This Japanese inspired restaurant opened in 2012 in their first branch in Tomas Morato. It was well received and earning them a loyal following.

Their flagship branch is in SM Jazz Mall in Bel Air Makati.



Ryu Ramen & Curry has a spacious interior space with beautiful tables and seating. The hanging lights further enhance the area by illuminating the open sauce.



We’ve been patrons of Ryu as we value good food, good service, and their pricing is relatively competitive with the overall dining experience that we get from them. They have a pretty wide selection on their menu, but let us tell you the 5 (five) reasons why we kept on coming back.


They have over 16 varieties of ramen toppings and 4 different soup bases. Again- 16 varieties! They have solid broth base, the noodles that they use are perfectly prepared and generous serving of proteins and other toppings.

Our recommended ramens are:


Their light brown soy-based broth was light but brimming with flavor. The Agi Tamago, perfectly cooked and the pieces of chasu pork had its own rich flavor. Three different flavors combining to a classic Japanese ramen dish.


The velvety rich broth was a happy mix of creamy and spicy enhanced only the pieces of ground meat and springy noodles that elevated this dish even more.




The Yaki Buta is a less spicy version of their tantanmen broth. It’s creamy and savory topped with tender pork ribs, bean sprouts, and mushroom slices. The pork ribs are tender and sweet, its full-bodied flavor dripping down the broth as you take a bite. This ramen is for those of you who want a more adventurous twist to your classic ramen dish.

It would really depend on my mood, on which ramen we would choose to have at the time. The Chasu Ramen is perfect for those times when you feel a little under the weather, the Tantanmen when you want something full flavored, and the Yaki Buta for those times when you can’t decide if you’d rather have ribs or ramen. If these choices aren’t enough they have 16 different kinds of ramen to choose from.


In most Ramen houses, you always see these two dishes paired all the time. Here in Ryu, you even have an option to customize the filling with chicken or pork and shrimp. Good news to those who don’t eat pork.


Their gyoza can either be pan fried or deep fried. We had the pan-fried pork gyoza, the gyoza is plump and is full of moist steamed filling enveloped by the thin wrap that has a perfect sear on the bottom. The zesty sauce perfectly complements the rich flavor of the gyoza.


Compared to other types of Curry we typically have in South East Asia that are packed with intense flavor, Japanese curry is milder and sweeter. The curry is a bit thicker and smoother, then usually topped with katsu or other fried meats, and a side of white Japanese rice.

In Ryu Ramen and Curry they have 6 different topping that can be added to their special curry sauce.



The light batter covered pork is fried to perfection and is a perfect complement to the thick curry sauce. The pork is not overdone and is tender to the taste. It would be great if the cut of pork is thicker though.




Same as their Katsu, the Tori Katsu uses the same thin batter that’s fried beautifully.




This was our Curry pick of the night. The thick cut of Hamburg was perfectly seasoned and cooked well that each of the pieces could be eaten by itself. By adding the curry sauce it elevated the flavor more and complemented the dish well.


If you’re up for it, why don’t you join the CURRY IN A HURRY promo?

Order their Hamburg curry, start the timer and Win 6 months of FREE Curry! The Promo ends on October 31 2017.


You come here to eat their ramen and curry but you’ll be surprised at how good their Ebi tempura truly is. Believe us, it is one of the best.


The jumbo prawns over 5-6 inches in length are dipped into a light batter before deep fried and served to your table. The batter turns into a light and crispy skin that supplements the taste of the tender prawns inside it. The tempura sauce is slightly sweet and refreshing, a very good complement to the Ebi tempura.

They have one of the best Ebi Tempura dishes around Metro Manila.


Come on, who doesn’t love a glass full of Yakult?

Yakult is a probiotic drink, to help aid us in digesting. The taste is slightly sweet and slightly fruity. We at Fat Girls Day Out are a big fan of Yakult in all forms. Either in a tiny container, a liter bottle, ice cream container, and our favorite form blended with ice.



The Yakult Shake is balanced in flavor and was a great addition to the meal, as it also acts as a great palate cleanser between plates.



This underrated Japanese inspired restaurant might not be your typical ramen chain but Ryu Ramen & Curry take out the big guns when it comes to taste, value for money, and service.

Note: This article is in partnership with Ryu Ramen and Curry. 

Find Ryu Ramen & Curry  on:

  • Flagship Store: SM Jazz Mall, Nicanor Garcia Corner Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati City
  • Contact Number: 02 8471022
  • Facebook
  • Instagram


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