5 Reasons why you need to visit Yellow Cab (Malabon)

5 Reasons why you need to visit Yellow Cab (Malabon)


Soft chewy dough topped with fresh tomato sauce topped with cheese and various toppings of meat, vegetables then baked in the oven for 15 min at 450 degrees Celcius. This delightful dish is called pizza. This dish was created as early as the 6th century when Persian soldiers would enjoy flatbread topped with dates, onions, herbs, and cheese. The term ‘pizza‘, was coined in 997 AD from Naples, Italy, where it has become a staple food enjoyed by Italians. During World War II, the allied troops were able to try the pizza and brought it to the United States.




Today pizza is enjoyed all over the world in various different ways, prepared using local ingredients that vary per culture. Here in the Philippines, there are a variety of pizza outlets but when it comes down to pizza delivery and our favorites, I think it’s safe to assume that Yellow Cab tops the rank for premium pizzas and quality pasta for birthdays, office parties, and small gatherings.


We’ve rounded up 5 reasons why you need to visit Yellow Cab in Malabon City


yellow cab malabon


When it comes to food, it starts with the quality of ingredients that you use. When you use the best ingredients, you have a better chance to also produce a high quality product. Here at Yellow Cab Fisher Mall in Malabon City. They use only the freshest ingredients when creating their pizzas, pastas, and chicken dishes.



yellow cab malabon


Food preparation is the second half of the pie when it comes down to food, fresh ingredients and proper food preparation and execution will create the best dishes. Here they only start cooking your food the moment you order it, so you get your food extremely hot. No shortcuts here! No heated food or premade dishes, they spend their time to create your order and serve it to you in a timely fashion.


yellow cab malabon


While the ingredients and food preparation are the main acts when creating your favorite dishes, food presentation is also a good way to attract patrons. When you think of Yellow Cab it usually just comes in the take out boxes and paper plates, but here at their branch at Fisher Mall, Malabon city. They go the extra mile by serving you in proper plates that each dish even looks more appetizing.

Imagine those pieces of deep fried chicken wings tossed in your choice of sauce then placed in front of you in a beautiful platter.

Looks and perception matter, and this Yellow Cab has certainly got it down to a tee.


yellow cab malabon


One of our pet peeves when dining at fast food establishments is eating on paper plates and using plastic utensils. In the Fisher Mall branch of Yellow Cab, they serve you in beautiful white plates and provide you with proper cutleries to be used for your meal.


They manage to maintain their casual dining while elevating their presentation that makes their food even more appetizing.

We were quite surprised that they are the only Yellow Cab branch that actually serves your food on a plate.


yellow cab malabon


In this digital age, everyone needs access to the internet and that’s exactly what Yellow Cab Malabon provides its customers. It’s definitely a bonus when dining here.


Yellow Cab is definitely one of the leaders in casual dining and comfort food when it comes to pizza, pasta, and chicken. Here at their branch at Fisher Mall, Malabon City takes it a step even further by providing an extra service to customers by ensuring their ingredients are always fresh, prepared fresh, and going the extra mile with their food presentation. Value-added goodness to those who dine at their Fisher Mall branch.

Whether it’s dining in or take out, Yellow Cab is our choice of best pizza delivery.



Yellow Cab

  • Address: Fisher Mall, Longos, Malabon, Metro Manila

Engage with us; experience@fatgirlsdayout.com or fatgirlsdayoutph@gmail.com

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