50 Questions about the Game of Thrones Season 8 Finale

50 Questions about the Game of Thrones Season 8 Finale


So it has ended.

After watching this Fantasy Adventure series for 9 years, the Game of Thrones HBO series has concluded leaving many of us discombobulated and confused and satisfied over the progression of the last season.

From this point on, I would advise against reading this if you haven’t seen the episode.

During the 24 hours after watching the episode, here are 50 questions that we had after the finale.



game of thrones season 8



  • Dany has captured King Landing and makes a speech to the unsullied and Dothraki
  • The Northmen has all broken down due to the casualties.
  • Tyrion finds Jaime and Cersei’s bodies beneath the crypts of the Red Keep in an embrace.
  • Grey Worm kills a bunch of Lannister officers, Jon tries to stop him but he does not listen.
  • Danaerys tells Tyrion she knows he released Jaime, and so he quits being the hand and is arrested for treason.
  • Arya tells Jon that Danaerys must be stopped.
  • Jon visits Tyrion, and Tyrion tries to convince Jon that Danaerys has gone mad and that he needs to choose and that he needs to stop her.
  • Jon tries to talk to Dany but realizing that she wants more than the 7 Kingdoms, he plunges a knife to her heart in a during a heated kiss.
  • Drogon seems like he will kill Jon but instead destroys the Iron Throne and flies away with Danaerys body.
  • Time goes by for a few weeks and we see Grey Worm bringing Tyrion to a council of the strongest houses of Westeros.
  • Sam proposes a democracy but all the Lords and Ladies laugh at him
  • Tyrion then suggests that Bran should be the king, as he knows all the stories of the world and is impartial.
  • All the Lords agree except for Sansa who says that the North will remain an independent kingdom.
  • Bran becomes “Brandon the Broken, King of the Six Kingdoms
  • Tyrion becomes the hand to the king.
  • Brienne writes Jaime’s story in the Book of the Kings guard where she portrays him as an honourable man.
  • Greyworm leaves King’s Landing and heads to Naath.
  • Jon Snow is sentenced to the Nights Watch for killing Danaerys, he shares a sad farewell with his siblings.
  • Bronn becomes Master of Coin and Warden of the Reach.
  • Sam becomes an Archmaester.
  • Brienne is now Commander of the Kingsguard, and Podrick now becomes a knight of the Kingsguard.
  • Arya travels West of Westeros.
  • Sansa becomes Queen of the North.
  • Jon leaves Castle Black and goes North.



Here are the 50 Questions we had after watching the Game of Thrones Season 8 Finale:

  1. Why are the Northmen ungrateful, Danaerys literally stopped what she was doing to help them all but they seem to forget it?
  2. Why doens’t Sansa bow to Danaerys after all that she gave up to save the North?
  3. Why does Tyrion just give up on Danaerys, when she has been delaying this attack for 2 seasons, and suddenly they’re surprised she did it?
  4. Why did Tyrion even pledge to Dany when he was a Lannister through and through?
  5. Who were the green eyes that Arya was supposed to kill?
  6. Why was Arya trained to kill when they barely uses her skills in the end?
  7. Can’t have Jon and Danaerys just ruled together?
  8. Where is Drogon taking Danaerys?
  9. Why didn’t Drogon kill Jon?
  10. Why didn’t the Dothraki blood riders take revenge on Jon?
  11. Who captured Jon after he killed Danaerys?
  12. Why didn’t the Lords of Westeros take Sam Tarwell seriously when he proposed the democracy?
  13. What qualified Edmure Tully to even think to volunteer himself?
  14. Wouldn’t Bran be better in a high advisory position?
  15. Why did no one talk about Jon’s linage?
  16. Why did they reveal it and even spread it around when it was not brought up at all?
  17. Why did Bran even tell Jon? When Bran saw that he was the one who will be king?
  18. Why didn’t each of the respective kingdoms just decide to be independent?
  19. Why did Bran allow Sansa to be independent?
  20. Why give the throne to Bran when he clearly said he wanted to titles, and then acts as if he already knew he would be king?
  21. Why couldn’t they do anything to help Jon, and instead condemn him to the wall again?
  22. Where does the Dothraki go?
  23. Didn’t Genry have more claim to the throne than Bran?
  24. How much time has passed between scenes?
  25. What was the relevance of all the prophesies?
  26. Who or why was the prince that was promised even discussed?
  27. Why did we spend 6 seasons finding out who was Jon’s parents?
  28. Why did Brienne leave Sansa?
  29. Why didn’t they just overthrow Grey Worm in King’s Landing?
  30. How did Sam become an Archmaester? Didn’t he quit?
  31. Where is Gilly?
  32. Who is now the head of house Tarly?
  33. What happens to Gendry Baratheon?
  34. Where does Drogon go?
  35. Will Drogon come back and burn them all?
  36. Will the house Stark end?
  37. Will Tyrion rebuild house Lannister?
  38. What’s in the west of Westeros?
  39. What did all the symbols from the White Walkers since season 1 mean?
  40. Why was it so easy to defeat the Night King?
  41. Why do they think they broke the wheel? It’s literally the same people running it from before except Bran is King, and the population was greatly reduced.
  42. Why can’t Sansa give refuge to Jon?
  43. So Jon is the last Targaryan? Who will now be Lord of Dragonstone?
  44. Why did Jon leave Castle Black?
  45. How can they end it with Jon not bearing any children, owning no lands, and having no titles after proving he was the rightful heir to the throne?
  46. How come everyone got what they wanted, except for Jon and Danaerys?
  47. Why is it even called A Song of Fire and Ice, when it ended up all about Bran?
  48. Why did they end it exactly like Lord of the Rings?
  49. Where is Jon headed?
  50. Will the Stark siblings see each other again?


While we still have a lot of questions, HBO gave us 9 years worth of heartbreak, adventure, magic and fantasy.

Whether or not you liked the ending, Game of Thrones is still one of the best shows on television and HBO did a great job in telling the story of Fire and Ice.

Props to Dan and Dave for bringing the story of George R. Martin to life.


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