La Mère Poulard (Philippines): Visuals and Snippets from Media Fostering Event March 2018

La Mère Poulard in Manila is the fourth branch of the renowned French restaurant. The original restaurant still sits in Mont Saint-Michel, while the two other branches can be found in Japan. There are only 4 La Mère Poulard in the whole world and that includes their venture here in the Philippines.


Fat Girls Day Out- La Mere Poulard Philippines

We’ve written a couple of months back regarding our wonderful experience with La Mère Poulard- Philippines. We tried to vouch for its Customer Experience Ratings under these seven (7) principles;

  1. Ambiance
  2. Customer Service
  3. Food Quality (sourced ingredients)
  4. Food Flavor
  5. Variety of available in the menu
  6. Facilities, Ergonomics
  7. Price; Does it give value to your money? Whether expensive or cheap.

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The wonderful folks of La Mère Poulard- Philippines invited the Fat Girls Day Out crew over to personally meet Chef de Cuisine Gilles Geneaux who flew all the way from France to prepare some of their best dishes and together with Chef Clement Marc Pierre Damotte who is the head chef for the Manila franchise.

Visual Snippets

Fat Girls Day Out- La Mere Poulard Philippines


The Preparation


Fat Girls Day Out- La Mere Poulard Philippines

Smoked Salmon with Brioche

La Mere Poulard

Chicken Salad with Curry Sauce

Fat Girls Day Out- La Mere Poulard Philippines

Beef Terrine was served in a glass jar where you could see all the individual layers of ingredients. This is a perfect savory summer picked dish that pairs well with a good slice of bread.


Seafood Soup (Bisque). Smooth, ambient-creamy and wonderfully seasoned soup. Very comforting and perfect dish to awaken the palate for the next dish.


World Famous Omellette.


Fat Girls Day Out- La Mere Poulard Philippines

Cod en Cocotte was served directly from the copper casserole. The cod was adorned with potato slices, tomatoes, chorizo, olives, and garlic.


Fat Girls Day Out- La Mere Poulard Philippines

Beef Tataki with Mashed Potato. The beef was quickly seared over high heat yet making sure that the center of the meat is tender and rare.  Mashed potato was ultra creamy and velvety.


Prawn with Cream Rice Normandy. Large and plump tiger prawns over creamy rice (complimented with scallops)


Fat Girls Day Out- La Mere Poulard Philippines

Chocolate Fondant of flourless chocolate cake and a soufflé with Honey Ice Cream.


Crème Brûlée, The essential trinity of burnt creams. The rich velvety custard was perfectly contrasted by the hard caramel top.


Fat Girls Day Out- La Mere Poulard Philippines

We’re still sticking with our earlier review;

“French cooking isn’t fancy or snobby, but if you look at in its simplest state. It’s all about layering flavors, mastering basic techniques, and savoring every bite.

 The staff is friendly and professional. Yes, it has a high price point reduced to just the eggs, it’s not worth the money. If you are sensitive to the charm and the history that built the brand and from where it came from, I think you will find it worthwhile.

La Mère Poulard in BGC is a great addition to the pouring in of great global brand & franchises in the Philippines. It comes to show that the Filipinos palette is evolving and the marketability of our demographic is at par with the other countries.”- Paula Ferrer, January 2018. Check out our January content here.


Thank you to La Mere Poulard- Philippines Team for having us over.


La Mère Poulard (SM Aura, BGC Taguig)


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