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We are Bernice and Paula your friendly Fat Girls. We’re passionate about food, travel, and culture. Well mostly about food!  We eat our way around the urban jungles of Manila, Southeast Asia and the rest of the world. We have a 9-5 day job, Monday-Friday and to break the cycle of this routine environment we do all sorts of things, eat all sorts of things and see all sorts of things during our Day Out may it be after work or during weekends. Our contents are diverse in nature, intellectually arresting and fair in nature.


We’ll show you what to do, where to eat, where to go and what to see  We are purveyors of life! We write about good and memorable experiences may it be thru food, travel, art, and culture. Our contents are diverse in topic, experience-centric, and contractually fair.


Meet the Girls

Our mission is to provide unbiased reviews, raw, honest and sensible recommendations for our readers. We will not compromise our judgment based on paid ads or placements as compared with other websites.



Paula Mariz Ferrer

Co-Founder/ Marketing & Branding/ Content Director


A Marketing and Corporate management graduate from Manila, Paula gained her solid 10 years of experience working in various environments from International IT-Solutions companies, acquisition firms to local bred music production companies. She is currently working full time as an Operations Manager for a digital direct marketing company and a part-time professional lyricist for homegrown local OPM artist.

She has an inexplicable love for trying out new dishes—whether from fine dining restaurants, hole-in-the-walls, and your friendly neighborhood isawan. Same passion goes for traveling and immersing herself in new experiences may it be thru music, film, art or just randomly talking to wise old lolos and lolas. Read thru her digitalized collections of experience musings and wanderings.





Bernice “Bianca” Termulo

Co-Founder/Chief Technical Manager/ Content Creator

Bernice is an Events and Marketing Professional. Her corporate events are marked by her commitment to excellence. Bernice’s love affair with food started at a young age, fueled by her family’s love to eat. She is fascinated by unique spices as well as the possibilities created by limitless variations and combinations of flavors. What makes her passion for food so strong is the conviction that the significance of food goes beyond the act of eating. With her degree in International Studies, Bernice understands that communing with food is an act of cultural intimacy, a way of knowing that links directly to cultures and traditions, and to people’s histories. This explains her thirst for travel—she can’t get enough of knowledge related to local dishes and to ingredients that are native to the regions of Asia. Among her favorite cuisines are Japanese, Mediterranean and Indian.

As a food and culture blogger, Bernice likes to discuss food in a holistic manner. While knowledgeable in the technical aspects of food criticism, her preferred approach to food is one that explores connections between flavors, practices of food production, the symbolic meaning behind experiences of food consumption, and the place of food in the economics of everyday life.

She would go anywhere and everywhere for food but far, far away from dirty dishes.








Andrea Antonio

Managing Partner and Content Contributor

Andrea is a corporate human resource practitioner by profession with a solid 13 years of experience working in various organizations Financial Services, Headhunting and IT/BPO set-up firms. She is very passionate about doing advocacies that are geared toward social engagement and child protection.

Going to the beach is also her favorite past time, she likes to surf and discover the beauty of the ocean whenever she can. She enjoys talking to random people and shares her experiences with them. She believes that learning gives creativity and through these learning, knowledge is gained.





Kim Termulo

Content Creator: Wayfarer Tales


Kim is a preschool teacher with over 7 years experience in over 3 continents (Manila, Indonesia, Japan).  She is passionate at what she does and is grateful for the opportunities it brings her. Currently, she resides in Tokyo, Japan.

During her free time, she likes to backpack around South East Asia. She loves all things Asian and is a proud Filipino. She dreams of exploring Europe and North America. Kim likes food. All kinds of food but she only eats food that is worth the calories. Kim believes in being mindful of what you put into your body. A running enthusiast, and a health aficionado, you won’t find her chowing down the bacon, unless it’s THAT good, followed by a mile long run.



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