Art Etiquette in 4 Ways: A Mindful Guide

Art Etiquette in 4 Ways: A Mindful Guide


Thanks to digital media platforms and people now being socially aware in this age of time. Appreciating art in all its form isn’t considered as somewhat;

  • Boring
  • Lecture driven for older folks
  • Something that is just required from our school project

Props to both the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCAA) for really driving these campaigns to heighten our interest both in all forms of artistry, private galleries, non-profit groups, and other micro clusters all doing their share to campaign and make their venue available to all. An increase in awareness also draws an increase in “art enthusiast” if we try to put it that way.


Here are four (4) ways to make all of our art experience worthwhile.



Before you start taking your Instagram stories, appreciate the art in front of you first. Try to decipher what the artist is trying to convey.



Fat Girls Day Out- Art Etiquette


If you are moved if for some inexplicable reason you become attached to the painting in front of you.



Try to be considerate of the people around you. We do understand that there are segments of the audience who really just want to appreciate and witness these arts personally. They stare for minutes, emotions are being evoked and there will be some sort of interpretation that they will conclude inside their minds. Having someone take multiple selfies and using the art just as a cool backdrop for someone’s photoshoot is something that can really be annoying.



Then again it is all impression and self-branding. We are part of a generation where we used social media as a platform to validate and affirm things that we do and how people perceive our personal brand. But, then again this could lead up to an open-ended debate of premises. If I were to counter all the advise statement on this content piece, I’d probably say that taking selfies and posting them on Instagram or Facebook is pretty similar to wearing your brand new copped clothes or taking a photo of your above tier restaurant meal before eating it as it exudes an illusion of affluence.


Fat Girls Day Out- Art Etiquette


Then again, it is all about appreciation, It is not art appreciation if 99% of the time you have your back to it, right?


Standing too close to the artwork may cause risk in damaging the item or obstruct the view of others. Step back and try not to hog the space.


Fat Girls Day Out- Art Etiquette


Remember that the viewing of art is supposed to be enjoyable not just for yourself, but also for the rest of the goers.



Remember that art-geeking is highly recommended. These type of events only happens once a year so ask away the artist or curators about inspirations and techniques that are being exhibited.


Fat Girls Day Out- Art Etiquette


I guess what we’re trying to say here is equal respect to all. Both for the spectators and artists.

Art in its core

Each of us has a different take on it. How we perceive art as a form of ‘something’ inexplicable. Perhaps an impression of life as in a very twisted manner, as it mirrors society and the hypocrites around us. It oftentimes represents our own demons within that we’re so scared to let out. Art should provoke thoughts and emotions. It should make you feel conflicted within and how you ascertain and perceived things.

Well, that is the idealism of it.


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