Art Fair 2018: Visuals and Summary

Art Fair 2018: Visuals and Summary


Art Fair started in 2013, it was visioned then to be the premier platform for exhibiting and selling the best in contemporary Philippine visual art. It supports Filipino art practitioners and its attached community. Set in Metro Manila’s urban venues, making art more accessible to the general public.

Fast forward today. They already achieved that vision.

The Fat Girls Day Out crew was at the  Art Fair Philippines on its last day = March 4, 2018, with a new section and the same beloved programs.  Here are some of our takeaways and annotations.


Fat Girls Day Out- Art Fair

A larger venue for a bigger audience

It catered to a larger number of audience. They covered all 6 levels of the Link Parking lot.

A fresh section

ARTFAIRPH/PHOTO, which focuses on photography. Additional exposure of the audience to this kind of visual channel. Photography prints need to find a place in our local art scene. The same attention that other mediums are getting

Talks and tours return

ARTFAIRPH/TALKS and ARTFAIRPH/TOURS was incorporated yet again this year. They gave educational talks and feature respected artist and provided guided tour around different museums in the metro.

Art Fair venture

The fair will also see exhibitions of commissioned work from internationally established art practitioners, as part of its yearly ARTFAIRPH/PROJECTS program.

10 Days of Art

Art Fair Philippines began ahead of its exhibition dates this year as it continued its 10 Days of Art tradition, which we saw a  series of art events and museum openings which held up to its opening day on March 1.


Fat Girls Day Out- Art Fair


Of course in every ‘culture’ driven event you’ll see a few interesting characters that can spice up your overall experience.

1) I need be ‘SCENE’ Gen Y’s.

The typical unadulterated son and daughters of the middle class and upper class, making their way in the exhibit. With their torn jeans, cropped top from H&M. Fake hipster eyeglasses on fleek armed with their smartphones. They will relentlessly take 30 selfies in front of art pieces. Load in real-time filters and necessary #HashTags for their Instagram stories. A generation that is a slave to create double anti-thesis life online.

2) Coupling Millenials

The boy uses an art event as a way to impress his girl. They line up to get their tickets without knowing what’s in store or even navigate each floor. As they walked pass by gallery booths, hands clasped so tight as both of them stare at each other’s eyes.

3) The annoyed art enthusiast who gave sharp stares to everyone.

4) Art Buyers

are your typical Lolo and Lolas who would compare and decipher which paintings should they put up on their Tagaytay resthouse walls.


Fat Girls Day Out- Art Fair


Art in front of you first before anything else.

Before you start taking your Instagram stories, appreciate the art in front of you first.  Try to decipher what the artist is trying to convey.  If you are moved if for some inexplicable reason you become attached to the painting in front of you.


Fat Girls Day Out- Art Fair

Remember, the artwork does not subsist for your outfit. Do not be selfish to think so.

Please, stop taking too many selfies.

Try to be considerate of the people around you. We do understand that there are segments of the audience who really just want to appreciate and witness these arts personally. They stare for minutes, emotions are being evoked and there will be some sort of interpretation that they will conclude inside their minds. Having someone take multiple selfies and using the art just as a cool backdrop for someone’s photoshoot is something that can really be annoying.

Fat Girls Day Out- Art Fair


Last 2017’s of Art Fair Philippines drew about 40,000 visitors, which provided a good indication that the art scene is indeed booming in the country. While it is a positive development, some artists and art enthusiasts were skeptical about why the number of art fair attendees is growing every year — they believe that most people attend the art fair and  (and other galleries also) were just being used as a plausible backdrop for their self-loathing “selfies.”


Fat Girls Day Out- Art Fair

A thousand strong in attendance and despite that, the sense of aesthetics and a real appreciation for art has, sadly, not been developed. Modern art galleries are seen as a status symbol. It is tainted into being treated as a backdrop, a symbol of ‘hip no different from your latest iPhone X or that overpriced limited edition sneakers.

Then again it is all impression and self-branding. We are part of a generation where we used social media as a platform to validate and affirm things that we do and how people perceive our personal brand. But, then again this could lead up to an open-ended debate of premises. If I were to counter all the advise statement on this content piece, I’d probably say that taking selfies and posting them on Instagram or Facebook is pretty similar to wearing your brand new copped clothes or taking a photo of your above tier restaurant meal before eating it as it exudes an illusion of affluence.

Then again, it is all about appreciation, It is not art appreciation if 99% of the time you have your back to it, right?

Give the art some space

Standing too close to the artwork may cause risk in damaging the item or obstruct the view of others. Step back and try not to hog the space.


Fat Girls Day Out- Art Fair

Remember that the viewing of art is supposed to be enjoyable not just for yourself, but also for the rest of the goers.

Learn about the artist

Remember that art-geeking is highly recommended. These type of events only happens once a year so ask away the artist or curators about inspirations and techniques that are being exhibited.

I guess what we’re trying to say here is equal respect to all. Both for the spectators and artists.


Fat Girls Day Out- Art Fair


Fat Girls Day Out- Art Fair
SHARP EYES by Lynyrd Paras x Secret Fresh Gallery

Fat Girls Day Out- Art Fair
Juan Alcazaren’s “No Conditions, No Warranty” and “An Artist’s Proposal with Holes in It” are incredibly amusing


Fat Girls Day Out- Art Fair
Bayanihan sa Perlas ng Silanganan I (Hatak) by #FerdinandCacnio, welded brass via #GalerieAnna, 6F, Booth 33.
Fat Girls Day Out- Art Fair
Mr. B in the Year of the Dog Texting His Girlfriend sculptures by #CharlieCo via #SecretFresh. Located at 5F, Booth 12
Fat Girls Day Out- Art Fair
YeoKaa’s sculpture to welcome you at Yavuz Gallery, located at 6F, Booth 35.





Fat Girls Day Out- Art Fair
For ArtFairPH/Photo: DECK: Steidl Book Award Asia: 8 Books from Asia. Presented by #JuliusBaer. Located at 5F, Booth 6.


Fat Girls Day Out- Art Fair
Nilo Ilarde’s 24,124 die-cast cars art installation

Overall experience was very pleasant. The event was well organized and well thought off. We’re happy that the art scene is gaining its mainstream share with the Filipino’s popular culture most especially to the younger generations. We need channels and groups like them to support the growing art community.

We’re looking forward to next year’s.


Each of us has a different take on it. How we perceive art as a form of ‘something’ inexplicable. Perhaps an impression of life as in a very twisted manner, as it mirrors society and the hypocrites around us. It often times represents our own demons within that we’re so scared to let out.  Art should provoke thoughts and emotions. It should make you feel conflicted within and how you ascertain and perceived things.

Well, that is the idealism of it.

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