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Celebrate World Chocolate Day in 5 Ways

Celebrate World Chocolate Day in 5 Ways

Chocolates, need I say more? From your Grandma’s classic chocolate cake to those slices of decadent brownies, and mouthwatering cookies. Chocolate is known far more than just a treat for kids. At some point, Cocoa was used as a currency, a remedy, a culinary ingredient, […]

The Peak (Grand Hyatt): surreal sunsets, chill-out beats, and expertly prepared drinks

The Peak (Grand Hyatt): surreal sunsets, chill-out beats, and expertly prepared drinks

Picture yourself having a cold house lager in the city’s highest roof deck bar (to date in the Philippines)– an unobstructed view of BGC and Makati that lights up magnificently when going just right before sunset. Let us tell you about; The Peak in Grand Hyatt Manila and why you should be spending a happy hour at this place.

Aside from creating content, Paula and I live a separate 9-5 corporate venture and often time we want to celebrate our “end of the day” office lives by having a good old libation. The Peak offers that perfect mid-week break when you want to piss off the bad day you had or celebrate daily wins that randomly happens on a weekday.  After scouring Metro Manila for the best place to spend Happy Hour, The Peak in Grand Hyatt Manila is the answer to our prayers.

We can are confident to say that our happy hour experience at The Peak is the best experience we’ve had to date.


Then imagine this while digging into a plate of succulent steak with your choice of libation, to boot. That’s one of the many scenes you can turn into reality at The Peak in Grand Hyatt Manila.

The overall premise of this platform is to rave about the best spots where you can have the same solid experience as we had. Let us give you the 3 main reasons why you should be spending Happy Hour at the Peak.


The Concept

The whole concept of The Peak is inspired by penthouse living where there are different areas that you can enjoy and discover. The three floors consist of a whiskey bar, a grill, a music lounge, a speakeasy, and a veranda. These different areas colluding in the one main theme which is Filipino culture, arts, and hospitality. Each of the different sections uses elements from Filipino culture such as the Ratan dividers in the Grill, works from local artists and the ethnic tribal tattoo inspired walls the moment you enter. Tokyo-based international design firm, Nao Taniyama & Associates did a good job in integrating local design and materials into the 3 floors it occupies. Whether you’re on the inside or outside of the Peak, you can catch a breathtaking view of the Metro Manila Skyline.



the peak


Nestled on the 60th floor, The Peak has the best view of the Ortigas Skyline, Makati Skyline, and also the Bonifacio Global City Skyline.



Take our advise and head over at 5:30 pm so you can watch the sunset whilst drinking some cocktails.



the peak


For those of you who like to listen to live music as a way to de-stress and unwind. The Music Lounge is the place to be, they have a solid sound system for you to enjoy the music where you can truly appreciate the artists in their element.




One of the best things about the Peak is you can listen to the live band from different areas. Whether you are in the veranda, the music lounge or even the private lounge. The space is arranged in such a way that you can still enjoy it, wherever you are seated.



the peak


When it comes to the drinks we all have our favorites, personally, I prefer whiskey. The Peak has different areas to enjoy different types of drinks. So whether you want to relax on the leather couches with a whiskey on hard, or prefer a gin and tonic by the bar, they have just the place for you.

From Monday to Friday at 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM get 50% off from their select cocktails and house lager! Imagine dramatic sunsets, chill-out beats, and expertly prepared drinks.


fat girls day out- the peak
Be sure to try the house lager that is brewed especially for them by Engkanto Brew, it’s light, crisp and packs a punch.



fat girls day out- the peak


Whiskey Bar

The Whisky bar has two parts, a long wooden dining table that is perfect for private events, and another area to simply enjoy the rare whiskeys that the Peak has to offer.


the peak


The Peak Bar

On the 62nd floor, you have this beautiful bar top with wooden stools. Where you can try their different cocktails, whiskeys, and gins.


the peak


Private Lounge

All over the Peak, there are several private lounges that you can occupy for a consumable fee.


The Grill

If you prefer to drink while eating, the main restaurant at the Peak is the Grill, the ambiance is completely different from other sections of the Peak. They have an open kitchen set up with an open-fire charcoal grill where you can watch the chefs prepare your meal while enjoying the view.

We Recommend the following dishes:

  • Maryland Crab Cakes
  • Picked Beetroot, 15 year aged Balsamic
  • Lobster Cappucino
  • CAB Prime Rib Eye


fat girls day out- Hyatt



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50 Questions about the Game of Thrones Season 8 Finale

50 Questions about the Game of Thrones Season 8 Finale

So it has ended. After watching this Fantasy Adventure series for 9 years, the Game of Thrones HBO series has concluded leaving many of us discombobulated and confused and satisfied over the progression of the last season. From this point on, I would advise against […]

Spectrum at Fairmont: Japanese Izakaya Done Right

Spectrum at Fairmont: Japanese Izakaya Done Right

Delight in your favourite Japanese dishes at the Spectrum at Fairmont where they serve various culinary favourites every Wednesday night.

Grand Hyatt Manila: A Norwegian Feast at the Grand Kitchen

Grand Hyatt Manila: A Norwegian Feast at the Grand Kitchen

Whenever you think about salmon, whether in a restaurant or in the supermarket, do you notice it always says Norwegian Salmon? Aside from being the second top exporter of seafood, they produce quality products that are clean tasting and moist in texture. From their sustainable fishing practices to their centuries knowledge on preparation. They are known worldwide to have excellent quality seafood.



Norway’s commitment to sustainable fishing dates back to 1816, they were the first country to place regulations to ensure that healthy stocks are maintained, with a sound process to ensure that it will not negatively impact the environment.

Grand Hyatt Manila is home to a myriad of diverse restaurant concepts, each a pleasing journey to the palate. “A Norwegian Feast” is part of the collection of moments of more at Grand Hyatt Manila.

In partnership with the Royal Norwegian Embassy and the Philippine Norway Business Council, they are launching the first ever Norwegian Seafood Festival. It starts on May 17 with the first Norwegian Seafood Extravaganza featuring stellar chefs namely Chef Stig Drageide, 2016 Asia’s Best Female Chef Margarita Fores and Grand Hyatt Manila’s very own Executive Chef Mark Hagan.

The feast continues from May 18-26, where diners of the Grand Kitchen will have the opportunity to indulge in the famed seafood from the icy cold waters of Norway.

Snippets from the Launch


Grand Hyatt Manila


A number of dishes that were showcased were the following:

  • Cured Salmon/Potatoes/Lemon Gelee/ Crispy Potatoes/ Caviar – Our personal favourite is the cured salmon topped with lemon gelee paired with the crispy potato with caviar. It had a nice clean taste which was accented by the lemon gelee and complimented by the radish and texture from the potatoes.
  • Potato/ Dill/ King Crab – Crispy tart crust topped with potatoes and king crab.
  • Lamb/ Peas/ Potatoes – The Lamb and potatoes were arranged in mille-feuille like fashion where there were two layers of lamb and thinly sliced potatoes. Then topped with peas and crispy potato skin in a soy glaze.

Each of the different dishes utilizes ingredients that are most abundant in Norway, this includes game and seafood.


Chef Stig Drageide of the Theatercafeen elevates the palate with new highlights to its selection in its premiere a la minute restaurant, The Grand Kitchen.


For over a century the TheatreCafeen has been a home for many influential members of the art and culture scene of Norway. Executive chef Stig Drageide and his team prepare dishes and set menus using the best seasonal produce. They draw their inspiration primarily from European cuisines.



Grand Hyatt Manila


Feast on Norwegian Halibut, Haddock, Whiting Fish, Blue Mussels, Scallops and of course, the famous Norwegian Salmon at the Grand Kitchen.

Available at PHP 1,906 NETT for lunch and PHP 2,200 NETT for dinner.


The Grand Kitchen

  • Address: Grand Hyatt Manila, 8th Avenue, corner, 35th St, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila
  • Contact No. : (02) 838 1234


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Soogba: The Best Inasal in Manila

Soogba: The Best Inasal in Manila

A Declarative Statement: Soogba whips out the BEST Chicken Inasal in Metro Manila.

Comfort Food Series- University Eats: DLSU Taft Memories

Comfort Food Series- University Eats: DLSU Taft Memories

Food that are reminiscent of  our college days in De La Salle University (Taft). Where the food is cheap, tasty, and memorable.

5 steps to slay your next Christmas Party with FGDO and Old Swiss Inn

5 steps to slay your next Christmas Party with FGDO and Old Swiss Inn

Clueless on how to plan and execute your next group Christmas party? Well your here for a treat The Fat Girls Day Out crew together with our friends from the Old Swiss Inn Restaurant have listed down five (5) simple steps to make sure to help you create a memorable event.


Christmas party


The first thing you want to think of is your event theme and objectives. This helps you narrow where you can have your event, and the size of your venue.

  • Objectives: What’s the purpose of your event? Whether it’s a Christmas Party, Gala Dinner, End-of-year (EOY) Celebration or Awards Night, it’s usually less about Christmas and more about celebrating!
  • Event Theme: Is this a reunion? Is this an office event? Do you need a stage and a band? Decide what you need early on. Remember it’s easier to book things in advanced in this season.

Whether it’s a family or an office event, it’s important to determine what you need in a venue and for how many people you are planning to have at your party.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The next thing you need to know is your budget. Determine how much you are willing to spend for the following and stick to it:

  • Food and Beverage per pax – Whether it’s 500 PHP per head to 2,000 PHP it’s important to stay within your budget.
  • Decorations cost – Find your inspiration online, and list down everything you need.
  • Venue (if any) – Consider that some venue place have a minimum consumable amount or have an additional charge to using private venues.
  • Contingent Fund  (10% of your total cost) This is your safety fund.

These four things are the most basic things to consider when planning your budget. Create a checklist.


Now that you know what you want and what you need, it’s time to book your venue.

What you need to consider:

  • Venue Size – is the venue the right size? Is it in a good location? Is there sufficient parking space?
  • Facilities in the venue – is there a projector? A mic or a free sound system?

Remember once you determine what you need, book this immediately, this goes out fast.

Here at Old Swiss Inn, they provide the venue and food. Whether you need a venue, in Paco, in Shaw or in Makati, they got you covered. They have venues for you that come with uniformed waiters, a projector system, a sound system, and FREE use of their function room.



Filipinos love to eat, and the best way we know how to celebrate is by eating celebratory dishes in huge amounts that we share with out loved ones. Whether you choose a venue with food, or choose to have catering at your own house.

The Food is the most important thing you need to consider when planning your party. It’s not only a conversation starter, but most of the time becomes the most memorable thing  that everyone remembers in your party.

By serving your guests with conversation starters such as a fondue, raclette, cheese and chocolate fondue, you provide a celebratory food they have not tried before.


Christmas party

Old Swiss Inn provides a variety of menu options for you and your family. They also have an ongoing promo for Birthday parties and Baptisms that gives you 15% off their packages for 60 pax and above on weekends until October 31, 2018.

For more details on their packages click on the link below:



Whenever you have those 4 items down, all that’s left is to create an experience. From the moment, they get to the venue to the time they sit down that be sure that each of these key items have been taken care of, this creates a positive atmosphere and environment to have a great time. This also leaves you hassle free, that the only thing left to do is the entertainment. So whether you have a program, a live band, a raffle, or games having those things in check will contribute to the overall success of your event.

Last Minute Tips:

  • Make sure to provide the correct time when setting up.
  • Always find out who the head waiter is, if you have any special requests or a VIP guest you want to accommodate, he’s your guy.
  • Don’t forget to tip!

By choosing the right venue and food, you can immediately create a experience that you all will share.

We at Fat Girls Day Out believe that the key to any event is providing you with unique one-of-a-kind experience that you can’t find anywhere else.

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