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Old Manila Filipino Food Crawl

Old Manila Filipino Food Crawl

Experience a one of a kind Heritage Food Tour with The Fat Girls Day Out



Manila may be both chaotic and crammed but never dull. New shopping malls are rising next to the slum areas, the poverty and the luxury coexist in some weird alignment just next to each other. This city may not be famous for its beauty, but its magnetic energy gives you a special feel. dissimilar and lively in so many ways, it’s a great city to explore even if you only have one day of time.

Fat Girls Day Out- Manila

Although we’re presented with the BGC’s, Makati CBDs and new uprisen hip spots. We always go back to the core of the city. It is where we find its soul, the old funky vibe of what Manila should be.

This experience guide is a mixture of old and new. Come with us! as we re-introduce Manila to you on a different angle .

fat girls day out- manila


Come away with us as we show you Where to EAT, Where to GO, and What to DO in Manila!




This beautiful sanctuary has also served as burial sites of heroes, specifically the three Filipino martyr priests, namely Fathers Mariano Gomez, Jose Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora collectively known as GOMBURZA, who were executed by garrote on February 17, 1872. They were interred in unmarked graves near the outer wall of the cemetery.(photo from the right side).


fat girls day out- manila

The exact place where Dr. Jose Rizal, the Philippine National Hero was secretly buried after his execution on December 30, 1896 at Bagumbayan. When Rizal’s sisters discovered the site, they bribed a guardia civil veteran to mark the spot with the initials “RPJ” and was guarded for 15 days. His remains was exhumed on August 17, 1898, placed in an urn made by Teodoro Romualdo de Jesus, deposited in the house of his mother in Estraude Street, Bonondo. and  on December 30, 1912 laid beneath his monument at Luneta.


fat girls day out- manila

Old Swiss Inn-Paco: A Culinary Landmark in the Heart of Manila

When asking those in the older generation about the Old Swiss Inn, they instantly say “in Paco?” Most of their seasoned patrons are more familiar with the Paco branch since it opened in the ’70s when it was moved from the Roxas Blvd. branch.

The Paco branch of the Old Swiss Inn is quite different from its younger brother in Makati that’s open 24/7. While similar in theme, the Paco branch still makes use of the old wooden doors, walls and stone interiors from the old Garden plaza hotel building.



Founded by Swiss national Emil Landert and now celebrating its 70th anniversary. This is their first branch was on Dewey Boulevard, now known as Roxas Boulevard. Many people were captivated by its authentic Swiss cuisine, quaint wood interiors, and service.

In the 1970s the restaurant was transferred to a larger location in Paco to accommodate more patrons. In the 1980s the Paco branch was destroyed in a fire but was eventually rebuilt and re-opened by Mr.Felix Limcaoco in 1990.

Through its history and consistency, the Old Swiss Inn Restaurant is able to continue being relevant from 1946 up to this very day while you are reading this content. Why? because it doesn’t follow and jump quickly to the latest fad. They stick to their vision and values:  unapologetically serving comfort food that is neither haute or fusion. A culinary landmark in the heart of Manila.


old swiss inn Paco






The National Museum has a three-dimensional goal covering diverse fields of knowledge through various educational, scientific and cultural activities. The personal favorite will always be the preserved cultural significance art in history.


fat girls day out- manila

Aside from collections from different known National Artist like Juan Luna, they also showcase contemporary art and installs per time seasons. Making Art today as an open forum for visual statements available for aesthetic consumption.

  • Location: The National Museum of Fine Arts
  • Opens: 10:00am-5:00 pm
  • Entrance: Free
  • Address: P. Burgos Drive, Rizal Park, Manila
    Tuesdays-Sundays, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM




Along the gritty district of Ermita is a hidden forest park, The Arroceros Forest. A 2.2- hectare of urban forest on the south bank of the Pasig River footing the Quezon Bridge. Having 61 different tree varieties, 8000 ornamental plants, and 10 unique bird species.



This forest park is “Manila’s Last Lung” and it needs our help as private citizens to raise awareness on how important landmarks like this should be preserved. 



The park is located in the center of Manila, just north of the Manila City Hall adjacent to the walled district of Intramuros. It is within walking distance from the Central Terminal station and is right across from the Manila Metropolitan Theater.




Located in Intramuros, the museum is housed in a Bahay na Bato that then-CEO Julius Limpe acquired back in 1979. We initially had the impression that it was one of the original official sites where they actually conduct their business, but not to that extent. Former CEO envisioned building a company museum 40 years ago.



Over 166 years company, a good backstory, and having the Bahay the Bato as its showroom. Why not.  We absolutely love the Manille Liqueur de Calamansi—a local take on Italian limoncello. Years back you’d see a woman riding gallantly a white horse on her red bikini on primetime local TV commercials and your friendly neighborhood sari-sari store’s calendars. White Castle Whisky stroke every man’s ego desires.

The Bahay the Bato exudes charm and is already inviting. There you will find young Gen Z’s explaining each part of the tour. The museum’s first floor exhibits show the actual process of making rum and whiskey, from fermentation and aging to bottling.


fat girls day out- manila


The guide will show you the process of making rum their mini tank of fermenting molasses and a distillation. You will be asked to open a jar and sniff to found out what fermented molasses smells like.



To culminate the tour, a fitting liquor tasting flight experience is a must! We personally would recommend sampling The Philippine Craft Spirit Collection- fine local fruit extracts that are infused with their blended liquors.


The Glory Days

Escolta in her glory years was known to be grand in its architecture and as a centralized location that houses malls, drugstores, stores, and stand-alone theaters. She was roaring lioness that commands respect and adoration in her time.

It was the commercial hub of Manila during the early 1900s and was a witness to many pioneering establishments in the country: first ice cream parlor, first movie house, first electric tram among others.


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Commerce in the area was booming, large financial institutions, high-end boutiques, restaurants, and production houses. Neoclassical and Beaux artistry in its buildings built thru various visionaries of the world-renowned local and international architects.

First United Building

For the last three years, 98B COLLABoratory (98B) in partnership with the First United Building (FUB) have been organizing the Saturday X Future Market at Escolta a few years back and now they’re open during weekdays as well. Here you will find HUB: Make Lab is an incubation space for artists, craftspeople, and entrepreneurs. A project started by a collective community of artists, 98B the market aims to bring back the glory days of the former premier shopping district. Every weekend, most predominantly Saturdays. Where local artist makers of multidisciplinary design disciplines gather and sell their own products. Entrepreneurs gather here and set up shops to interact with the community and sell artist-made merchandise, crafts, and quirky vintage items.

Entrepreneurs gather here and set up shops to interact with the community and sell local artist-made merchandise, crafts, and quirky vintage items.


Fat Girls Day Out- Escolta



Cap off with a cup of joe or perhaps an ice cold beer


Aside from the maker’s market, here you can find a nifty specialty coffee shop; The Den. A nondescript space at the back of a classic Art Deco building hailing from the Queen- Escolta. The Den is your gracious host inviting you to come ins and enjoy a cup or two of their specialty coffee.


Fat Girls Day Out-Escolta


Fred’s Revolucion the Cubao Expo famous has its second branch opened in First United Building having the same operating hours as the Cubao Expo branch—Tuesdays to Sundays, 5 pm – 1 am.


Read more about Escolta Proj. Here: Escolta Resurrection



We Choose Manila, Always.


Most myriad attractions may look obscure and flawed by the people and lack of government support before, but we can now see that we are picking up slowly and both national gov’t and even private groups are making an effort to resurrect the spirit of the past that influences us now. We are a cultural gumbo of  Spanish, American, and Chinese influences are heady and rich.


Fat Girls Day Out- Manila


What we inherited from our ancestors is their resiliency, adaptability and the capacity to rebuild ourselves and our nation after centuries of being handed over from one colony to another.

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The Kundiman Party: C-Notes, Activism, and Social Media

The Kundiman Party: C-Notes, Activism, and Social Media

The Kundiman Party played along with the premise of using art as the backdrop of channelling social inquisitiveness and hope during hard times.

FETE DE LA MUSIQUE 2019 Experience

FETE DE LA MUSIQUE 2019 Experience

For 25 years now, Fete de la Musique in Manila has been showcasing the best that the Philippine music scene has to offer. The Fête de la Musique began in Paris in 1982. This season, the summertime musical event will draw music lovers in over 300 European cities and over 540 cities worldwide.

2019 is a big year Fete de la Musique and the organizers are making sure that this year will be a special one.



I remember attending my first Fête de la Musique event back in  2005 I was in my senior year in college and the OPM scene was rising yet again. We wanted to see all our local favourite bands in a centralized venue for free. We dressed up, waited a few hours in El Pueblo Ortigas to witness the event. The crowd, from all walks of life, gathered in each pocket channel for the sole love for music. It was such an experience that I have to do it annually as a pilgrimage. It has been more than 10 years since that time and whenever I meet new people as I get older, I will always introduce them to Fête de la Musique festival.


Fat Girls Day Out- Fete 2019
Photo:A Space


Free gigs, covering all music genres, take place across France and around the world (including The Philippines) as part of this festival for the summer solstice on June 22, 2019.


fat girls day out- fete 2019


The 25th Anniversary of Fete dela Musique in the Philippines is happening this year! Celebrate in Makati (June 22), Intramuros (June 28), Baguio, Batangas, Bulacan, Laguna, Palawan, and Pampanga (June 29)! More details to be released soon. We are excited! Are you?


fat girls day out- fete


9 main stages and over 50 pocket events covering all genres in music peppered across the following centralized venues.

What’s New for 2019

For its 2019 edition, Fête de la Musique will continue its tradition of producing several main stages across Metro Manila and in six other cities all over the country, which will offer a variety of music styles. With the addition of over 50 pocket stages that will host different music genres, #FetePH25 will indeed offer music for everyone.

Music Heals: Fete de la Musique Pop Up, which highlights the power of music. Together with nurse-rapper Fatima Palma-Loo and other artists, Fete de La Musique will be doing a pop-up show on June 8 to inspire, heal, and give hope to the children of the Virline Foundation in Makati City.

On June 15, three Pre-Fete de la Musique parties will simultaneously take place to kick-off the anniversary celebrations. There will be the Sunset Collective Stage at the KMC Skydeck BGC, the Rockeoke Stage at the Salon de Ning in the Peninsula, and the SX Manila Stage at the Rizal Open-Air Auditorium.

A 25 minute- performance on June 21 at the A-venue main stage. The multi-genre medley, led by Francis De Veyra will feature Bituin Escalante, Aia de Leon, Cooky Chua, Bayang Barrios, Tarsius, and many more.

There will also be a special All-Female French-Filipino Medley on June 29th at the Intramuros main stage, led by Pinay musician Radha, and in collaboration with Vanessa Monot, Fatima Palma-Loo and more.

To cap off the anniversary festivities with a bang, DocDef and Gabi Na Naman Productions will hold a closing party on June 29th at 20:20, La Fuerza Plaza 1 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati.

To know more about this year’s celebration and the line-up of new activities, download the FetePH mobile App or visit





o Bita and the Botflies | She’s Only Sixteen | Bloomfields | Cheenee Gonzalez | Allen&Elle + more
2. Alternative Stage by Halfnote Promotions @Arkipelago
o Join the Club | Bita and the Botflies | Jana Garcia | Gin Rum and Truth | Jurassic Pards | Watashiwats | Switchblade Manila | God vs. The Kings | Audiosundae | Baluarte | Hey Moonshine | Antsfly | Shuttertone | ACGY | Stella | San One | Minerva | Carmen | Write Turn | Crown of Thorns | Habagat | Blindside | Don Lang
3. Analog Stage by AFBC.INC @ OTO
o Arbie Won | Diego Mapa | Diego Castillo | Labjaxx
4. Bebop Jazz & Blues Stage by The Philippine International Jazz Festival Foundation @ La Collina
o Rey Infante Trio | Doc Ted and Friends
o OMEGA: comrade jones | PROFETT | operation zodiac | BABY BLUE | TEENAGE GRANNY | skinxbones | VVVV | LIKE ANIMALS | TIN TITUS | ARIES | PMQH | BRANDON CUETO x TIRADOR | shape / shift | floating sound nation | MOCKSMILE | BABY IKEA
6. Blues Soul & Funk Stage by Mambo Rat Productions and Funkybeat Entertainment @H&J Sports Bar & Restaurant
o Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas | Kat Agarrado | Cooky Chua | Banna Harbera | Conscious & the Goodness | Bleu Rascals | Kosmikskala | Ian Lofamia Blues Band | Malana | Holmes | Hidden Jem | Hit The Road Kat | The Espasouls | Manila Milkshake
7. Boom Bap Stage by Boogie @ Boogie
o Supermikki | Bassrelief | Pope Fiction | Alexandra | NixDamnP | JayRu | XIII | Skratchmark | Butta B | Chase (Live Art)
8. Busking Stage by OC Productions and Entertainment Inc @The Ruins Courtyard
o Martin Riggs | Eloisa Jailoni | CALDE | Kenneth Paras | High Hello | Gelo; | ALYSSA | Sabrina Manansala | ROOFINO | Baltz | Stephan Clive
9. Dancatronic Stage by Footprints @The Void
o Beach Please | Marts Ballesca | Gabby Z | Herb Cabral b2b Peps Lavina | AlineP b2b Martin Lugtu | JC Casaclang
10. Discovery Stage by Echoes PH @Warehouse Eight
o Secret Lineup
11. Dream Pop / Shoegaze Stage by Furiosa @59C
o Identikit | KRNA | Lilybeth Ostman | Megumi Acorda | Memory Drawers | Monochrome | Narcloudia | Polar Lows | popular days | PИZR | The Rave Tapes | Stellar Spectre | The Strange Creatures | Taken by Cars | Tradecraft | Washington Drama Club
12. Electronica Stage by XX XX @XX XX
o Aira Aquino | The Long Islands | Miguel Santiago x Tomas | Bins x Ayon | Mica x Alinep | Arlyn Munoz x Raphael | Carbonell | Ed Croix
13. End Stage by Dulo MNL @Dulo MNL
o Ourselves the Elves | Earthmover | Dayaw | Tarsius | Basically Saturday Night | tide/edit | La Crema | The Koolaids | Mafia | Paul | Karlo V | Isola + Jellyfish | The Male Gaze | Flu
14. Extra Funky Stage by Annex House @ Annex House
o La Crema | Hey Mr. Dee Jae | Brian James | SBSTNCE | Saint Judas
15. Femme Fatale Stage by Bigtimetado Production and ChixxxMnla @ Handlebar Bar and Grill
o Even | May | Project Yazz | Leidulataja | The Soledads | Al Louis | Crab and Corn | Buttercream | Lady I | We Are Imaginary | MNR MJRTY
16. Groove Stage by GROOVE MANILA @ NoKal
o Manolet Dario | Jason Soong | Marie Garcia | Arnel Genterone | Bombi Balquiedra | Coox Moreno | Mr. Marcus | Luh Masheen | Jose David | Mikko Santos | Nomoclassiq | Inky de Dios | Abdel Aziz | Marts Ballesca
17. Grunge Stage by Mudhoney Production @Mang Rudy’s Tuna Grill & Papaitan
o Save The Prophet | Finding Zonko | Steve | Lester Canon | Tris3cta | Agos | Monkey No Hero | El Travo | Foes | Madscissor | Sky Cries Julia | The Sub | Seconds to Bliss | Spoke Nipple | Kemisthree | Chasing Sundays | Wallster
18. Hip Hop and Street Dance Stage by Philippine Allstars and Beyond Passion Entertainment @Power Mac Spotlight
o International Guest Judge: Shaadow Sefiroth
o Dance Crews: Philippine Allstars | SAS Crew | Street Queens | DanceHall Manila | Pitik Pinoy | Power Impact Dancers
o Emcees: MoroBeats | Lokklass (Mula Etivac) | Pasayeno Brothers | Kleb | Jeff Bago | Trae King
o DJs: CanaBass | Medmessiah | Jazz Z | Ben | Tolo | Butta B
19. House and Techno Stage by The Elephant in the Room @Topic
o Ira Cruz | Divus Deus | Herb Cabral X JC | Herbie Walton X Pauly | Nicky J | Shoyd | Arra Pascual | Tellus and Omi
20. House Party Stage by Black Market and Finders Keepers @Black Market and Finders Keepers
o Main Room: Chryse | XIII | Skratchmark | Marvelous | Funkatalyst | Chad Umali
o Mao Den: SomeGuy | Dmaps | Pamcy | Bedspacer | The Bastards | Alexandra
o Finders Keepers: Mafia | The Other Daddy | Sgt Vez | Ize! | Gian Romano | CC
21. Jazz Stage by The Philippine International Jazz Festival Foundation @St. Giles Hotel
o Bea Lorenzo | Flames | Miss Ramonne | Maffy Soler | Henry Katindig Trio feat Cheryl Santaromana, Jeannie Tiongco, Megan Herrera, Michelle, Richard Merk
22. Latin Stage by A’toda Madre @A’toda Madre
23. Limbo Stage by Limbo Productions @Limbo
o Sewage Worker | Auspicious Fam | Trobol Kontrol | Mumuy | Gen Thalz | Bruder | Tin Titus | Gentle Universe | Diego Mapa | IQ | Datu Arellano
24. MISC Stage by The Futurist Party Co @Futur:st
o Filtercha | M.Y. Son | Emel Rowe | Manilaanimal | Cecile Zamora | Samantha Nicole
25. Mount Zion Stage by Pura Vida Manila @Pura Vida Manila
o Tino Valentino | Trigga | Jahcoustic | Collie Herb | Rabbit Hole | Michael Berth | The Oemons | Ada Dub | Reiz | MC Lil Jay
26. New Wave Stage by Obscure Tone Productions @Cragen’s Bar and Restaurant
o Audio-Technica DJs | A New Red Now | Meckology | Tonettes | Lily Valium | Wal-wals | Edralins | Atomflot | Harutas | Mobster Manila | Caffeine | Psychocandy | Industrial Noise | Veronica and I | The Late Isabel | Pusakal
27. Not Bad Stage by Project 4 Productions @ El Chante
o Kartell’em | Kiyo | DB Tha Girl | Good Habit | Bawal Clan | Al James | Go, Smoke Mary, | 1Kiao x Mocksmile | Space Impakto | Original Flavor | BLKD | Calix + Surprise Acts
28. Nu-Disco/Indie-Electro Stage by Movemeant @ Run Rabbit Run
o Dj Euric | Manilanimal | JAV/ | Local Sun | Vapors
29. OC Records Stage by OC Productions and Entertainment Inc @ The Ruins
o Aly Remulla | Arthur Nery | Bita & The Botflies | Calein | CALLALILY | Daryl Reynes | Drive of Day Dreams | Earl Generao | Frizzle Anne | Jay Kent | JOHNOY DANAO | KEAN CIPRIANO | Martin Riggs | Miles Experience | Rice Lucido | Rockalyt | UNIQUE | Zsaris Mendioro
30. Open Format Stage by Logiclub @ The Apartment
o crwn | curtismith | earl of manila | st vincent and the grenadines | luh masheen | ninno | okik | six the northstar | aries | pillowtalk | someguy
31. OPM Stage by Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit @ Bodega Kitchen & Bar
o Eugene Layug | Michael Rodriguez | The Uncles | Megan Tarce | A Couple of Notes | KAHEL | Vanessa Mendoza | Maxine Marie | GHERNS | Brad & Niqui | Fidelity | KE | Miss Ramonne | Michan Saubon | High Hello
32. People’s Music Stage by Concerned Artists of the Philippines @ Casa Bambu Rooftop Bar
o Concerned Artists of the Philippines | The General Strike | Musikangbayan | Tubaw |Pasada | Plagpul | Lolit Solid | Lady I | Bonifacio Republic | LaCrema DelaCrema | Ang Bagong Luto ni Enriquez
33. Post-Rock/Math Rock Stage by A Spur of the Moment Project @ Acceler8 Co-Working
o tide/edit | Fools and Foes | Luncheon | Trippy Oh! | Run Dorothy | Amateurish | TIM AWA | Earthmover | AOUI | The Mind Is A Terrible Thing | Sound Architects | Capacities
34. Pride Stage by Fringe Creatives @ Pineapple Lab
o Nica del Rosario | Nar Cabico | Paris Roxas and Inah Evans
35. Progressive Music Stage by Pinoy Progressive Community & Cosmic Barangay @ Bistro RJ, Dusit Thani Hotel
o Mindscapes | Fuseboxx | HUMANFOLK | Johnny Alegre Group | Luminus | Extrapolation | Farewell Fair Weather | Project: MATERIA | PAT | Ode to LaLuna | Danny Xavier | Tribu ni Dulu
36. Punk Stage by Punkompilation @ Zibangs Bar & Grillhouse Co
o The Republicats | Double barrel | Calebral | Long Time No See | Give Chance to Run | Throw | Yonin high | Deadsperm
37. R&B Stage by Z Hostel Philippines @ Z Hostel Roofdeck
o Laraza | Miss Ramonne | Ryssi | Ralph Padiernos | Moses | Cherry Malaya | Jazze Manuel
38. Reggae Stage by BMDM Production @ Cabin 420 Bar and Bistro
o Collie Herb | Jah dela Cruz | Itsckallab | Lady I | Holy Jam | Hempwise | Natural High | Dreadknot Used | Slowdough | Lion and The Scout | Ino D San
39. Rock & Roll Stage by SX Manila and Rough Stuff Entertainment @ Makati Sports Bar
o Razorback | Basti Artadi | Kjwan | Gin Rum and Truth | Ojo Rojo | Severo | Hey Moonshine | Black Wolf Gypsies | Whiskey Version | Bonifacio Republic | Spank Me Regor | Out of Order | Elijah Borromeo | Molay | Hoochie Coochie Mikkie
40. Rock Stage by The Southern Project @ 121 Bar and Grill
o Army of One | Humdinger | Blackout Aurora | Fiona | Reklamo | Firefalldown | Gilt | Faspitch | Aoui | Cosmic Love | Badburn
41. Rock United Stage by Audio Heavy Entertainment @ Café saGuijo
o Dicta License | Thirds | Saydie | Bita and the Botflies | Alex in Wonderland | Champagne Drive | The Pull-It Surprise | Where’s Ramona? | Riot | Blackpill
42. Rooftronic Stage by Kartel Rooftop Bar @ Kartel Rooftop Bar
o A DJ Called Er | Renée Rosete | Mike Reefer | Chris Reuber
43. Salsa Stage by Salsa Manila @ Sage Bar, Makati Shangri La
44. Sideshow Stage by 20:20 @20:20 / Courtyard
o 20:20: Bedspacer | VVVV | Big Hat Gang | Like Animals | youngsleepyboi | Joee & I | Squid 9 | Tarsius | Pedicab
o Courtyard: Jem Davis | Masta T | Mamasav | Soulsteppa | Vader | Red-I | Br3akingSil3nce
45. Ska Stage by No Pun Intenten @ Alchemy Bistro Bar
o Todo Pasa | The Orange St. | Upbeats Ska | Rocket Punch | Steady Movin’ Beat | Mobster Manila | Dandimites | Neighbors
46. Sony Music Stage by Sony Music @ Pedro Tap House
o Alex Bruce | Syd Hartha | Sepia Times | Frio | Where’s Ramona? | Hulyo | Tim Dionela | Nathan & Mercury | The Vowels They Orbit | Any Name’s Okay
47. Spoken Word Stage by Words Anonymous @ Y Café
o Word Anonymous | CollaboratoryPH
48. Ukulele Stage by Project 4 Productions and Happy Music @ Concepto Poblacion
o Alamat ni Ug | Talata ni Tala | Esremborak | Domands | Pao Gumba | Leomar Requejo | Randy Gimenez | Eduardo Enaje | Tim Cada | Ukulele Philippines Ensemble | The Chunkies | Kalabopis | Navy Blve Pants | Jegs Benedict | Don’t Miss Hanna
49. Vinyl Stage by Z Hostel Philippines @ The Green Door
o Boyet Sison | Lopie Guzman | Matthew Carbonell | WilkX | Tom Thurnherr | Jon Olisa and Cocoy Puyat
50. Viva Music Stage by Viva Music Group @ The Belle and Dragon
o The Juans | Joslin | Sabu | Melody | Just Hush | Because | Acapellago | Shanne Dandan | BennyBunnyBand | Brisom | Pio Balbuena | Janine Teñoso | High Hello | Pusakalye | Feel Day | Jem Cubil | Le Bastard | Grid
51. World Music Stage by TAPAT Production @ Element Boutique Hotel
o Talahib People’s Music | Anima Tierra | Manila Sky | kadara capoiera | Kenneth Balajadia (Bunga Arts Link) | DRUMMERS journey | Meldy Hernandez (African Dance) | Matthew Servado (Flow Arts Philippines) | Taipan Lucero (Live Art Painting) | Jamela Perez Flamenco Filipinas | Hohanna (Installation Art)
52. Zodiac Stage by GIG Productions @ Gallery in the Gutter
o Apex  Chuidian or Floating Sound Nation | Datu Arellano | Dana Marquez | V432 Wellness




  • Pre-Fête de la Musique Stage by SX Manila @ Rizal Park Open-Air Auditorium | June 15, SATURDAY
          o Dong Abay | Mojofly | Jana Garcia | Gin Rum and Truth| Shotgun Combo | Splendio Tritus | Bonifacio Republic | Calebral
  • Pre-Fête de la Musique Party: Sunset Collective Stage by Groove Manila @ KMC Skydeck, BGC | June 15, SATURDAY
          o Butta B | Coox Moreno | BadKiss x Hernandez Brothers | Manolet Dario
  • Pre-Fête de la Musique Rockeoke Stage @Salon de Ning, The Peninsula | June 15, SATURDAY
        o TBA




A-Venue Main Stage @ A-Venue Parking Lot  | June 22, SATURDAY

Irie Sunday Crew | Bawal Clan | Anima Tierra x Flow Arts PH | Extrapolation | Ang Bandang Shirley | Unique | Speech from AFM | #GlobeFete Prod Number | Dicta License | Apartel | Ebe Dancel | Itchyworm
** performances will start at 5 pm


Greenbelt Main Stage @Greenbelt Park  | June 22, SATURDAY

o Dayaw | Pinkmen | CRWN x August Wahh | Todo Pasa | She’s Only Sixteen | The Ransom Collective | Project Yazz x Skarlet Brown | Hernandez Brothers x Quest | Ciudad | Autotelic | Urbandub




Intramuros Main Stage @Puerto Real Gardens | June 28, FRIDAY

o The Vowels They Orbit | Rice Lucido | One Click Straight x Ena Mori | Stickfiggas | Munimuni | Leanne & Naara | Radha | Prod number feat Vanessa Monot, Radha & Fatima Palma-Loo | Sandwich | Juan Karlos




Baguio Main Stage by Funkybeat Entertainment @Malcolm Square | June 29, SATURDAY

o Jensen Gomez | Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas | Kat Agarrado | 10 a.m. Departure | Chillitees | JJ Ramos | Pugaw Laya | Divino Rivera | The Uptown + more


Batangas Main Stage by Hardbound Production and Rakista ng Batangas @La Consuelo Spring Resort, Rosario | June 29, SATURDAY

o Calebral | Bonifacio Republic | Bind by Fate | Going Turbo | Pizzacoi | Option | Baganza | Spendio Tritus


Bulacan Main Stage by Beach House Production X Darkus Music @Pangnan Grill & Restaurant, Tabang, Guiguinto | June 29, SATURDAY

o Juan Pablo Dream | Orange & Lemons | Paraluman | Blind Stereo Moon | Vanessa Mendoza | Similar Sky | The Wallblossoms | Ferry Baltazar | Chiquerella | Sagip Adik Foundation | Keen | The Gentle Isolation | Barangay Breakfast Club | Now You Make Me Angry


Laguna Main Stage by Harry Boy Productions @Da Pip/Da Pipols Indie Stage, Pagsanjan | June 29, SATURDAY

o The Republicats | Gin Rum and Truth | Harinawa | Norren Trinidad | Meme Band | Freekings | Tribu Kulet | Blanktapes | Ang Bandang Alon | Sistema | N.O.D | Saving Shonie | Anna’s Playlist


Laguna Hip Hop Stage by Can’t Ctrl and Laguna Hip Hop @Jacques’ Bar, Los Baños | June 29, SATURDAY

o BLKD | Calix | Buensa | Gnarrate | Naus | MFS | Villa Mob | JM | Embi Steady | Lex D | Prain Props | Strike Tribe | Calabreakzone | Live for Style


Laguna Music & Arts Stage by UP Jammers Club and Gold Steps Productions @Entablado Café, Los Baños | June 29, SATURDAY

o Leanne and Naara | La Luna | Deviant | Serotonin | Abi Pelayo | Ysanygo | Samahang Layb | UPLB Writers Club


Laguna Rock & Blues Stage by Gold Steps Productions @The Fat Yard Food Park, Los Baños | June 29, SATURDAY

o Juju | Saturday at Dusk | The Near Death Experience | Speak Soft | La Luna


Laguna Party Stage by Door 3 @Iris Resto Bar, Los Baños | June 29, SATURDAY

o TA Aguiero | Embi Steady | Lex D | Bernard Gonzales


Palawan Main Stage by FloppyHaus Production and FatJack Production @Puerto Princesa City Baywalk | June 29, SATURDAY

o Antsfly | Freefish | Shelterr | Black Out Aurora | Rylodia | Raptured Faith | Wateber | Kaiju Orphans | The Strays | Beginer | Flurrboughs | Petmalu | Dear Sympathy | Blue Ballz | Walwal | Ace Cruz Project | Quick Autopsy


Palawan Acoustic Stage by FloppyHaus Production and FatJack Production @Balayong Grill and Bar | June 29, SATURDAY

o Rey Abrea | Simon Almira | Princesa | Fei | Shakewell Trio | Maria | Maxell Barcelon | Wes Navea | Jam Labitigan


Palawan Techno Stage by FloppyHaus Production and FatJack Production @Chez Rose Beach Bar & Restaurant | June 29, SATURDAY

o Quentin Tarantoty | Adri Malaki (Liberty Grounds) | dXkid (#Pressure, Subsonic) | OK’ Hara (Liberty Grounds)


Palawan House Stage by FloppyHaus Production and FatJack Production @Blue Palawan Beach Resort | June 29, SATURDAY

o Winston | John | 

Pampanga Main Stage by At the Back MNL @Anchor Bay Gastro Pub, Balibago, Angeles City | June 29, SATURDAY

o Ian Penn | Psychomgmt | Sentiments of a Phoenix | Turntides | Chiquerella | Stories and Alibis | Sebastian Kidd | Keane Trinity | Dating May | North Side Allegiance | Pot Sembrano | Southeast Mob | Mt. Lewis | Kaymito | Headroom (DJ Set)


Fête de la Musique 25th Anniversary Closing Party by Docdef Productions and Gabi Na Naman Productions @ 20:20 and XX XX | June 29, SATURDAY

o TB


What I love about this event is how they give importance to different music genres, it’s a buffet to your audible sensories. It is a portfolio of the best Filipino music has to offer from OPM legends, mainstream bands, independent artists trying to get into the scene, weird-electronic enables to downright world music beat creators.


fat girls day out-fete


Personally, I forego going to the main stage as it tends to be more mainstream and too much waiting time. If you’re a FETE DE LA MUSIQUE virgin and your cherry needs to be popped properly by experiencing their pocket stages.


  1. Pre-select stage venues you will go. If you’re bringing a car better park somewhere safe and just transfer to each pocket venues either by walking or taking a short cab/jeepney ride.
  2. Bring water as it could get really humid and hot due to the influx of people
  3. Last 2017-2019 most of the crowd was over at the Indie Stage. So if you’re planning to go there make sure to come early.
  4. Wear light and comfortable clothing. Again it could get really hot and humid.
  5. Immerse, Enjoy!

If you haven’t been to any Fête de la Musique event then you should go at least once. You can never go wrong with music and engagement.

As we always say, go forth and wander! Be a storyteller of your experience.



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Luxent Hotel (Quezon City: Moderetely Priced Luxury At Your Reach

Luxent Hotel (Quezon City: Moderetely Priced Luxury At Your Reach

A Luxent Hotel experience review and why you should be booking your next staycation with them. A Fat Girls Day Out Hotel Series 2019

Long Time Ago (Poblacion): Your Not So Ordinary Szechuan Restaurant

Long Time Ago (Poblacion): Your Not So Ordinary Szechuan Restaurant

Long Time Ago restaurant in Poblacion offers Szechuan Dishes and Then Some. Definitely, a unique dining experience, let us tell you why.

La Collina: Where both food and ambiance is King

La Collina: Where both food and ambiance is King

The Poblacion neighborhood is filled with the burgeoning food scene and grungy bars where the crowd is rowdy and the ambiance is gritty. This neighbourhood is humid, has sketchy roads, and close to one to none parking space. A whole new dining world resurgence comes strongly into play and their playground is Poblacion. Amongst these numerous concepts, one interesting European bistro caught our attention- this Spanish-Italian restaurant called La Collina. Where both food and ambiance is KING.  The kind of space that Poblacion needs to have that counterbalance. 

La Collina is both Italian and Spanish, which means “The Hill”. The owner, Anita Celdran shared with us that originally they were opting to open in Tagaytay City, but due to unforeseen delays, she decided that put up the restaurant in Poblacion Makati and thank heavens she did.


A Beautiful Space

La Collina resurrected an old dormitory house and injected a whole new life into it.


la collina


Drive towards the upper west side of Brgy. Poblacion area where Siargao famous- Kermit Pizza is its neighbor alongside Chuck’s Deli and this beautifully revamped house turned into an oasis. Elegant, posh, and yet welcoming. The perfect counterbalance by B&C Design.



We went up to the 2nd floor and we were amazed by how open and beautiful everything is. Solid wood furniture, rattan lighting fixtures from Bicol, and lots of greenery both inside and out.


fat girls day out- la collina


fat girls day out- la collina
Film photographs were taken by Cru Camara

The spacious second floor is bright and airy thanks to large windows.

Slow Food Movement

La Collina is driven by its owner’s vision and passion for the environment. They practice the Slow Food adaptation by which in its very essence getting ingredients as a close radius from the restaurant as much as possible. Thus, a low carbon footprint impact and they get the freshest ingredients possible. Where it is sourced and how our food choices affect the world around us.

Celdran shares that cooking has always been her passion, even as she worked in environmental research. She shares her love for cooking and how the Celdran household would always be surrounded by Spanish-Italian food. She’s been exposed and has been re-creating the family recipe for years and she knew that one day she’d be putting up her own restaurant.


FGDO Recommends

Spanish and Italian food is very festive in every sense and is engineered to be shared amongst loved ones. Plates that are star flavor-packed, salty ingredients, thanks to frequent cameos of umami-rich anchovies, piquant cheeses, and the nutty salinity of jamóns.



fat girls day out- la collina


Start your meal with a glass of their Red or White Sangria. Mind these glasses as these sangrias are actually pretty strong.




fat girls day out- la collina

Fritto Misto (450php)

The name of the dish roughly translates as; “Mixed Fry”, by which encompasses all sorts of frying sweetbreads, meats, and vegetables. La Collina’s version is the Venetian style of just using seafood. Lightly battered Frutti di mare – “Fruits of the Sea”.  Lightly battered and you can taste how fresh these seafood assortments are. A squeeze of lemon juice, but it’s also wonderful with tartar sauce.


fat girls day out- la collina

Arancina (350php). Risotto balls with mozzarella

A classic Sicilian snack. Arancini are a necessity for all good Sicilian cafés in Italy.  Savory risotto stuffed with melted mozzarella cheese.




fat girls day out- la collina

Cochinillo Black Pig-roast suckling pig ( price varies)

Organic and naturally raised black native pig from Sambali Beach Farm in Botolan, Zambales. All livestock from the farm is naturally raised and fed with natural food and other supplements. Wood vinegar products are also applied to the livestock to ensure that their pens are clean and without any pest. Learn more about Sambali with Hertz PH Travel Guide.

The act of cutting through the meat of the roast with a plate instead of a knife is meant to illustrate just how crispy the skin is and just how soft the meat is inside. The meat is so tender, juicy, smokey, and because it came from an organic farm.


Fabada Asturiana (320php)


This is comfort food in a bow.  Rich Spanish bean stew with assortments of hams and chorizo.
A heritage recipe of the Celdran Family using Jamon Serrano from Pamplona and secret ingredients which made it stand out compared to other Fabadas.

Hearty, satisfying, and hits the right spot. The buttery, smooth beans have an uncanny ability to absorb the flavors brought in by the chorizo and sausages.



fat girls day out- la collina

Blue Crab Ravioli with Picant Cherry Tomatoes (495php)

First, we noticed that La Collina’s ravioli is tender and delicate. These pillows of pasta perfectly pocket the fresh and sweet blue crabs. This pasta dish is truly stellar in every aspect. It’s drizzled with a light butter sage sauce. We wouldn’t mind ordering our second plate.


Linguini Vongole (380php)


Lightly crushed tomatoes and simmered in white wine, fresh Manila clams are added to its pan, then flavors are broken down to release each elements profile to the sauce. The pasta is al dente and the overall dish is so vibrant


fat girls day out- la collina

Paella Mixta (4 pax – 2,000php)

A generous spread of meats and seafood. This mixed paella is served with the real saffron and arborio rice topped with mixed sausage meat, prawn and mussels cooked just right amount of  socarrat. The best part of any paella is the socarrat and they get this exactly right with the ratio, so you get a little bit in each bite. Don’t forget to squirt a bit of lemon for a more balanced taste.



fat girls day out- la collina

Creme Catalan with Strawberry Topping (230php)

A Spanish meal is not complete without crema Catalana to clean the palate and end on a sweet note.


Why Go?

The people behind La Collina radiates how passionate they are in advocating the Slow Food Movement, ensuring that every ingredient they use are sourced nearby. They are also thoughtful in every sense that each element used to build the restaurant from the tables, chandeliers, and even the coasters are all sourced locally from different provinces or cooperatives.

The next time you’re in the Poblacion neighbourhood look for that bright La Collina on quiet Molina Street. Eat well and be merry!



La Collina Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  • Location: 4558 Molina St., Barangay Poblacion, Makati
  • Contact Number: +63 917 325-2168
  • Email
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Find us at Klook PH should you want to join us during our #DayOut. Adult Fieldtrip, yes?

Xocolat (New Location): Reunited with our chocolate soulmate

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