Wag Kang Plastik!: Bamboo Straws Over Metal Straws

Wag Kang Plastik!: Bamboo Straws Over Metal Straws


We, the Fat Girls Day Out team don’t just share insights about food, travel, and pop culture. If you’ve been reading most of our content you will notice that our materials and topics are geared towards Filipinana-centric causes. Art, music, and even weekend getaways. We’re marketing curated crawls via Klook PH to promote the local scene and why certain parts of Manila shouldn’t be dismissed as gritty.




We want to do our own share to help good causes both for the environment and for local micro-communities. Today, we’d like to talk about these nifty Bamboo Straws and why it should replace the use of metals straws.

A Trend Worth Hyping

The trend now perhaps is that people have pledged to lessen their plastic consumption or go zero waste altogether. Although here in our country we are still at an infantile stage. It takes a ramp on educating each and everyone to understand the cause and effect of certain actions and consumerism acts that we’ve been so used to doing. We are affirming that this kind of transition, especially in people’s mindset that can dictate their actions doesn’t happen overnight, the fact that people are slowly using sustainable products is still a step toward something better.

Why are we vouching for Bamboo Straws over Metal Straws?

There has been a surge of purchase and use of metal straws, but we’ve found another better alternative to the popular stainless steel straws.

1. Metal straws aren’t sustainable at all

Metal straws do solve the plastic issue but it does create another bigger environmental problem. Remember that the raw essence of metal or stainless steels are Copper and Nickel. Mining of these minerals results in massive deforestation and contaminating its surrounding waters.

The greater popularity of metal straws creates higher demand in the production of it. How many mountains, forest and bodies of water will be destroyed because of Nickel and Copper Mining?

2. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the environment

The Bamboos (Bambusoidaea) consist of 1,439 different species in 116 genera. It is the fastest growing plant on the planet, able to grow 3 feet in height in just 24 hours under appropriate climate conditions. Unlike other woody plants, bamboo reaches maturity in only 3 to 5 years, releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere, and absorbs more carbon dioxide compared to other plants.

3. In Support of Conscious Micro-Community Commerce for the people in Bantayan Island

The path towards leading a steady path outside poverty is a continuous effort, helping them build their skills is just the beginning, we have to emphasize that the Philippines is pretty abundant with natural resources and untapped potential of Filipino craftsmanship.

Fat Gitls Day Out- Bamboo Straws
Photo from Bantayan Innovative Workshop


We directly sourced out these bamboo straws from The Bantayan Bamboo Innovation Workshop, a local sustainable social enterprise for the livelihood of the people of Bantayan Island, Philippines. In addition, a portion of proceeds from each sale will be looped to purchase their products to channel back here in Manila.

Nifty and unique

Proudly made in the Philippines, reusable bamboo straws which are sustainably harvested.

Disclaimer: No fix diameter or thickness of the “wall” of the bamboo. Each straw is unique because it came from sustainably harvested, live grass plant. It didn’t come out from a product mold.


Fat Girls Day Out


Aside from you being a conscious consumer, environmental and socio-discerning consumer we’re making the Wag Kang Plastik! merchandise line witty and fun so you’d be able to give this as a gift to family and friends. We’re sticking to daily usable products, community-led production, and original Pinoy-pop culture-centric. We’ll release a few more curated items this Q42018.




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