Best of: the Buffalo Wings Challenge with Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla

Best of: the Buffalo Wings Challenge with Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla


So we’re diversifying the type of content that we produce in such a way to provide fun insights and for this month of July we’re kicking off our special month feature of launching something different in content.  A Fat Girls Day Out Feature: Best of Comfort Food Series with guest star Mariel Rodriguez Padilla.




Everyday Comfort Food

We will stick to the common crowd favorites that we Filipinos love to eat casually. Nothing too fancy and playful. Just staying to the true essence of everyday munch that we all crave for.

These are the basic parameters for testing:

  1. Everyday comfort food by mot Filipinos enjoyed by the general public, general segment and any age group (i.e fried chicken, chocolate cake, french fries, chicken inasal, etc.).
  2. Those food items who are constantly hyped by other food review sites


Why a Blind Taste?

Often times our perception of choice may be altered by mindful priming of the ever so careful marketing strategies. Consumers will often be exposed to imposing ideas and mindless “influencers” telling you something is so delicious only to find out that their tastebud’s objectivity says otherwise.

We are stripping away brand names, complimenting sides, and other related add-ons to augment a particular product.

We are calling this segment feature under our WHERE to EAT series- BEST of Comfort Food Series. We have an exciting line up of funnel materials for the rest of 2018 and this Blind Test challenge will hopefully kick things off. If you’ve been a reader of our platform we love drilling down to the very core basic of any food presented: TASTE. TASTE is always KING.


1st Item: Chicken Wings

Filipino’s love affair over the years grew significantly over these past few years. You see different establishments offering these God sent angel deep fried wings. There’s something mildly unsatisfying about gnawing on a tiny avian bone. That’s true even before you consider the disproportionate work-to-meat ratio, which pales in comparison to that of, say, the much more satisfying thigh.

We’ve rounded up the Top 5 most popular wings in Metro Manila based on data we collected thru our social media polls, published top 10 knick-knacks of some popular websites and through our friend’s insights as well.




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Disclaimer: We paid for all the food consumed on this blind test.



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