Bistro Remedios: Comfort Food Since 1984

Today the Remedios circle is home to three LJC establishments, Bistro Remedios, Café Adriatico, and Polka Dot Bakeshop. Bistro Remedios can be found right around the Remedios circle. It first opened its doors in 1984 and was named after the street it was on. It’s that place with the wooden door and green roof.


Fat Girls Day Out- LJC Group


The moment you step in, it’s like going back in time. Antique fixtures, furniture, and art from local artists herald their walls and bring back the Old Manila charm. A live ensemble of Filipino Folk singers serenades you, as you have a traditional Filipino meal.


Fat Girls Day Out- LJC Group

Pako at Itlog na Maalat 

Forest ferns, itlog na maalat and a light salad dressing.


Fat Girls Day Out- LJC Group

Knockout Kare-Kare

Crispy and tender Crispy Pata and a vat of thick peanut sauce. Whenever you think whether you’ll order the Kare Kare or Crispy Pata, Bistro Remedios, bring you both in a single platter. The sauce is perfect with the tender meat of the Kare-Kare and a nice crunch in between each bite.



Fat Girls Day Out- LJC Group

Binusog na Pusit sa bawang

Squid stuffed with tomatoes and onions, grilled then topped with heaps of crunchy garlic. Each bite burst flavors into your mouth. Tender squid with the garlic is just delicious.


Fat Girls Day Out- LJC Group

Bamboo Rice

Glutenous rice with mushrooms, chicken cooked in a bamboo shoot. The sound of the bamboo resonating, as the waiters, come nearer to serve you this dish. Warm, rich, and comforting.

Ang Bistro sa Remedios is the perfect place to visit if you want no-frills honest to goodness traditional Filipino fare. From the moment you step in, until the end of your meal, you get to experience Filipino hospitality at it’s finest.


Why LJC Matters

The LJC Group has created a number of different restaurants that has been consistent across all venues. They offer Filipino families with traditional home-style meals that meant to be shared. Their no-frills approach and generous use of key spices for Filipino cuisine are unparalleled in making each of their dishes “Malinamnam” or strong umami flavors that keep us coming back. Take a break from your ‘instagrammable’ restaurants or photo perfect food. This is where it’s at. Like we always say the flavor is king.


Note: Click the Zomato banner for their full menu, price point, map, and reservations details.

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