Chateaubriand: Churrasco Dining Redefined

Chateaubriand: Churrasco Dining Redefined


Churrasco (pronounced as ‘shoe-RHAS’-ko’) is a unique type of cooking, created by the Gauchos. Gauchos originate from Argentina, and some other South American counties who have learned to merge Mediterranean influences with the local way of cooking. After digging pits in the ground, the Gauchos would start a bonfire from the rangelands of the Pampas. Once the fire turns to embers, hot enough for cooking, the placed large pieces of meat that were skewered. These skewers we then slowly roasted to perfection over the fire pits.



Experience Churrasco at the Chateaubriand.

Located at Roxas Blvd., Chateaubriand is a new concept restaurant/event place that marries the concept of the Churrasco experience to a fine dining set up. The whole compound is separated into several areas, live band area, fine dining churrasco buffet (1st floor), a bar (outside), live concept kitchen (2nd floor). Each area carefully arranged to provide customers with the best experience.



Its decor is grand by definition with marble flooring, a hanging chandelier right at the center of the first floor, and luxury fixtures to provide the best comfort to their diners. Fixtures and tables set up to allude a fine dining atmosphere.

Take a seat, and decide whether you want to start with the buffet or the churrasco offerings. In our visit, we went ahead and got some appetizers from their buffet.


They had a variety of choices in their grand buffet. Start your meal with a soup and salad. Then have your pick from fresh sashimi and sushi, cold cuts and cheeses, a nacho bar, tempura, and pizza and pasta dishes.

We recommend the caesar salad as they make it in wheel of fresh parmigiana regiano.

Bring on the Meat.

Finally, after a few appetizers, we were ready. Turn over the red bottom to let the wait staff know that you are now ready to partake in the churrasco experience.





Each time a new kind of meat came out, we could not help ourselves and taste each and every kind. You can pair this with their 3 sauces, chateaubriand sauce, mushroom gravy, and chimchurri.




We recommend that you try all the churraso selections that they have but we recommend having the following:

  • Chateaubriand- this is large center cut fillet mignon, grilled and served with the signature Chateaubriand sauce made of  beef or veal reduction, white wine, tarragon, butter and shallots.
  • Sirloin – the sirloin is the back part of the cow, this is seasoned and grilled to a perfect medium rare.
  • Pineapple – Sweet and juicy pineapple covered with cinnamon powder.  It creates a nice contrast from the flavor.
  • Chicken sausage – plump and juicy pieces of sausage.
  • Pork belly – These were tender and juicy.
  • Blue marlin – These were surprisingly tender and seasoned perfectly.

These items stood out and had the full flavor of smokiness and tenderness you would like in your meats.


You want to have a fine dining churrasco experience, that also has a grand buffet filled with Japanese cuisine, cold cuts and cheeses, and a salad bar. While it may be pricey, make sure to load up on the protein to make the whole experience worthwhile. The whole area might look a bit intimidating at first but once you settle in, you then sit back and relax and get to enjoy the parade.



Chateaubriand Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  • Wiliams Street Corner Roxas Boulevard, Beside Old DFA, Libertad, Pasay City 1300
  • Contact No.: +6328212031 and +639051403748
  • Operating Hours: Today 6 pm – 10 pm

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