Cocina Peruvia: Authentic Gallant Flavours Awaits

Cocina Peruvia: Authentic Gallant Flavours Awaits


We’re absolutely fascinated with Peruvian cuisine down to the Nikkei discipline. Culturally segregated and yet cohesive in terms of bountiful flavor profile because of the country’s confluence of immigrants bringing in so much influence. Cocina Peruvian is the third installment from Chef Him Uy de Baron.

The chef’s re-interpolation of Peru’s home-cooking made available in the Manila dining scene. Peruvian cuisine is technically latin and yet its familiar to us because of all the Asian influences that they have. Although fusion in the overall premise of Peruvian cuisine – core main staples keep traditional

New on Cocktails

Fat Girls Day Out- Cocina Peruvia
Mango Margarita

Their new cocktail concoctions are playful, fruity, and strong. A great start to a good evening with friends or family.

Food Outtakes- FGDO Choices

Ceviche Mixto

Octopus, shrimp, mussels. They use Aji rocoto, which is sharper, making it a bit spicier than most of the chilies.

Note:Aji—the most popular chili spice in Peru, which is incorporated into a lot of their dishes.

Nachos Peruanos

Nachos topped with chicken in lomo sauce and aji pajica, onions, tomato, and cucumber, drizzled in purple olive mayo.

Fat Girls Day Out- Cocina Peruvia

The Mixed Anticuchos

A roster of char-grilled meats which has three different types of grilled skewers—beef heart, salmon belly, and chicken thigh, served with chimichurri and aji anticucho sauce on the side.

Fat Girls Day Out- Cocina Peruvia

The Gambas Con Saltado

Marinated shrimp, bell pepper, sautéed in aji panca and oregano.

Fat Girls Day Out- Cocina Peruvia

Arroz Verde Con Pollo

Rice stir-fried with cilantro puree and sauteed marinated chicken, and mixed vegetables.

Fat Girls Day Out- Cocina Peruvia

Patacones Salmon

Fried plantains topped with salmon, mayo mix, parmesan cheese, and sofrito sauce.


The Adobo Peruvia

Chinese influence – the sugar and the soy sauce and the cream was brought by its western immigrants Spanish and the Portuguese

Fat Girls Day Out- Cocina Peruvia

The Galera de Chocolate (350php)

Save room for this dessert – and this is the only dessert available on their menu. Baked chocolate tart with dark chocolate ganache, topped with salty blue chips, and dried figs. Try this dish by taking a piece of each of the elements and take it in one bite. The Chocolate ganache envelops your mouth, then you get hints of saltiness and crisp from the chips, and a chewy sweetness from the figs. This is dessert is a collaboration with Chef Miko Paras.

Why Go?

Cocina Peruvia’s commitment to stay true to the cuisine and one of the best ways to do that is that they make sure to get proper ingredients from Peru which are air flown regularly. The restaurant market is highly saturated and consumers who’re palate are discerning enough to seek for one staple character- AUTHENTICITY. Getting the right ingredients without substitutions.

Colorful, fresh flavors, balance, and hits of familiarity to the Filipino palate stamping its future path to have longevity and not just another fad in the concept-driven restaurant scene in Metro Manila

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Visit Cocina Peruvia’s new branch located at Level 5 of The Podium, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

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