Comfort Food Series- University Eats: DLSU Taft Memories

Comfort Food Series- University Eats: DLSU Taft Memories


Can you tell me what your comfort food is? It is a dish that our mother or our Lola used to make us during our childhood – it can be that good bowl of Sinigang, Arroz Caldo, or Mac & Cheese. Regardless of what the food is, it soothes our souls and comforts us in such a way having that dish makes everything seem okay. A dish that provides emotional comfort to us and linked us to a place or time when we were kids when situations and life weren’t this complicated. In this edition of the Comfort Food Series, we took a memory-filled food crawl. Food that are reminiscent of  our college days in De La Salle University (Taft). Where the food is cheap, tasty, and memorable.

College life and living off our allowances 

University life is simple, your job is to study. You hang out with your friends, you attend collegiate athletic competitions, study, and cut a few classes.  Living in Taft Avenue, I had to constantly find the next great meal that will then fit my allowance for the day.  Something to eat when the Archers win a game, something special when your stressed about your grades, and something comforting when you just had your first heartbreak.

In this University-Centric Food Crawl Guide Paula and I will share our calibrated initial Top Five (5) places to eat in the Taft area and thru a random select group who also provided their consensus stamp of – YES! to these four spots.


Rap Steak and Cakes

“Raps” as we DLSU Alumni call it, was our go-to steak place.  This was where we would celebrate after a long day of stress in school or even where some people would have their first dates. It was a staple for every freshmen student to try it and a place we would all go back to.



Coming back after almost 10 years really brought back memories. While the new Raps has been renovated outside, the interior of the restaurant looks exactly the same, the same tables, same chairs, same pitchers for the gravy, and the same display case for the desserts.


The T-bone steak topped with the buttery gravy with a bit of Worcestershire sauce. The meat taste is set off with the butter and the sweet tangy Worcestershire. Another thing they were able to keep consistent was their taste, the grilled medium rare steak topped oozing gravy that was both buttery, sweet and savory, was still as addicting as I remember.

  • When to Eat: When you just got your allowance
  • Price Range: 180-350 per pax
  • What to Order: T-bone/Porterhouse steak

Located in 879 Dagonoy St. Malate; Manila.

Tinuhog ni Benny

Right beside Raps, was Tinuhog ni Benny. In times when Raps was full or were craving for inihaw we end up at Tinuhog ni Benny’s. Its an Al Fresco inihaw restaurant with a good selection of grilled meats. Their marinade is delicious and their menu is very affordable and perfect for a students budget. Since I lived nearby, it was a go to before I headed off to my dorm.

  • When to Eat: Mid – Allowance
  • Price Range: 50-70 PHP
  • What to Order: Liempo with rice

Located in 2393 Leon Guinto Cor. Dagonoy St. Malate, Manila

Chicken Chicken

Chicken Chicken has been a AKIC staple go-to lunch spot for CSB and DLSU students. This literal hole in the wall has no visible signs and only has 4 items in their menu chicken, porkchop, sisig, and liempo.


fat girls day out

My favorite was the chicken with their special sauce. It was simple, straight to the point, and had generous serving.

  • When to Eat: When you just got your allowance
  • Price Range:  150 PHP per pax
  • What to Order: Chicken with butter garlic rice

Located in Corner Estrada St. and Arellano Ave. Near Hotel Benilde.

Ate Rica’s Bacsilog

Located in Agno Street between Gokongwei and Miguel building. Agno also known as “Hepa” lane acted as the unofficial smoking area during our stay at La Salle. This is where most of the friends used to hangout between breaks, after class, and even before. You can find several food stalls here, and have a quick meal at an affordable price.




Ate Rica’s Bacsilog used to sit in front of  the De La Salle Science and Technology Center. They serve traditional silog meals, they add knorr to your rice and top it with Ate Rica’s special cheese sauce. The salty bacon contrasts with the savory cheese and egg. This would be a go-to meal whenever you want to have a quick breakfast or bacon. Ate Rica’s has now expanded into several branches throughout Manila.

  • When to Eat: Mid – Allowance
  • Price Range: 60 – 80 PHP
  • What to Order: Bacsilog

Ate Rica’s Bacsilog is located at DLSU Agno St., Malate, Manila.

Store Hours: 8am-8pm, Monday-Friday  8am-6pm, Saturday

Eric’s Siomai

Whenever my block mates had a very limited budget, they always head over to Eric’s Siomai. It was a small space inside the red building in Castro street that now has expanded into a full blown restaurant.


They now offer more than just the siomai and pancit canton, and have a wide menu. While its more expensive than what I remember they still offer affordable prices to students.

  • When to Eat: No more allowance
  • Price Range: 25-100 PHP
  • What to Order: Siomai

Located in 2313 Castro St., Cor. Taft Ave., Malate, Manila.

Honorable Mentions:

While these establishments are now gone, they are worth mentioning as part of our favorite DLSU Food staples.

  • Mildred’s in University Mall – Anything sizzling
  • Noel’s Bbq – Isaw and TJ hotdog
  • Merce’s Chow – The BEST butter chicken
  • Green Place – Where the drinks are always flowing
  • and ocfourse, McDonalds Taft!

Food and Linking back to good memories?

When we went on this food crawl the other week, the didn’t go “Oh WOW, ang Sarap!“. As you grow older, your taste in food also changes. But one thing is for sure, every bite and smell brings us back to the good old days. Back when things are less complicated, being frugal is highly encouraged, and memories that were shared with friends.

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