Zomato Foodiethon 2017 at the Commercenter Alabang

Zomato Foodiethon 2017 at the Commercenter Alabang


When we were invited to be part of the Zomato Foodiethon 2017 at Commercenter Avenue Alabang. We all got giddy inside, because no. 1 We’re from the south and loyal patrons of Commercenter Alabang already and no. 2, the term “Foodiethon” already is a hefty compound term that we will never get tired of hearing.

This event was made possible by Commerce Center, Alabang in partnership with Zomato Philippines.

Fat Girls Day Out- Zomato Philippines

Fat Girls Day Out- Commerce Center

The Foodiethon 2017 gathered different foodies from around Metro Manila to challenge one another in a healthy spirited competition. What better way to celebrate any event is of course thru food! The activity aims to showcase some of Commercenter’s great food concepts.

Commercenter is a three-building complex that houses curated specialty stores and specialist services. Catering to the residents of Alabang and surrounding areas, Commercenter provides a unique destination away from the crazing heaps of crowd that you will normally experience in malls.

Dynamic concept restaurants, high-quality shops and services, and its well-appointed cinemas, Commercenter continues to be a restful treat to its loyal patrons. Definitely one of Alabang’s best kept secret.

A complete list of tenants as of December 2017:

• Commercenter Cinemas
• The Aivee Clinic
• Army Navy
• Asian Center for Dental Specialties
• Asian Eye Institute
• Assi Fresh Plaza
• A-Won Korean Restaurant
• Bacchus Epicerie
• BC Family Cafe
• The Belly Rub
• The Bingsu
• The Black Pig
• Bridgestone Tire Center
• Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things/Chubby’s Rib Shack
• Centro Holistico
• Chinabank
• CMA Mental Arithmetic
• CocoHut Fried Chicken and Fish
• Comodo Spa
• Decor
• Ducati
• Elbert’s Sandwiches
• Epic Cycles
• Evolve Yoga & Fitness
• The Farm Organics
• Fringe Salon
• Kessaku Japanese Restaurant
• Kitchen Gallery
• La Vie Institute
• Lasa Bistro
• Launchpad Coworking
• Luxuri Manila
• Mona Lisa Ristorante
• Moonleaf
• Potato Corner
• Sigekiya Ramen
• Spectrum
• Srixon
• Taters
• Therabilities
• Thinking Hats
• Watch Winder Manila
• Yellow Cab

The first thing we had to do was to split up into teams on four and embark on six exciting rounds of speedy food consumption.

Fat Girls Day Out- Foodiethon 2017
Trishia of Zomato Philippines briefing us on what to expect and game mechanics.


The main sponsors include Army Navy, Moonleaf, Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things, CocoHut Fried Chicken and Fish, Assi Fresh Plaza, Bacchus Epicerie, The South Pub Alabang and Commercenter.


Fat Girls Day Out- Foodiethon 2017

Fat Girls Day Out- Foodiethon 2017


Fat Girls Day Out- Commerce Center

The South Pub’s Spicy Sisig to kick off the 1st round. Each team needs to finish the whole plate for less than 30seconds. Probably a punch on the knack! they use the reaper chili, also known as the world’s spiciest Chili! The sisig was chewy, tasty and leaves you wanting to request a glass of ice cold beer or perhaps a cup of rice?

Fat Girls Day Out- The South Pub

Find The South Pub on:

South Pub Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Fat Girls Day Out- Commerce Center

Cocohut’s barbeque is sweet and tangy. Just how we Pinoys like it. This was a close match to most of the teams who all enjoy their classic Pinoy barbecue.

Fat Girls Day Out- Coco Hit

Find CocoHut Fried Chicken and Fish on

Coco Hut Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

For the third round, each team member had to devour Army Navy’s burger and freedom fries.

Find Army Navy on:

Army Navy Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Fat Girls Day Out- Commerce Center

For this round, we had to taste the different teas from Moonleaf and label them accordingly. These refresing drinks were such a treat and good way to balance out all the savory dishes from the previous rounds,

Fat Girls Day Out- Moonleaf

Find Moonleaf on:

Moonleaf Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things’ chicken wings were thickly coated with a hot sauce that’s quick to turn any Foodie running to the store to buy a litter of milk, but in our case, it was ice cream. We’ve never had wings this hot!



Fat Girls Day Out- Buffalo Wings and Things


Find Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things on:

Buffalo's Wings N' Things Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Fat Girls Day Out- Commerce Center

For the last round, it was truly a challenge for the final two teams who still had burning mouths from the previous round of hot wings to partake in the Spicy Noodle Challenge provided by Assi Fresh Plaza.

Find Assi Fresh Plaza on:


It was a near win for the Fat Girls, but it ended with the Zomato team deciding that the final team with no substitutions be awarded the first place.

Fat Girls Day Out- Foddiethon 2017

Fat Girls Day Out- Commercenter
Gift pack and goodies provided by the lovely folks of Bacchus Epicerie, Assi Fresh Plaza, and Commercenter Alabang


Fat Girls Day Out- Foodiethon 2017
Photo from: Zomato Philippines


This was truly an enjoyable experience. As longtime patrons of Commerce Center, we’re happy that they have more offerings for those who live down south. With their excellent food choices, and surround sound Cinema, it’s the only choice we have when we do watch a movie.

Quick Tip: Parking is free when you validate it in the cinemas.


**Disclaimer: This is a parterned post by Zomato Philippines and Commercenter. 


Engage with us; experience@fatgirlsdayout.com or fatgirlsdayoutph@gmail.com

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