Coron, Palawan: Ultra Blue Waters

Coron, Palawan: Ultra Blue Waters


Astonishing seascapes, rock formations, lagoons, powder white beaches, jungles, diverse marine, and wildlife may it be under the sea or in its forest. It is a dream destination for all of us. There’s so much to do and I know that this article won’t be able to do justice, but I will share what I know and my experience of Palawan. Every year I make sure to return because I want to be reminded of that such place does exist. Living in the city can be numbing and will leave you lifeless if you stay too long. There are 3 parts to this Palawan Series. Puerto Princesa, El Nido, and Coron. Today we will focus on Coron- We’ll show you Where to Go, What to Do and What to Eat. Should you want to know our full Palawan guide clicks here. 

This place is a tropical heaven on earth. It’s not difficult to understand why the Forbes Traveler Magazine listed Coron as the top beach destination in the world. Located in the Calamian Islands in the northern part of Palawan. Remarkable marine live, sunken WWII Japanese shipwrecks, stunning lagoons, limestones, nature reserves, marine gardens, turtles, white perfectly white powder sand beaches.

Coron has a functioning airport for commercial flights so it’s relatively easier to travel here than in El Nido. From the airport you book a van taking you to the town or to your nearest booked accommodation. Check our local commercial flights that’ll take you to Busuanga Airport.


Flight: On an average, there are 13 flights that go in and out of Puerto Princesa by local commercial flights coming from Cebu, Manila, Caticlan, and Davao. Make sure to keep an eye on promo fares as there are plenty to choose from.

If you are coming outside The Philippines, your kick of city can be Manila or Cebu. Quick and easy way to book your flight is thru, they find you the lowest rates across hundreds of airlines with a guarantee from canceled flights, rescheduling, and delays.

How To Go Around: Popular and one of the cheapest way to go around the city is thru their tricycles.


When I went there with my friends we decided to rent a local’s house thru Airnb as we’d rather cook our own meals by ourselves so to save some money and also seize the opportunity of getting fresh seafood and produce from Coron. We were able to get a whole bungalow house with good AC,  a functioning kitchen, and a wonderful front porch for just 4,000php (80USD) splitting the cost to amongst us in the group. It’s a good way to live like the locals and a great way to save a few bucks especially if you’re traveling in a group. Get 1,000php/20 USD worth of credits free when you sign up in Airbnb CLICK HERE.

Just like in El Nido you have options to stay inland or to one of the island resorts let know that staying in a private resort will cost you roughly  20,000php-50,000php (500-1000USD).

Here are the TOP 10 CORON updated list of accommodations/hotels that can fit any budget.

To go around and to go island hopping, of course, you’ll need to hire a boat within the Coron Bay that’s on the near opposite side of  the public market. A boat will cost you 1,500php-2,000php (30-40 USD). Boat fee will exclude island entrance fee. Prepare 50php-100php (1-2USD) bills as each islands does have an entrance fee.

You may do these tours:

  1. The Coron Island Tour (beach, snorkeling)
  2. The Malcapuya Loop (beach, snorkeling)
  3. The Culion Tour (historical tour)

The tour of Coron is very relaxed and more calming as compared to El Nido’s erratic activity options. Coron is the best place to go scuba diving and snorkel as there are plenty of fish, corals and live shells. There are also a lot of sunken Japanese was ships due to the bombing of the US in WWII.

Lakes and its lagoons

Stunning formations erupting from the sea waters of Coron. Hidden among these cliffs are 13 mysterious lakes, the two (2) most famous ones are the Kayangan Lake and Barracuda Lake. The rest of the other lakes are protected sites not available for tourist activities.

Fat Girls Day Out- Coron
View on the way to Kayangan Lake

A short but exhausting trek across a steep rainforest will take you to Kayangan Lake, covered limestone hills, the crystal clear lake is so enchanting that you could spend hours swimming in its preserve.  Perfect temperature for swimming.

Fat Girls Day Out- Coron

Fat Girls Day Out- Coron
Kayangan Lake boardwalk

Fat Girls Day Out- Coron

The water is interesting as it’s mix of salt and spring water but make sure to wear a life vest for safety reasons as it could get really deep.

Fat Girls Day Out- Coron
Barracuda Lake. You either have to climb the ladder to go to the other side then do a jump or swim right under the boulders.

White Sand Beaches. 

Imagine ideal postcard beaches with electric blue water as it meets the perfect powder white sand. Everything marries well together in symphony.

Fat Girls Day Out- Coron

Beautiful white-sand beach and ultra-turquoise waters, which serve as a sanctuary to Dugongs and sea turtles.

Fat Girls Day Out- Coron

Time is not in a hurry in a place like Coron. Ask your boatman to park the boat and take an afternoon nap amongst the Talisay trees while splashes of sea water sing you to your slumber.  When you wake up from your nap you’d see the perfect blue sky with stunning seascape, wanting never to return. A vacation so ideal that you will dream about it for months to come.

Fat Girls Day Out- Coron
Clownfish are everywhere

**Quick Tip: Make sure to bring lots of cash as ATMs are limited

Fat Girls Day Out- Coron
Limestone Formations

There are other activities available to do in Coron like trekking, hot springs, exploring coral gardens, scuba diving and visiting Calauit Safari. These are optional activities. You have to explore the islands and lakes before anything else and then if you have more time do the other activities.

Fat Girls Day Out- Coron
Coron sunset

For perceptive travelers who are willing to go great distances for the rewards of clear waters and pristine white beaches. Palawan is unpredictable regardless of how many times you’ll visit the place.

Go forth and wander. Experience and tell its story when you return home.


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