Complete List of Billers Who Are Delaying their Due Dates for 30 days

Complete List of Billers Who Are Delaying their Due Dates for 30 days


[uptdated as of March 21, 2020 | 10:55 am PST] Our billers are doing the Lord’s work to cushion the impact of the Covid-19 “Enhanced Community Quarantine”   for us by extending WHEN we can pay our bills.  Here is our collected/summarized list of utility companies, telecommunication, and a few banks offering later date or deferred payments for their customer’s billing cycle.

Note: A later date would mean an additional 30 calendar days of the additional cycle plus a list of Banks who haven’t made any announcements yet and those who are only giving “grace periods”.


Definition of Terms:

  • 30/60 Days Extension= a 30/60-days calendar payment extension from your due date.

  • Grace Period= Yes you can skip this cycle’s payment, but you’re expected to double the payment on your next round of billing given that they waived the late fee.


Utilities (electricity, water, cable TV)


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Manila Water

Communication: Mobile & Data


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Globe Telecom
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PLDT and SMART Telco


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Sky Cable
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Cignal TV
  • Converge (subject to confirmation)

Banks (Loans, Credit Cards)**** EXTENDED 30 days due date.


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Eastwest Bank (1st banking institution to announce this initiative. Thank you)


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Security Bank Corp.


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Union Bank


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BDO Uni Bank
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Prulife UK

Other financial Institutions


Home Credit


Government Institutions



  • GSIS
  • LTO (waiving penalties, late fees, etc)
  • Philhealth


 Role Call of Banks giving only “GRACE PERIODS”


By “grace period” that means they are just waiving your late fees should you not be able to pay this month, but you are expected to pay double the following cycle.


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  1. AUB Bank

  2. Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

  3. Metrobank

  4. PS Bank

  5. RobinsonsBank


Please be decipher well each bank’s term and conditions to avoid confusions.


Role Call of Bank(s) with NO ADVISORY YET


  1. HSBC (as of March 21, 2020)


Daily Updates

We’ll continue to source for updates and augment this content every 18 hours. Did we miss anything? comment below should you want to add/remove a biller from the list.   For the meantime, check out our latest released content:


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