The Den: This will be our go-to coffee space in Escolta

The Den: This will be our go-to coffee space in Escolta


Escolta in her glory years was known to be grand in its architecture and as a centralized location that houses malls, drugstores, stores and stand-alone theaters. She was roaring lioness that commands respect and adoration in her time. It was the commercial hub of Manila during the early 1900s and was a witness to many pioneering establishments in the country: first ice cream parlor, first movie house, first electric tram among others. Come 2012- a group named 98B COLLABoratory was created. It is an artist-run advocacy and space initiative in Manila.


fat girls day out- the den


They focus on community building, networking of artist, local material merchants and kitchen. Their main objective is to create a space where creative centric individuals from all forms of disciplines artists, designers, curators, writers, musicians, filmmakers, activists, educators, researchers, cultural workers, performers, architects, and students together with the general public. The Den resides at the back of the First United Building offering a hidden refuge from the gritty outside world.


Congruent Shapes and Good Coffee


The Den is a specialty coffee shop in the heart of Old Manila that is meant to play with form and functions while paying respect of their space. Don’t expect big comfortable coaches, typical wooden chairs conducive to reading.  Grey slabs of concrete mixed with industrial wooden fixtures and colors give this  82 square meters of space a distinct deep character.  Started as just a coffee shop idea with a manual pour over pop-up. The three owners Gabriel Villegas and his partners Carlo Magno, and Arts Serrano saw the opportunity to open this concept coffee shop. The owners are also the architects behind The Hub.


fat girls day out- the den


With The Den’s beaming character, they also attract various segments of customers. Here you will find creative young individuals, the lost tourist, office workers from nearby buildings, students cutting classes or on a date. Although mixed with different people and you would expect loud chatters these dynamic customers also flows with this coffee shop’s character.

They get their beans from Kalsada Coffee which directly sources their beans directly from micro-farmers and an organization that pushes boundaries in coffee processing for the local coffee industry.



Fat Girls Day Out- The Den
Naguey Garnica with notes of Lavender, Jackfruit and Dark Chocolates.
The Den-Fat Girls Day Out
Aromatic notes fills your nostrils as you take in the bold flavors emanating from the cup. Rich, creamy, and smooth.
fat girls day out- the den
The Berg

This will be our go-to coffee space in Escolta


Just sitting in this coffee shop you can feel its authenticity and thoughtful execution of design and function. There are minor cracks on the wall and even old paint remnants that they didn’t cover up to maintain the essence of respecting every inch of available space of the First United Building.

A nondescript space at the back of a classic Art Deco building hailing from the Queen- Escolta. The Den is your gracious host inviting you to come ins and enjoy a cup or two of their specialty coffee.



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