Early Bunch, Buzz, and Soulmates: Top 5 Reasons WHY YOU SHOULD GO

Early Bunch, Buzz, and Soulmates: Top 5 Reasons WHY YOU SHOULD GO


Ever thought about going to a matchmaking event? Not sure if it’s for you? Well, the only way to know for sure is to try it, but matchmaking suits more people than you might think. It’s like rapid mingling with all the fun of a night out, paired with enough order to prevent awkward pauses and lonely hours at the bar.

The structure of Early Brunch, Buzz, and Soulmates events is all about introductions. You get to meet real, live, breathing humans who you know, without a shadow of a doubt, are looking for a connection, too. These people are pre-determined and profile in accordance to the same demographic and other determiners.

Profile pictures can’t deceive you, because there is none. You don’t have to worry about which strangers at the bar are just there for fun and which ones are looking for love. Your blossoming romance won’t come to an abrupt end when your conversation partner’s real partner returns from the bathroom.

When you agree to a date you sign an unwritten contract to spend at least one evening with someone. You have to commit, even if it’s for just a few hours. Anyone who’s ever gone on a disastrous date knows that even a few hours can be way, way too many. There’s nothing like going on a date and finding out your potential partner is a snob, a slob, or one of those precious souls who have no idea when to stop talking about their ex.

This gives you the chance to make that all-important first impression. You probably won’t know if it’s true love after a three-minute conversation, but you’ll know if the relationship is doomed before it starts. You like cats, and they like dogs. You love art, and they brag about how they don’t see any point looking at a painting. Some things just aren’t meant to be, and a matchmaking event helps you get past let-down dates in less time.

There’s a difference between an introduction to a date’s friends and an introduction to multiple dates. The focus is different, and a spark can produce without awkwardness.

You get to meet more people in a few hours than you probably could in a period of months. After all, setting up individual dates is both time consuming and quite costly. Early Brunch, Buzz, and Soulmates breaks the ice, gives you significant first impressions, and opens the door to a future connection for multiple potential partners in a span of a few hours.

Early Bruch, Buzz, and Soulmates matchmaking event is upbeat, fast-paced, and superseded with fun activities. Everyone there understands the nature of the event, so there’s always some sexual tension lurking under the laughs, but the laughs are frequent enough that no one cares. Everyone in the room is in the same boat, there’s a surprising amount of trust. There’s also a lot of fun.

This will take in Hops & Brews, the perfect venue to let your hair down have some fun time with like-minded singles like you. Mixing time allows new connections to grow and mutually interested parties can continue kindling the initial spark they found during the main event.

Popular dating apps gave predators a magical tool. It lets them snuffle out victims quickly and induce them to spend time alone in their company. Although, there are lots of people have found meaningful connections through these apps and sites, but the risk will always there. You simply can’t tell if a person plans to hurt you based on a couple profile images and some seductive direct messages.

Fat Girls Day Out

Although there are one or two people that might creep you out in any kind of dating situation, a matchmaking event is one of the safest options for singles, especially for women. You spend time with strangers one-on-one, but you’re never really alone. A matchmaking activity is a guided event, so there is always someone on hand that you can talk to if you feel uncomfortable or threatened.

There are a few matchmaking events more so speed dating events being organized here and there and all of their common denominators are these two (2);

  1. Tequila
  2. Body Shots

You would probably say that – YES, it is fun. But starting off with that will just spark sexual tensions and banters nothing more, nothing less.

With the Early Brunch,Buzz, and Soulmates event we will make sure that the 4 hours will be worthwhile.

Brunch Time

Brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch eaten usually during the late morning to early afternoon, generally served from 11 am up to 3 pm. If you’re anything like us when you brunch you brunch well. That means when you’re faced with the decision of choosing between those stacks of pancakes and having no shame to explain the chicken and waffle combination that you ordered. You leave the brunch table when you’re full and tamed. Hops & Brews curated some of their brunch items that will be served during the event.

Visual Snippets of the Glorious Brunch Selections

Sharing good food, light cocktails, craft coffee, and meaningful connections. Yes?

The Pink Bliss
Hops & Brews Montage of Curated Brunch Bites
Longanisa Pattie (In-House Made from Scratch)
House Best-Seller: Nasi Goreng
Dessert Pudding

Engage and Connect

There wouldn’t be any awkward silence is dead are time. We made sure that we’ve planned every minute- for every hour of your time.

What is your primary love language? What does it mean? How can you use it to make real connections with others? How can you improve your relationships?

The Early Brunch, Buzz, and Soulmates will be complemented with paired couple life coaching sessions. See, we will go beyond just flirting. We seek out the best potential partners for you. Time is essential and as we mentioned in this article we will make sure that it will be worthwhile of your time.

Anyone serious about finding a partner enjoys a lot of practical benefits a matchmaking event like this. Finding the right chemistry is tough because of all superficial feeds that we see on people’s social media feeds. Participating in Early Brunch, Buzz and Soulmates will spark those real connections that you’ve been looking for.

So, are you willing to give it a shot? Remember, in the worst case scenario, you won’t find someone that you like. You’ll still have fun, meet new people, and enjoy a light brunch affair with like-minded individuals.

This brunch fair event is crafted by Hops & Brews and Fat Girls Day Out. It will happen on September 1, 2018, from 10:30am-3: 00pm.


An exciting line up of fun activities, a great montage of brunch specials, brunch cocktails, and the chance to meet your perfect match.

YOU ARE INVITED to the exclusive get-together of single professionals in Manila!


Inclusive of: Curated food, craft cocktails, engaging activities, live music, and coaching sessions.

What to expect: A fun, decent and exciting way to meet single and mature professionals.

Go on 3 dates in a span of 4 hours while enjoying a curated brunch menu made especially for this event.

To get you in the mood check out our Early Bruch, Buzz, and Soulmates mixtape mix.

Click this LINK to pre-register! Slots are VERY LIMITED.

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