Ella and the Blackbird: The Coffee Shop We’ve Been Meaning to Write About

Ella and the Blackbird is the former Craft Coffee Revolution’s (Esteban St. Branch). They just changed the name, but they maintained the same interior and of course quality of coffee is still the same. The only major change has been more savory items on the menu.

From coffee shops sprouting everywhere, distinguishing between quick-handy coffee and the fine brew has become a challenge. Most of us have developed a certain resistance to a high-quality roast, having been accustomed to the crappy ‘designer’ and ‘hand-crafted’ kuno kind that promises to give you a useless paper organizer as long as you get 10-15 stickers from them.

Quick background about Craft Coffee Revolution

These folks started really the ‘coffee revolution’ as early as 2012. When it was impossible to find slow brew or an espresso that could highlight a coffee’s origin notes.

Along Estaban Street in Katipunan Quezon City Ella and the Blackbird still stands. They revamped their signage with a blue neon cursive light slating its new name on the wall.


Fat Girls Day Out- Ella & Blackbird
Original Art Plastered

The Vibe

Distressed wood boards, industrial stools, burlap cushions, Edison lights, and hand painted art gives the place an interesting character.


Fat Girls Day Out- Ella & Blackbird

The Coffee

Their coffee is dark roasted which yielded better flavor and lessens the acidity compound. We recommend trying their cappuccino, its served at just the right temperature is creamy and strong.


Fat Girls Day Out- Ella & Blackbird


Their flat white’s pretty decent as well.


Fat Girls Day Out- Ella & Blackbird


As mentioned earlier they have a full-on affordable menu for all-day breakfast, pasta salads, and crafted burgers. And contrary to the perception that third wave coffee shops are only made for the usual coffee and pastries, the offerings on the menu are quite delectable.


Fat Girls Day Out- Ella & Blackbird


We love coming to this hidden neighborhood nook in Katipunan whenever we’re in the area. The place is welcoming, warm and has this certain distinct character.  They have this space that serves an equal purpose.  If friends like to gather at their coffee shop they make sure there is enough space for large groups and yet available areas where one can just lounge around make oneself comfortable.

No doubt that this Ella and the Blackbird will always be on our immediate top of mind recommendation to have good solid coffee and where people can stay for hours hanging out quietly on a Sunday afternoon reading a good hardbound book.

Ella and the Blackbird Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Ella and the Blackbird

  • Location: 88 Esteban Abada St., Loyola Heights Quezon City
  • Mobile: (02) 294-1633



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