Site Guide And FAQ

On this platform, we cover lifestyles categories which follow our goal to provide insightful experience-based recommendations as to WHERE to EAT, WHAT to DO and WHERE to GO. Our contents are diverse in nature, intellectually arresting and fair in nature.



Question: What do you cover?

We only publish and write about restaurants, bars and coffee shops we’ve been to. We stick to our core that our content will always be ‘EXPERIENCE-DRIVEN’ to provide authenticity to our readers. Our list will not be limited to the Philippines’ greater metro areas but will include out of town and out of the country establishments.

Question: How do you review all the restaurants and food guide? The basis for your recommendations.

We apply the principle of total Customer Experience or CX. – A product or service of an organization and its interaction with its customers over the duration of their relationship. 

From the moment you enter the restaurant until you ask for the cheque.

Elements and Principles for considerations are:

  1. Ambiance
  2. Customer Service
  3. Food Quality (sourced ingredients)
  4. Food Flavor
  5. Variety of available in the menu
  6. Facilities, Ergonomics
  7. Price; Does it give value to your money? Whether expensive or cheap.

These 7 elements make up the CX review and we will use a 5 point rating scale and then we average the scores to provide you our readers a quick dashboard overview

  • 1- Poor: Not recommend
  • 2- Needs Improvement: Falls behind satisfaction base
  • 3- Satisfactory
  • 4- Above Average
  • 5- Excellent





P.S Never trust a skinny food reviewer/writer/blogger



Question: What do you usually cover under this category?

This category covers our travel dialogues both local and international travels, weekend guides, special occasion activities that will provide you valued insights why you need to experience our recommended places. We will provide the WHAT– location, how much you need to spend and other FYI’s. But aside from a generic informative coverage, we will also tell you WHY you need to be at these places.

  • Weekend guides– Around the Manila, Quick Getaways, Occasion and Holiday Driven Activities
  • Local– Philippines greater regions
  • International– Outside the Philippines

Question: What are your brand affiliations?

We are registered and affiliated with a few trusted travel-centric service providers to ensure an end-to-end reader experience. You can read our travel contents, get guided references and book directly from our page itself. We guarantee you that all link uploaded and re-directions are safe and certified.  Our partners’ brands are visible on our Home Page.


Culture & Arts

We recognize Filipino artistry may it be thru film, music, mixed media, playwrights and other contextual forms that represent us  Filipinos.

Sociology Aspect

What makes us Filipinos? Is it our love for food? our insatiable love for videoke? or how we take countless selfies of ourselves in front of the Spolarium. No matter what we are a bunch if interesting creatures. We’ll talk about anything under the sun.



Question: How do we get in touch with you if we wish to contribute or collaborate?

We’re open to any form of feedbacks may it be positive and sometimes negative (as long as it is constructive!) We’d love to collaborate for future content contributors. You may reach us via our e-mail and social networks.

Question: Can you do a sponsored post? or represent a brand/service?

Yes, definitely! As long as we deemed the product or service aligned with our values and what we’re trying to promote. We’ll be happy to sit down and discuss any future projects.