Fat Daddy’s Smoke House (UP Town Center): The Premise is Always Meat

Fat Daddy’s Smoke House (UP Town Center): The Premise is Always Meat

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You come to this kind of restaurant when you’re hungry and your inner carnivore has been reaching out to you waiting for it to be fed. In Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse, it seems that ‘meat’ is always the premise in everything.

There are plenty of things to love about their new branch in UP Town branch. Blissfully open and airy space, the big pig and cow mural and warm Edison bulbs hanging from its ceiling.


Fat Girls Day Out- Fat Daddy's Smokehouse

So what’s the formula for cooking the perfect ribs?  “Time and temperature are two things that we give much attention aside from the ingredients. All our pork spare ribs are cooked with the same, exact formula that’s fail-proof – low and slow,”Chef Jasper Versoza shares. “Apart from the quality of meat and sauce, it’s the entire process that brings the irresistible juiciness, moist, and flavor of our all-time favorite smoked ribs” Chef Jasper Versoza explains.

Fat Girls Day Out

Meticulousness attention to detail, patience, and dedication are the true ingredients of perfectly smoked ribs. Chef Jasper adds, “Since our first branch, we have been devoting a huge amount of time to master this technique because everyone deserves a platter of pork ribs smoked to perfection.”

Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse was a brainchild of Versoza siblings who have a hankering for all things smoked and grilled. This desire prompted them to establish a smokehouse that will cater to our local market. They aim to bring in the southern style smokehouse and barbeque theme which they got the inspiration during their travels. True to its premise everything on their menu is rich, comforting and filling.


Fat Girls Day Out- Fat Daddy's Smokehouse


Several meat choices from their smokehouse of pork ribs smoked wings, smoked beef brisket, and other meat dishes. We were able to sample. Oh sorry, “sample” is not the correct term. Let us rephrase our statement. Take two: We were able to devour their finest smoked meats. A platter of juicy, tender proteins as our centerpiece on our table. Here are brief descriptions of what we’ve enjoyed.




Fat Girls Day Out - Fat Daddy's Smokehouse
Crispy Fried Pickles (120php) Dill pickles covered with panko and corn crust. Deep fried and served with Alabama barbeque sauce.


Fat Girls Day Out- Fat Daddy's Smokehouse
Jera’s Ultimate Nachos (280php) A mountain of tortilla chips generously peppered with their smokey pulled pork, fabrics of in-house bacon, cheese sauce. What we love about their nachos is they make sure to add toppings per layer.



Fat Girls Day Out- Fat Daddy's Smokehouse
The Smoked Meat Platter (2,400php)

This is the mothership of all meat platters.

  • Smoked Quarter Leg Chicken Barbeque
  • Smoked Hot Links that has a nice snap when you bite into it.
  • Smoked Beef Brisket– 16 hours in the black smoking locker that shows up in the beef slices. The meat is juicy and tender to the bite with an intense seethed smokey flavor between each meat strands.
  • Smoked Pork Ribs– These ribs are not your usual “baby back ribs” these large ribs. A large half slab with gorgeous charred edges. Smoked for 10 hours with just the right amount of heat is applied. This allows the release of flavors in each layer of the meat without compromising its tenderness.
  • Smoked Pulled Pork Shoulders

Sidings: Grilled corn (tex-mex style), bacon & chives muffin, sesame coleslaw and a platter of steamed rice.

Extra Sides

Mac and Cheese (170PHP)

Fat Daddy’s version of this comfort food is tangier and a little sweet because of the barbecue sauce drizzles. Bacon strips were included in this dish adding smokiness and can help balance the sweetness of the BBQ sauce.  This dish could be improved by adding more mozzarella and cheddar cheese.


Fat Girls Day Out- Fat Daddy's Smokehouse
Hot Mess (170ph) Their version of mashed potatoes



Fat Girls Day Out- Fat Daddy's Smokehouse
Bacon S’mores (200php) Loaded with melted chocolate and toasty marshmallows, topped with crispy bacon sided with graham crackers to scoop it all together. I hope this dessert will meat your expectations.


Fat Girls Day Out- Fat Daddy's Smokehouse
Pecan Pie (250php) What makes this pie special is the cream on top. It was light to the taste and gave the pie a nice contrast in nature.


Meat. You know you want it. Tender, smokey, slow-cooked but still moist. Sticky with sauce, falling off the bones. You know it, you see it. Chances are if you’re any kind of a meat lover, you love it.But have you had enough? Come through to Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse to heed that craving.

Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse is a great place to visit with your family during Sunday lunch or when you’re just plain hungry for meat, good serving sizes coupled with very reasonable prices in a homey, laid-back setting.

Did we skip out on your favorite menu? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below. Don’t forget to tag #FatGirlsDayOut @fatgirlsdayout on Instagram.

Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse

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UP Town, Diliman QC

Branch: B 132-134 UP Town Center


Markina (1st Branch)

171 Dao Street cor East Drive
Marikina Heights, Marikina City
Contact No.: (632) 949-4071
Operating Hours: 11 am to 10 pm daily

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