Fat Fook Kitchen: Diversified Taiwanese Food Experience

Just around 200 km away from the most northern tip of Manila lies Taiwan. This country is Large, flat, bold and often forgotten. A few years back Taipei was often not included in the top 5 must-see cities in Asia for travelers, but since the emergence of affordable flights and the recently announced visa-free entry for Filipinos it quickly picked as part of everyone’s must-go-to destination.

It’s not surprising that Manila caught on to the Taiwanese food craze. Located in Glorietta 1, Fat Fook Kitchen recently opened it’s doors to let those who haven’t had Taiwanese food try what’s all the fuzz about when it comes to this cuisine.

Taiwanese cuisine is no stranger here in Manila, as it’s closely related to Chinese style cooking but a few different elements mixed in between. To guarantee the quality and flavor of their food, they have a Taiwanese chef who creates their dishes and ensures it’s the same thing they have in Taiwan.



For starters we had their classic Xiao Long Bao, and Salted Egg Xiao Long Bao.




While both kinds of Xiao Long bao’s held their shape, we prefer their classic pork flavor. Each bite coats your tongue with the rich tasty broth, the hint of black vinegar, and juicy pork filling.




One of the staple dishes I found in the night markets was the Oyster Omelet. This omelet is made of a glutinous mochi like texture but it had a crispy egg that added that extra dimension to the dish. Many different contrasting textures and complementary flavors.  To be honest, this was even better than what I had in my recent Taipei trip.



One of the dishes that stood out during my trip to Taiwan was the Taiwanese Sausage. Here in Fat Fook Kitchen, they give you exactly what you get in Taiwan and even adds a bit extra. These grilled sausages are snappy, plump and juicy. the fresh garlic slices add that contrast you need from the fat bit of the dish.



Their Salted Egg Prawns were covered in a rich salted egg sauce.  Rich flavors that’s sure to leave a satisfying taste in the mouth. 




One of the highlighted menu items is their Chicken Chop, it was served with a crispy exterior and a soft and tender chicken on the inside. Then topped with a salt and pepper powder that is usually used in Taiwanese fried dishes.



For our starch fix, we had the Taiwanese fried rice and the Taiwanese noodles. The Taiwanese fried was quite addicting in flavor it had bits of Taiwanese sausage and egg in every bite. While the Taiwanese noodles had al dente noodles that was stir fried with mushrooms, and vegetables.


To cap off the entire Taiwan Fat Fook kitchen meal experience we had some mandatory Taro Milk tea and Wintermelon tea.  

Fat Fook Kitchen brings in the Taiwanese cuisine straight from the shores of our neighbor. Their menu is well thought out, and you can find most of the dishes you typically find in their night markets and street food fare available around the surrounding areas of the Capital. The flavours are spot on as well. Each bite sending my back to my recent trip to the land of Xiao Long Bao and Chicken Chops.

Fat Fook Kitchen is a welcome addition to the Makati Eats scene, introducing authentic Taiwanese cuisine to the local market.



  • Second Floor, Glorietta 1, Ayala Center, Glorietta Complex, Makati City

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