Floating Island Restaurant: Doing it Right Since 1969

Floating Island Restaurant: Doing it Right Since 1969

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What a crappy feeling every time you have to go to a hospital. Either you’re sick, got into an accident, and sometimes you have to endure the pain of labor.

During these trying times, this old-timer restaurant makes it a little more bearable for everyone. Home-style and comfort food made available to provide comfort during these trying times.

For those who ever visited Makati Medical Center in the 80’s to the 90’s (well in our generation that is). You probably already dined at the iconic Floating Island Restaurant. It’s right above the driveway in the original Makati Medical Center building. It was named Floating Island because of its original structure- a literal floating “island” jutting out of the building. There were no pillars supporting the island of the restaurant. Here’s a capture of their menu’s front page.

Established in 1969, this became one of the go-to restaurants for those who worked and lived in the area aside from those who visited and worked in the hospital. Now in their 48th year, they finally opened their flagship restaurant at the Ayala the 30th Mall in Ortigas.

Fat Girls Day Out- Floating Island Restaurant

Their Ayala the 30th branch is a rustic reminiscent of a country home with a casual dining set up. Although they up their interiors you can still expect the same consistency in taste and quality in every dish that they’re serving.

Fat Girls Day Out- Floating Island Restaurant

Floating Island has been a favorite secret resto among foodies in Makati. It is one of the better Filipino restaurants in the country and has been operational since 1969.  We were able to chat with the second generation owner, Alex Revilla.

Fat Girls Day Out- Floating Island Restaurant
 He shares that Floating Island has never used advertisements or marketing. Its fame has all been word of mouth, so they say. But with all the stories of people just seeing the name and swiftly having flashbacks of their youth and days spent visiting Makati Med, it’s easy to believe. 

Fat Girls Day Out- Floating Island Restaurant

Their dishes is a mix and match of various Asian and western influences that showcase the love of the Filipino and their willingness to adapt to new types of food over the years. Over the years, they have tweaked their menu and innovated their already popular dishes. They are unafraid to go with the times and is even inspired by current favorites from different chains.

Our Favorites:

Fat Girls Day Out- Floating Island Restaurant

At first look, the Chicken Asparagus Sandwich(175 PHP) might be underestimated. They serve this with the crust offs and with a side of oranges. The moment you bite into it, the overwhelming taste of a chicken asparagus envelopes your mouth.

Fat Girls Day Out- Floating Island RestaurantTheir CalamaresFritos (275 PHP), is thick and tender inside and has a nice coating on the outside that has a good crunch. And it’s just perfect with their tartar sauce.

Fat Girls Day Out- Floating Island RestaurantWhenever we have Sisig, it’s almost expected that you need to add calamansi, Knorr, and hot sauce. For the Floating Island’s version of Sizzling Squid Sisig (270 PHP), there was no need. The play of the tender squid with the chopped green and red bell peppers and the hint of lime flavor that ties it together is already perfect that you need no sauce. Pour directly into your rice to enjoy.

Fat Girls Day Out- Floating Island RestaurantFor any Filipino Restaurant, you have to have good Crispy Pata (690 PHP) and the Floating Island delivers. They serve you a big piece of pata that’s crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The skin is crisp and flavorful while the meat is juicy. It gets even better when you pair it with their homemade atchara that’s not too sweet but has enough sourness to rid you of the fatty flavor of the pork.

Sotanghon Guisado (240 PHP) The overwhelming bits of fried garlic topped the mix of noodles and vegetables drew us in and with a little citrus kick from the Calamansi, it was a good mix of familiar flavors you find in a sotanghon.

Fat Girls Day Out- Floating Island

Sizzling Dagupan Bangus (350 PHP)

As a guilty pleasure try their Chicken Skin (170 PHP), it’s thin, crisp and has a good amount of salt. WARNING: This dish is addicting.

Pudding de Leche (120PHP), this dish is similar to bread pudding in texture with a leche flan finish. It’s moist, creamy and not too sweet.

Every bite of their food felt like comfort. We normally do not give out our CX rating to a partnered post, but for The Floating Island, we’ll gladly give it our 4 extra rice rating.

Unlike other restaurants that constantly need to come up with new hip and fusion dishes to keep up with the changing trends and people’s tastes, Floating Island finds that they have to keep reverting back to their old repertoire. We feel that that is the reason why they have this longevity in the business- its solid consistency and you can never go wrong serving comfort food.

Do you have any Floating Island memories? Old favorite dishes? them with us in the comments.

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