Fondue Smorgasbord at the Old Swiss Inn

Fondue Smorgasbord at the Old Swiss Inn

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For Old Swiss Inn’s November offerings, they are serving up the Fondue Smorgasbord. Old Swiss Inn is known for its various specialty fondue dishes. Smörgåsbord is a type of Scandinavian meal, originating in Sweden, that serves buffet-style with multiple hot and cold dishes of various foods on a table. The Fondue Smorgasbord is a great way for those who want to try fondue to be able to indulge and try these classic swiss dishes.


FGDO Experience 

To start with our meal, you are served a mesclun salad. A bed of romaine, carrots, cucumber, onions, and red bell pepper drizzled with vinegarette dressing. The salad is light and refreshing and is exactly what you need for what’s to come.


fondue smorgasbord


The first type of fondue we were able to sample was the Waatlander Fondue. It’s a traditional Swiss fondue that uses melted gruyere and Emmental with a kick of Kirch. Enjoy this with a breadbasket. The pieces of bread dipped in the melted cheese is a great starter to what will be a very fulfilling meal.


fondue smorgasbord


I remember growing up, we would have beef fondue on special occasions at home like for Christmas or New Year. I never knew that it was actually a swiss dish. Instead of cheese in a pot, they serve you a pot of oil with various 12 sauces on the side. This comes with slices of tenderloin steak that is meant to be cooked in the oil.

Basically, you use the fondue fork and dip the meat in oil and wait for it to be cooked. Then I can dip it in any of the 12 sauces, I recommend the peppercorn sauce, Kikkoman, and the mushroom gravy.

Having my first bite of beef fondue takes me back to my childhood days, the piping hot beef, the sauces and the unending flow of meat that I used to fight over with my sisters. Help yourself to 1, 2, or even 3 plates of meat.


fondue smorgasbord



To end the meal, we indulged in a pot of Toblerone fondue. This is not your normal chocolate fondue as they use Toblerone chocolate as their base and serve with their homemade marshmallows, cakes, and assorted fruits.


fondue smorgasbord



Being the first restaurant to bring fondue to the Philippines, Old Swiss Inn classic fondue sets are a must-try during any visit. While fondue is usually meant to be enjoyed during special occasions, the fact that you can try these dishes in one visit is reason enough to go.



The Fondue Smorgasbord experience is able to highlight and lets you indulge in their classic dishes for a fraction of the cost. Visit the Old Swiss Inn from November 11-30 from 6 pm-11 pm to try the Fondue Smorgasbord and try all 3 fondue dishes!

*except November 28 (Thanksgiving)



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  • Only Old Swiss In gives the best fondue I have seen so far. My favorite, what else? Fromage (cheese) of course! You’ll neve go wrong with cheese.

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