Food Delivery: The new Dine-In in the time of COVID 19

Food Delivery: The new Dine-In in the time of COVID 19


It’s only been a day since the Enhanced Community Quarantine has been in effect in Luzon.  What it means is that effectively starting from March 17 to April 12(midnight) you need to stay home. The only opportunity to go out is buying essential items that you need to maintain yourself and your family.

Technically, it’s just the start of the Enhanced Community Quarantine but we have already been asked to stay home since last week. This means another 27 days of being home and cooking your own food.

And while I, of course, love to cook at home, I still miss eating the various different cuisines that I’m accustomed to eating.

Since the lockdown, restaurants all of Luzon have been forced to close due to safety measures for their guests and for their staff.

What can we do in this time of craving? FOOD DELIVERY!

In other Asian countries like Vietnam, South Korea, and India, they have food delivery on point with very good packaging, quality, and speed of delivery down to a tee. We are still working out some logistical problems but it’s the best solution to your food cravings.

During this time, dining in at establishments are strictly prohibited due to the enhanced community quarantine. Luckily, there are still others that continue to serve those who are craving for their food fixes either via direct delivery, foodpanda, lalamove, or grabfood.

The Fat Girls Day Out team has listed restaurants that have food delivery, pick up or take out that are still open at this time.


food delivery



If you need on-demand grocery delivery check out these sites below:





food delivery


It’s going to be a long month with the Enhanced Community Quarantine lasting until April 13. What’s important is to always wash your hands and stay safe! If we help each other we will be able to overcome this outbreak.

Be informed and be vigilant– we compiled all below:

Anything else you want to add to this list? Let us know!

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