FRINGE 2020: The bold, the nude, and the taboo

FRINGE 2020: The bold, the nude, and the taboo


The Fringe Manila Festival enters the second half of its first decade, returning to fill some holes and bridge gaps in Metro Manila for its nearly 6-week-long run! Manila’s most diverse contemporary art festival has traditionally been the springboard for intergenerational local, international artists and collectives to premiere new works. With its artist-driven and un-curated design, the Fringe has mediated opportunities for artists and communities to gather together. It continues to encourage audiences to take a risk in supporting independent artists, as well as championing alternative and unconventional spaces as cultural centers – incubators, platforms, and stages – that develop the arts and cultivates its future. 


Photos: Fringe 2020 media launch

Building off of the momentum of last year’s five-year milestone, the sixth edition of The Fringe Manila Festival program events and partners with venues from A (SPACE) to Z (Hostel). With tours, exhibitions, performances, and workshops throughout Philippine Arts Month, the Fringe is ready to fuel Metro Manila’s creative spirit. Fringe 2020 debuts with the Fringe Foreplay Program from February 8th to February 11th with Lagablab: Ang Improv Show na Puno ng Puso by Chopsuey Improv in Poblacion, Makati City; Somewhere Else Instead by Langgam Performance Troup at the Yuchengco Museum; KOMIKET, the Filipino Komiks and Art Market in Ortigas; Pineapple Lab’s Really Really Fringe Market featuring muralist Yoyojin from South Korea; and workshops at Fringe Manila Venue partner Commune, with a series of workshops and a performance by the Unsafe Space Show. 



fat girls day out - fringe


Fringe 2020 goes full force as it kicks off the festivities on February 12 with Opening Ceremony, the Fringe Manila opening night party and gathering at this year’s Fringe Club located at the rooftop of the Draper Start-Up House in the heart of Poblacion’s art district. Festival-goers can expect Fringe-fam regulars Burlesque PH, the Philippines’ premier burlesque troupe with their long-running cabaret show Bodabil. Also celebrating its sixth year participating at the Fringe is the hot-and-sometimes-bothered Deus Sex Machina with their entry, To Have and To Ho. 


“The Fringe is a playground for writers, actors, and artists to really experiment with their craft. That’s what we love most about being part of the festival: The creative freedom it allows us outside of our usual 9-to-5s,” says Marco Sumayao, one of DSM founding members. 


The Lopez Museum and Library join the festival with a series of free-to-the-public movie screenings at Pineapple Lab entitled Classic Filipino Cinema, through the Lopez Arts Initiative. These screenings will be taking classic Filipino films to another level with the deconstruction of notable titles that marked turning points in the Philippines’ film history. The Lopez Arts Initiative is bringing together aspects of storytelling, film restoration, and heritage in a casual, community-inspired platform. Human rights activist Rhadem Morados will launch a brand-new documentary entitled In Paglayag, a short documentary about the washed away the history of Sulu, the kingdom that birthed the Filipino Moro nation, and whose power gained influence even from China’s Ming Dynasty and other Asian empires in the 1400s. NightofWorship by House of Worship is a performance show featuring queer, offbeat, Filipino artists working in concrete and meaningful ways to address issues facing the LGBTQIA+ community. In Cubao, The Adlib Dance Studio (TADS) hosts yet another eclectic edition of Miss Joe’s Cabaret, while the House of Mizrahi PH, the first-ever voguing house in the country, performs as Fringe Festival virgins with their Sweet Valentine Ball


  • February  8th to February 11th, 2020 – Fringe Foreplay
  • February 12th to February 29th, 2020 – Fringe Manila Main Event
  • March 1st to March 15th, 2020 – Fringe Hangover 

Opening Night: Wednesday, February 12, 2020, at the Fringe Club located at the Draper Start-Up House Rooftop – FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC



  • ASpace
  • Commune
  • Concepto
  • C Studio
  • Draper Start-up House
  • GIG Beneath
  • Mirror Studio
  • Pineapple Lab
  • Rockwell Atletica
  • The Addlib Dance Studio
  • Yuchengco Museum



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