Game of Thrones: Why I now look forward to Mondays

Game of Thrones: Why I now look forward to Mondays




Much like that orange cat named Garfield, I’ve found myself loathing Sunday night, as it is the end of the weekend and start of the work week. It’s a sign that my fun has ended and I’m back to the reality that we all just live to work. It’s Monday.

Start of the weekly grind, we force ourselves to get up, get dressed and go to work. That cup of coffee, won’t help you, as you are still having your weekly separation anxiety from the weekend.



Then it all started again, July 16, 2017.

When I learned that I can watch the show, at the same time, as the US premiere I made time to be home from 9AM to 10AM every Monday morning.

All of a sudden Mondays meant more than just work. I found myself waking up earlier, and even preparing breakfast whilst I watch the show.

After waiting for a year to finally know what happens to our beloved characters, Danaerys, Jon, Tyrion, Jaime, and Cersei.

Here it was.

I’ve been a fan of the book and the show for several years now but it seems like the hype from this season is different from previous seasons. Everyone can’t stop talking about their favorite characters, favorite houses, and who they want to see killed off. As I go thru social media right after the episode, I find that most of the Facebook friends have also watched the show at the same time. Most of us, seem to be talking vacation leaves, half day’s and are late to work to watch this show.

So what’s different this time? 

  1. Plot Leaks – The way our society is now, we can google anything and find an answer within a few seconds. Most notably. you can find script leaks online in various websites and YouTube videos. I’ve seen a few, and it’s crazy how accurate they are, that it seems like an inside source leaking the information.
  2. Hackers – Game of Thrones is such a BIG deal that hackers are even holding episodes up for ransom, and asking for money so that they will not release any more content to the public
  3. Social Media Wars – In a world, where social media is a need in the form of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Snapchat, we post mostly all things and immediately you get a response from the online world. When you post, how you feel about the episode or any sort of comment, it causes people to unfriend or block you.
  4. Fans – More Game of Thrones fans are getting into spoilers, plot leaks, and obsessing about GOT history. They are several YouTube content creators that even focus on speaking about different aspects of the books and the show.


Let’s evaluate what kind of fan are you?


Game of Thrones is the show that we can’t stop talking about, from theories on the end of the season to the start of the next, and to even the history of Westeros, we cannot help ourselves. We are sucked into this brilliant world that George Martin has created. We get all these different elements from the show that keeps us entranced with what will happen to this chaotic world, from cheering for the underdog, to experiencing horrible acts, and to witnessing magical events. It’s a show that tackles issues of incest, murder, rape, torture, love, and sacrifice. We are addicted.

At the end of the day, the reason why this show is popular is the story. The intricate web plot, where we all invest our feelings for one character, to have them killed off in the next episode. We are invested, and there’s no way out.


Disclaimer: Don’t continue if you haven’t seen any episodes from season 7

Season 7 Episode 1-6 Major Plot Points

Episode 1:

  • Arya portrays Walder Frey and kills all the men in House Frey
  • Bran makes it to the wall
  • Samwell discovers a depository of dragon glass and sends word to Jon Snow, he also discovers Jorah is a cell
  • Ed Sheeran Cameo is as a Lannister soldier, who Arya stumbles upon in the forest, she stays with them for a meal
  • Jon secures the loyalty of House Umber and House Karstark at the displeasure of Sansa.
  • Tormund heads to Eastwatch by the sea
  • Thoros shows the Hound a vision in the fire, that leads him to believe in the Lord of Light
  • Euron proposes marriage to Cersei, and to be allies in the upcoming war
  • Danaerys finally makes it to Dragonstone


Episode 2:

  • Danaerys sends the Greyjoy fleet to take the Dornish army to King’s Landing to lay siege with the Tyrell army. While she sends the Unsullied to take Casterly Rock.
  • Missandei and Grey Worm consummate their love after he admits to her that she is his weakness
  • Danaerys questions Varys loyalty
  • Cersei gathers several Lords and names Randal Tarly the Warden in the South
  • Qyburn shows Cersei a weapon he created to kill the dragons
  • Melisandre tells Danaerys to summon Jon Snow
  • Arya meets Hotpie and finds out that Jon is now King in the North, and heads for Winterfell
  • Jon receives Sam’s letter and leaves for Dragonstone to convince Danaerys to give him dragon glass, and the fight against the night king. He leaves Sansa in charge of Winterfell
  • Sam cures Jorahs greyscale
  • Yara and Ellaria kiss
  • Euron’s fleet attacks Yara, and kills Nymeria and Obara. He captures Yara, Tyene, and Ellaria. Theon gives up during the fight and jumps off the ship


Episode 3:

  • Jon arrives at Dragonstone and is asked to bend the knee, he refuses. He then tells them about the Great War against the Night King.
  • Melisandre leaves for Essos, and tells Varys they will both die in Westeros
  • Tyrion gets Danaerys to agree to have Jon mine the dragon glass
  • Bran arrives at Winterfell and tells Sansa that he is the Three Eyed Raven
  • Euron presents Cersei with Ellaria and Tyene, she reluctantly agrees to marry him after the war is won
  • Cersei gives Tyene the same poison Ellaria used on Myrcella, and lets Ellaria watch her daughter die
  • Jorah leaves to find Danaerys
  • Samwell is given a punishment for curing Jorah
  • The unsullied captures Casterly rock but it’s empty, and their fleet is attacked by Euron
  • Jaime captures Highgarden, and proceeds to let Lady Olenna drink poison. Before her death she admits she killed Joffrey


Episode 4:

  • Arya returns to Winterfell and spars with Brienne who is surprised with her exceptional fighting skills
  • Meera leaves with an unemotional farewell with Bran
  • Littlefinger gives the catspaw dagger to Bran
  • Cersei assures the Ironbank that she will pay them back in full
  • Jon reveals ancient cave painting by the First Men and the children of the forest to Danaerys, urging her to join forces to fight the undead
  • Daenerys learns that the Lannister forces overtake Highgarden and that the attack on Casterly Rock was only a distraction
  • Daenerys takes Drogon and leads the Dothraki hord to attack the remaining Lannister forces.
  • Drogon is hurt by a spear
  • Jaime tries to attach Danaerys but is then met with dragon fire, Bronn saves him


Episode 5:

  • Jaime and Bronn return to King’s Landing.
  • Daenerys has Drogon burn Randyll and Dickon alive for remaining loyal to Cersei, forcing the other captives to pledge fealty to the former.
  • Jon goes face to face with Drogon
  • Jorah arrives at Dragonstone and reunites with Daenerys.
  • Bran sends a raven to Jon informing him that the army of the dead are headed to Eastwatch
  • Jon decides to travel beyond the Wall and capture a wight in order to convince Cersei for an alliance
  • Davos smuggles Tyrion inside King’s Landing, where he secretly meets with Jaime and offers a truce, which Cersei accepts, while informing Jaime that she is pregnant.
  • Davos rendezvouses with Gendry and returns him to Dragonstone.
  • Gilly reads about the annulment of Prince Rhaegar to Ella Martel, and his marraige to Lyanna Stark
  • Sam, Gilly, and little Sam leave Oldtown, when the Maesters don’t listen to Bran’s letter
  • At Winterfell, Littlefinger notices Arya spying on him and leads her to take a letter written by Sansa from his room.
  • Jon, Jorah, and Gendry, joined by the Hound, the Brotherhood, and a group of the Free Folk led by Tormund, leave Eastwatch and pass the Wall, intending to capture a wight as evidence for Cersei that the Army of the Dead is real.

Episode 6:

  • Beyond the wall, Jon, Jorah, Gendry, the Hound, Beric Donarion, Tormund, Thoros are beyond the wall to capture the wight.
  • Jon tries to return longclaw to Jorah but he refuses
  • Tormund tells the hound about his plans for Brienne
  • At Winterfell, Littlefinger plots to isolate Sansa.
  • Arya and Sansa has a confrontation following Arya’s discovery of the letter Sansa sent as a child begging for Robb’s fealty to Joffrey.
  • Sansa discovers Arya’s bag of faces she took from Braavos.
  • At Dragonstone, Tyrion counsels Daenerys about her upcoming negotiations with Cersei while teasing her that Jon is in love with her
  • Jon successfully captures a wight but is now besieged by the White Walker army.
  • Jon has Gendry return to Eastwatch and send a raven to Daenerys to request her help.
  • Thoros freezes to death overnight.
  • Daenerys arrives and saves the group from the wights, with the help of her dragons.
  • The Night King, throws an ice spear at Viserion, and kills it
  • Daenerys flies off, along with the raiding party, but is unable to save Jon.
  • Benjen Stark intervenes and sacrifices himself to allow Jon to escape.
  • Jon and Daenerys are reunited, Jon pledges himself and the North to Daenerys as Queen. They hold hands with lingering looks
  • The Night King resurrects Viserion, making the dragon a part of his army.


Disclaimer: Don’t continue if you don’t want to read Spoilers and Plot Leaks. 


What do I expect in Episode 7?


  • Bran will reveal all the offenses of Littlefinger to house Stark to Sansa
  • The Hound will ask Brienne how Arya is
  • Dragonpit meeting with Jon, Tyrion, Cersei, Jaime, Bronn, Euron, Qyburn, Davos, Gregor Clegane, Sandor Clegane, Brienne, Podrick
  • The Hound will show the wight, and demonstrate how to kill it
  • Jon swears fealty to Daenarys in front of everyone
  • All parties will agree to face the threat to the north
  • Arya and Sansa sentence Littlefinger to death
  • Tyrion and Cersei will have a talk
  • Sam and Bran will figure out that Jon is the heir to the iron throne
  • Flashback to Rhaegar and Lyanna
  • Jon and Daenarys will have sex on a boat
  • The night king will destroy the wall using Viserion



Jon is the true heir to the iron throne. He’s the legitimate son of Rhaegar Targaryan and Lyanna Stark. I can’t wait to see how it plays out especially when he’s already developing feelings with Daenarys.

In King’s Landing, I expect that Euron will probably hire mercenaries for Cersei’s army.

Jaime will head north to fight in the Great War.

The Starks will finally be reunited.

Now that we’re at the last episode, I can’t help but come to the realization that my hate for Mondays will now be back. Perhaps I can spend the following Mondays raving and write about it.

Until next Monday.


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