Gloria Maris (Alabang): Grandeur, Modernity and Consistency.

Paula and I kicked off our WHERE to EAT series contents under Classic & Staple comfort foods. She created her top 5 list and now let me tell you about mine. When I was a kid, I would always remember going to Gloria Maris Restaurant, specifically the one in Greenhills. It was the first restaurant that offered my favorite dim sum “hakaw”(steamed shrimp dumplings). My family would always take us here for special occasions, Sunday lunches, and family reunions. We will drive all the way from Alabang to San Juan and it was always a special treat for my siblings and I. When Gloria Maris Alabang opened right beside St. Jerome Church, we skipped going to San Juan and became a loyal patron to this branch, it was just across our village that’s the time we would literally eat there on weekly basis!


Fat Girls Day Out- Gloria Maris


What Gloria Maris Represents


This fine dining Cantonese style restaurant opened its first branch in Greenhills, San Juan back in 1995 and over the years, Gloria Maris triumphed in one aspect and that is consistency and that is probably the reason for all of their repeat customers. Gloria Maris represents celebration. It is an institution and it will continue to be one.  From its grandeur interior, how each meal is prepared and served. The sheer size of everything is just GRAND.


Fat Girls Day Out- Gloria Maris


The Fat Girls Day Out in partnership in Zomato PH were able to sample their curated menu selections prepared by their chef from Hongkong. Here are our top picks.

Our Top Picks

PORK CUAPAO (55/piece)


Fat Girls Day Out- Gloria Maris

Pork slice topped with greens and served in cuapao.

Kailan with Oyster Sauce (S 400php, M 620php, and  L 850php)



Cuapao with Salted Egg (150php/3 pcs)


Fat Girls Day Out- Gloria MAris


For something a bit sweet and savory, tear off a piece of cuapao and dunk it in the salted egg sauce. It’s thick, rich, and satisfying.

Sibot soup (600php)


Fat Girls Day Out- Gloria Maris


This Chinese herbal soup  that is very aromatic, nutritious, calming and comforting. This dish is perfect when you’re feeling under the weather or you just need a bowl of comfort. 




Hot Cuts  (S 688php, M 1,380php, and  L 2,068php)


Fat Girls Day Out- Gloria Maris

In traditional Chinese restaurants, you always get a platter of cold cuts, here at Gloria Maris they beg to differ by offering you five different type of hot cuts.


Fat Girls Day Out- Gloria Maris


These hot cuts consist of shrimp bacon wraps with cheese, chicken with cashew, Spring rolls, Salt and pepper fish fillet, and barbecued pork.

Shredded Duck with Fruits (S 700php, M 1,050php, and L 1,400php)


Fat Girls Day Out- Gloria Maris


The fresh tropical fruits and Jellyfish creates deep, rich flavor that complements the succulent duck.


Fat Girls Day Out- Gloria Maris


Steamed Eel with Black Bean Chili Sauce (seasonal price)


Fat Girls Day Out- Gloria Maris


This tender, sweet and mild fish was perfectly paired with the classic traditional Chinese Black Bean Sauce. This dish is rich yet subtle, with many layers of texture.



Tong Fu Pork with Mantao (650php)


Fat Girls Day Out- Gloria Maris


Thick slices of pork drenched in a sweet soy anise sauce. Pair it with  mantou.


Fish Fillet with Tausi Hot Pot (S 400php, M 630, and  L 800php)


Fat Girls Day Out- Gloria Maris


Both the tofu and fish fillet were braised perfectly.

Fried Pigeon (600php/pc)


Fat Girls Day Out- Gloria Maris


Deep-fried so that its skin becomes parchment-crisp and the flesh remains moist. Delicately tasty.


Rock Lobster with Superior Sauce (seasonal price)

Fat Girls Day Out- Gloria Maris


Deep fried rock lobster covered with thick superior sauce on a bed of noodles. The rock lobster was so fresh and so filled with meat it perfectly complemented the sauce and chewy egg noodles.

Stuffed Chicken (1,300php)

The moment they served the chicken, you could smell the enticing aroma. When you slice it open, it’s full flavored glutinous rice with chicken pieces, Chinese chorizo, chestnuts, and mushrooms. Who needs machang? They use the deboned chicken, instead of banana leaves


Mango Sago (size dependent| 70php-900php)

Best way to end our good is by having this cold, refreshing, and creamy dessert.


Fat Girls Day Out- Gloria Maris


Our Overall Take

Gloria Maris is consistent, impressive, and grand. Whether you go for dim sum or hot pot, or a graceful lauriat. I like their elegance but still has this approachable ambiance.  Solid facilities that are conducive to family celebrations, knowledgeable staff, and of course their wonderful dishes.

This restaurant is arguably one of the best classic & staple places to get your Chinese food fix. The quality of the ingredients is obvious; the passion and flair of the chefs likewise.



Gloria Maris Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

  • Address: Second Floor, Alabang Town Center, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
  • Operation Hours: 11 AM to 10 PM
  • Contact Numbers: 02 2469069 ext: 285



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