Goju Natural Fruit Infusion: A new way to quench your thirst

Goju Natural Fruit Infusion: A new way to quench your thirst


Growing up, everyone has had their own versions of their favorite juice drinks. For us, it was zesto, bigtime, country time and sunkist. But while we grew older, our love for it lingered a bit until we found ourselves with Goju Natural Fruit Infusions.


GoJu Natural Fruit Infusion is the latest innovation of Vida Nutriscience Inc, entering a new category gives them the opportunity to showcase the five (5) fruit juice concoctions from Spain. Combination of the words “Go-Juice,” GoJu is the new on-the-go juice drink made available to its young market.




These juice drinks actually remind us of way back when we would down copious amounts juice. Goju is all natural and is packed with vitamins, come in 5 different flavors below:

  • Mango Orange – Two of our favorite fruits combined into this once flavor. A nice balance of orange and mango.
  • Raspberry Lemonade – An upgraded version of your lemonade with a raspberry hint.
  • Lemonade – Refreshing and tangy perfect with loads of ice.
  • Orange – Tangy, sweet, with a nice orange flavor that’s refreshing.
  • White Peach Passion Fruit – Light, refreshing, with hints of peaches. This is our favorite! 

Each flavor is represented by a Goju spirit animal that represents each of the flavors Lion for Orange, Horse for Raspberry Lemonade, Owl for Lemonade, Bear for Orange Mango, and Turtle for White Peach Passion Fruit. Goju Natural Fruit infusions are not only delicious, but each one of the flavors combine different vitamins and minerals that is good for the body.

Which Goju Natural Infusion Juice is right for you?

For a Boost in energy, that keeps the kidney & urinary tract clean, promotes weight loss, and good for the overall body’s defense system, try their Lemonade flavor.

For an immunity booster, improved digestion, and helps improve vision, assists in weight loss, and makes your skin beautiful, try their Mango Orange flavor.

For those who want to promote blood circulation, fight inflammation, aids digestion, and boost your energy, have a go at their Raspberry Lemonade flavor.

For those need a boost in Vitamin A, aid in Digestion, and improves circulation and bone health, try their White Peach Passion Fruit flavor .

And for those who need to boost their immune system, maintains blood pressure levels, contains healing properties, and reduce risks of heart attack, try their Orange flavored drink.


Goju satisfies the little kid in us and and is the perfect adult juice drink. For your every need there is a Goju Natural Infusion Drink juice flavor for you.



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