Goto Tendon:  Perfect Rebirth a Paresan and Gotohan

Goto Tendon: Perfect Rebirth a Paresan and Gotohan


12:30 am and just exited the horrible NLEX-after-holy week-traffic exhausted, weary, and hungry. We want something cheap, fast, and yet delicious. I remember that I’ve been wanting to try out this Gotohan/Paresan that I’ve been seeing on social media and have been curious ever since what’s the big buzz surrounding it.

I set my phone’s GPS and typed in “GOTO TENDON” multiple locations showed up so I pressed the nearest location and the one that is open til’ late.

We found ourselves in one of their Mandaluyong branches as the brightly lit signage welcomes us.



At Goto Tendon, an amusing revamp of the Pinoy lugawan/paresan set in an air-conditioned dining area seems enticing enough.



What We Ordered

I have been a sucker for a good Pares so I ordered that with my side of Tokwa’t Baboy. Bianca wanted something warm and comforting so she went to get their house famous Goto.


fat girls day out- goto tendon


The Pares is nothing short of being wonderful- As I scooped in my first bite of meat and their rice- something disembodying happened and I was sure I was at the right place.



fat girls day out- goto tendon

Sublime pieces of the tendon with chunks of slow-cooked beef brisket. You can tell it was simmered for a long time in soy sauce, star anise, and sugar.


The Pares comes in three glorious variants—All-Beef, All-tendon, and combination. Get the Combination option to get all the solid textures and flavors. Grab the chili sauce on the side to give it some kick.


fat girls day out- goto tendon


Their Goto tendon (small size) came with a quail egg, spring onions, fried garlic and a side of chicharon for that added texture. The broth itself was flavorful that you only needed to add a bit of calamansi. Each element topped on the goto gave an added flavor and dimension to the dish.


goto tendon


One of the surprises we got to try was the Tokwa’t Baboy. Pillowy-like-texture of the tofu with the crispy pieces of pork. This just might be the best platter of fried tofu and pork we’ve had so far. Pair it with Pares or Goto, it’s a must try whenever you visit Goto Tendon.

Why Go?

You’d be paying a higher price point for your Pares or Goto, but getting quality U.S- sourced beef, on-point service staff, the open kitchen concept assures you that what they’re serving is clean and supervised, and comfortable dining area makes everything worthwhile.

We also, have to say that their customer service is impeccable and everything in their facilities is pretty comfortable and tidy. These are the perfect complimentary add-on to the already comforting slew of dishes.

We’ll be regular customers for sure. We’d be going here whenever we want something comforting and familiar.

Our CX Rating;



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Goto Tendon

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