iBrowse and Buy: Filipino Forward Products

iBrowse and Buy: Filipino Forward Products


We, the Fat Girls Day Out team don’t just share insights about food, travel, and pop culture. If you’ve been reading most of our content you will notice that our materials and topics are geared towards Filipino forward causes. Art, music, and even weekend getaways. We’re marketing curated crawls via Klook PH to promote the local scene and why certain parts of Manila shouldn’t be dismissed as gritty.

We want to do our own share to help good causes both for the environment and for local micro-communities. Today, we’d like to talk about this website ibrowseandbuy.com and why you should support their products.

A Trend Worth Hyping

The trend now perhaps is that people have pledged to go local. Although here in our country we are still at an infantile stage. It takes a ramp on educating each and everyone to understand the cause and effect of certain actions and consumerism acts that we’ve been so used to doing. We are affirming that this kind of transition, especially in people’s mindset that can dictate their actions doesn’t happen overnight, the fact that people are slowly using sustainable products is still a step toward something better.

Why are we vouching for iBrowse and buy?

There has been a surge of purchase and use of native bags, weaved goods, and that has even found themselves on the shelves of couture designers from all over the world. What you don’t know is that a number of regions here in the Philippines have been producing these type of items but have no avenue to sell it to the consumers.

1. They promote one of the Oldest local Industries in the country

While native bags, hats, tapestries have lately been makings its way to magazine covers thru various celebrities and well known local producers like Narda or Kultura. The Art of Weaving has been practiced by our ancestors as early as the 13th century, local tribes such as the Mangyans, Agobo, Visayans, Bontoc, and the Ifugao come from various parts of the country and create their own unique patterns that have been passed down thru generations. Each tribe has a unique design that is like a signature.


Ibrowse and buy


While these designs are beautiful, technology has allowed their patterns to copied and be mass produced by machines, contributing to the loss of tradition.

Unknown to most of us, creating these handcrafted items is tedious work. From the moment they collect the raw materials, treating it, coloring, and actually weaving. The entire process takes a minimum of 2 weeks to produce.

Producing handcrafted products takes a long time, but is immediately rewarded by the unique designs, quality, and durability of their final work.

2. They source their products from local cooperatives and communities that still practice the craft

The path towards leading a steady path outside poverty is a continuous effort, helping them build their skills is just the beginning, we have to emphasize that the Philippines is pretty abundant with natural resources and untapped potential of Filipino craftsmanship.

Ibrowse and buy

They directly source their products from cooperatives from different provinces from all over the country. These local communities have no venue to reach the local market, iBrowse and buy bridges the grab between these communities and consumers. B In addition, a portion of proceeds from each sale will be looped to purchase their products to channel back here in Manila.

3. Online Platform

The challenge for our local cooperatives and communities is having the platform to share and promote their products. By creating an online platform that focuses on helping communities and local craftsmen, we are in turn helping them hone their craft and keep with our ancestor’s traditions.

Exclusive and Limited Pieces

Proudly made in the Philippines, handcrafted with unique designs. These products are mobile pieces of art that are usable in daily life whether it’s to provide a place to bring your things or use as a design piece at your home. Their designs have a limited number of products making their products uncommon.

Aside from you being a conscious consumer, environmental and socio-discerning consumer promoting and using their merchandise line is helping out their respective communities so you’d be able to give this as a gift to family and friends. We’re sticking to daily usable products, community-led production, and original Pinoy-pop culture-centric products.

Ibrowseandbuy provides an online platform for these micro-producers to reach consumers. Remember stocks are limited. Go to their shop for orders. Bulk orders are welcome (Business to Business Rate).

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