Inuman Session: How to Throw One – Pinoy Style

Inuman Session: How to Throw One – Pinoy Style


Fat Girls Day Out- Inuman


Okay, so we want to break away from our usual restaurant reviews and travel guide contents. Sometimes, the Fat Girls Day Out crew would just like to stay at home and lounge around the house. Because come on traffic here in Manila has been a huge pain in the knack. You want to stay at home on a Saturday and yet would still want to socialize with your friends right? Us, Filipinos are pretty big on collective fun. When we say being ‘collective‘- we function as a group. That’s how were are. Collective and needless to say a very frugal way to have fun is to set up a: Inuman: How to Throw One – Pinoy Style.

We’ll simply structurize it based on a few variables from our CX rating just to give it more context.



  • Good and comfortable chairs, bench or sofa.
  • A good stable center table
  • Ice bucket, cooler beside your table.
  • Trashcan
  • Electric fan. Yes, we are emphasizing the NEED for this. We live in a very humid country and when you get alcohol in your system things get pretty hot and sweaty.


  • Bring in lots of stories from your office, high school throwback memories or your memories from your early heartbreaks.
  • An acoustic guitar.
  • A videoke machine
  • Potable speaker and a good Spotify Playlist. Check out some of our curated songlist- HERE.

The Food

  • Ice. Lots of Ice.
  • Adobong Mani (peanuts) lots of garlic
  • Boy Bawang
  • Chippy
  • From the grill: Your staple Classic Isaw Manok, Isaw Baboy, Tenga, and Betamax


The Drinks

Tipid Selections: The Classic Pinoy Staple Drinks

  • Red Horse
  • Emperador Light/Regular mixed with Ice Tea. Lots of Ice.
  • Gin and Lime

After Sweldo Lines

  • Jack Daniels  (Jack Coke)
  • Classic Cuervo Tequila
  • Johny Walker- Red Label

Titos and Titas of Manila that can afford (just for diversity conversation, but not really classic)

  • Johny Walker- Black, Gold and Blue Label
  • Red Wine
  • Chivas

The recommended start of the shindig? as early 4 PM! and can last until 2-3am. Well, it’ll still depend on the type of gathering, group of people, and how chatty people are.

Fat Girls Day Out’s – Pinoy Inuman Starter Kit




Basically, the essential is to have fun in the most convenient and frugal way!

Check out our other weekend guides HERE should you want some suggestions on What to Do.


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