Islas Pinas: More Than Just Another Food Hall

We wouldn’t peg Islas Pinas as just another food hall that seemed to be sprouting from your typical urban districts. This new venture by Margarita Fores is quite different. Imagine Nayong Pilipino and SM Kultura having a love child and that beautiful newborn is Islas Pinas. The result of the collaboration between DoubleDragon group and chef Margarita Forés, Islas Pinas is a project that aims to spark an unacquainted love for the Philippines and to cultivate patriotism through a diorama heritage display and Filipino cuisine.


Fat Girls Day Out- Islas Pinas
(Photo: Josh Boutwood)

Popular flavors of the Philippines and postcard-popular landmarks found the perfect space to be showcased inside a well arranged 2,500 sqm food hall. Staple dishes, familiar beverages, Pinoy street food carefully curated by Chef Fores.

As a Heritage Village (The Space)

Islas Pinas is divided into themed sections which represent Philippines’ famous roster of destinations like Vigan’s Calle Crisologo, Walls of Intramuros, The Rice Terraces, and even a lifesize Vinta from Mindanao.


Fat Girls Day Out- Islas Pinas
The Rice Terraces fronts the entire food hall.


The whole 2,500-square-meter space is designed by Lara Fernandez and she uses diverse Filipino icons to compel home as the theme. Artistic re-imaginings of Chocolate Hills of Bohol, Vigan’s Calle Crisologo, and a replica of the Ifugao Rice Terraces.

A Sarao jeepney stands proud and shiny as one of the staple fixtures inside Islas Pinas, a vegetable kariton, and a sari-sari store diorama that are all interactive displays!


Fat Girls Day Out- Islas Pinas


Fat Girls Day Out- Islas Pinas


The facilities are pretty wonderful you can spend hours just roaming around taking photographs (yes, that is mandatory), order your meal and eat slowly while sitting comfortably with a proper OPM playlist being played at the background pipe music from Dong Abay.

NOTE: They are introducing a cashless system as part of the innovations so guest can enjoy seamless trasnsactions.


Fat Girls Day Out- Islas Pinas

The Food

Various regional dishes are prevalent with each assigned stations which covers everything areas between Batanes to Jolo. The menu changes daily to provide proper roulette of choices. These stations are themed along the Calle Crisologo strip.


Fat Girls Day Out- Islas Pinas


Fat Girls Day Out- Islas Pinas


Here, you can find a number of stations that serve homegrown hits in a comfortable air-conditioned space that brings together elements of our rich heritage. You start off with, the Tagalog statement for ‘ray of light’ offers all-day Filipino breakfast staples like the roster of SILOGs, various types of Longanisas, and Batchoy.


Fat Girls Day Out- Islas Pinas
(photo: Islas Pinas)


Just down the hall is ALAMAT or “a legend”, SINAG is the story of the different regions of the Philippines through its signature dishes.


Fat Girls Day Out- Islas Pinas


Next door is BILAO, which is coined after the familiar woven basket where comfort snacks like pansit (stir-fried noodles) and puto (sticky rice cakes).



The PANADERYA (Bakery) carries freshly baked Pinoy bread and pastries like your comfort food pan de sal, pan de regal, among other staples. — Oh! by the way, Margarita Fores’ ADB Crinkles are available here.


Fat Girls Day Out- Islas Pinas



The future pipeline of culture-centric activities are lined up that aims to highlight traditional regional dishes across the Philippines.


Islas Pinas


The TUSOK-TUSOK for our quick Pinoy snacks where can have our pork bbq fix, isaw lineups, and fishballs!


Fat Girls Day Out- Islas Pinas


Fat Girls Day Out- Islas Pinas


There’s also a dedicated station for Halo-Halo for the delightfully “mix-mix” of dessert after a good heavy meal.

Overall Food Taste and Experience

The food preparation and taste is pretty basic. Nothing too grand just the usual comfort and familiar taste that we all grew up with If we are to rank the overall dining experience using the Fat Girls Day Out CX Rating (you may read more on our FAQ)

  • Ambiance: 4/5
  • Customer Service: 4/5
  • Food Quality (sourced ingredients): 4/5
  • Food Flavor: 3/5
  • Variety of available in the menu: 4/5
  • Facilities, Ergonomics: 5/5
  • Price; Does it give value to your money? Whether expensive or cheap: 4/5


A 5 point scale average of 4/5 Extra Rice Rating! from these 7 elements of our Customer Experience metrics.



Why we Need more business ventures like this

Islas Pinas promotes Filipino culture nonetheless not only to your typical balikabayan Titas & Titos, foreigners, but it is being geared towards the younger generations. The previous greater segment of older generations (we included, sad to say) lacks a sense of culture and ownership to love to our own cuisine and history. Business like this somehow helps create or even spark a curiosity to help us understand what really is to be a Filipino.



Islas Pinas Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

  • Location: G/F DoubleDragon Plaza DD Meridian Park
    Pasay City, Philippines 1308
  • Operating Hours: Hours 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Average Spend: 300php/pax
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  • hi there. if we are a big group visiting, do we all have to load a minimum amount of 2000 pesos EACH to enter the hall? thanks.

    • Hi, the card is actually post paid. So Each person takes a card, and get whatever they want from the different kiosks, then settle the bill before you can leave the hall. You will only pay 2000PHP if you lose the card. Hope this helps!

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