Kureji: Ramen Re-Imagined

Kureji: Ramen Re-Imagined


Having so much ramen joints peppered around Metro Manila with endless choices and different price points. Us, Pinoys definitely embraced this well-loved Japanese comfort food. Competition is fierce among these restaurants. Aside from serving quality and tastefully done food items, restaurateurs need to stand out and be known with their certain niche offering for the consumers. As the market becomes more saturated with new concepts opening up- Differentiation is important to stay relevant.

Let us tell you about this pretty interesting ramen place we’ve recently visited, Kureji [クレージー]. A local homegrown Japanese ramen restaurant in Quezon City. This joint is positioning itself as the “The Home of the Sizzling Ramen”- by which the Fat Girls Day Out crew hasn’t seen anywhere else.


If you’ve been reading our content for quite some time now, you’d know that we’re pretty discerning with playful fusion dishes as we always vouch for the Classic & Staple way of serving food.

Playful Vs. Traditional 

I think we’ve seen all types of ramen already from various concepts. A popular local Japanese-inspired fast food chain recently marketed putting sisig on top of ramen. We’re not here to judge, but often times restaurant often sacrifice taste for innovation. A shortlived band-aid move trying to win consumer curiosity due to its ‘out of this world’ combinations that sadly doesn’t really work.

Although Kureji seeks to re-imagined ramen they did not overly disrupt the traditional way of preparing it. There are no shortcuts nor compromise. You’ll have these elements; great broth, premium wheat noodles, and that comforting Unami flavor.


FGDO Top Picks


fat girls day out-kureji

Starter: Tuna Tataki Taco (320php):  Fresh tuna, avocado/served with crispy nori and salsa. 

Contrasting textures with every bite. Clean flavors coming from the fresh tuna, silky layers of avocado, and the acidity component of the salsa all played so well.


kureji-fatgirls day out

Starter: Chicken Manila Gyoza (price to be updated)

Classic Japanese gyoza coated with annato oil

fat girls day out- kureji

Mains: Mixed Tempura (490php)

Deep-fried prawn with tempura batter, soft-shell crab, and mixed vegetables. The Kisu perfectly complimented each piece as it gave extra notes of sweetness


fat girls day out- kureji

Mushroom and Pumpkin Kamameshi (P 350)

Japanese rice, mushrooms, and pumpkin slowly simmered in Kureji’s own kamameshi stock.  Other Kamameshi options are the  Coconut Prawn Kamameshi and Chicken Teriyaki Kamamesh. 



[A Must Try]

fat girls day out- kureji

[Signature Dish] The Sizzling Tomato Seafood Ramen (P 420)

Spicy tomato tori paitan broth, kani, salmon, squid, kimbuchi, and noodles. Served in a sizzling stone bowl.


fat girls day out- kureji

[Signature Dish] The Cheese Ramen (P 420)

Signature ramen noodles in creamy cheddar broth, topped with parmesan, menma, and pork chashu.


fat girls day out- kureji

[Signature Dish] Sizzling Carbonara Udon (P 420) 

Sizzling udon in creamy carbonara sauce, topped with fresh egg, enoki mushroom, shimenji mushroom, and bacon bits. Served in sizing stone bowl.


Why Go?


Kureji is a respectively warped tradition by re-imagining the ramen experience. With innovative combinations and confluences and yet retaining that deepest respect from the traditional manner of ramen preparation. They are able to execute and deliver a dramatic ramen presentation. An unparalleled way of enjoying that glorious bowl of comfort food. If you’re open to new dining dimensions, textures, and familiar taste then you’re in for a treat my friend.




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  • Kureji is located at 78 Malakas Street, Diliman, Quezon City or call 729-4909 for inquiries and more information. 
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