Kushikatsu Daruma: Deep Fried Wizardy (CLOSED)

Kushikatsu Daruma: Deep Fried Wizardy (CLOSED)

When visiting Japan, what my friends tend to notice is that in their food culture they tend to focus on a specialty, if a family has been making one kind of dish, they perfect it and pass it on to the next generations. This way of life has elevated food in Japan to higher heights.

In Osaka, in the Shinsekai district, one particular restaurant called Kushikatsu Daruma has perfected the Kushikatsu. They’ve been making it since 1929. Their secret is their batter, oil, and dipping sauce that enhances the ingredients used in this deep-fried skewer. It’s genius. Meat on a stick. Deep fried. You can never go wrong.

Luckily, we now have our very own branch of Kushikatsu Daruma, right here, in Uptown Mall. One of the rules, you must observe while here is NO DOUBLE DIPPING.

The industrial ambiance of the restaurant built of wood, steel, and red Japanese lanterns. Aside from their logo that is also inspired by their company president,  the words “NO DOUBLE DIPPING” is plastered all over the walls, and tables. The staff is friendly and ready to help you if you have any questions regarding their menu.

What we ordered was the beginner set, that comes with 9 different sticks for 480 PHP.

It comes with a Classic Kushikatsu, Prawn, Chicken with garlic, Chikuwa, Tsukune(Chicken meatballs), Tonkatsu, Leeks, Potato, and Camembert cheese.

Best to eat this hot. The first thing to do is to dip the Classic Kushikatsu into their sauce. I like leaving the skewer in the sauce for a few seconds before taking a bite. The sauce is a tangy Worcestershire sauce that envelops the batter. The light batter is crispy, once you bite into it the flavor of the meat burst in your mouth. It’s tender and tasty. It’s very surprising that even though it’s fried, it’s not oily at all. These tasty little skewers are actually quite addicting and best eaten with a cup of Gohan.


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This Osakan delicacy is one of the original top 3 Street Foods you must eat in Osaka. No need to take a 5-hour plane ride to try this delicious Kushikatsu. I recommend trying the Beginner set to ease in, and then order additional sticks that you want to try it. To be honest, the price is a bit steep for a few sticks with 1 or 2 pieces of deep fried meat or vegetables. The sauce is a water-downed version of Worcestershire sauce, but somehow after a few bites become addicting. In spite of that, I do appreciate the history behind the dish and it is very much worth trying.

Kushikatsu Daruma is truly a testament to how the Japanese perfect their dishes and keep their traditions alive thru their food even from the simplest dishes.

For a taste of Osaka right here in Manila, head over to Uptown mall.

3 extra rice rating


KushiKatsu Daruma

Uptown Place Mall, 36th Street Corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

(02) 946 7374

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