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Elbi Food Chronicles: A Los Banos Weekend Wanderer Guide

Elbi Food Chronicles: A Los Banos Weekend Wanderer Guide

Los Banos Laguna food crawl weekend wandering activity! A Fat Girls Day Out Curated List 2019.

BODEGA CASA VILLA: A Warm and Inviting Home

BODEGA CASA VILLA: A Warm and Inviting Home

The Marikina neighborhood still has that laid-back relax vibe and open street character and I’m happy that it stayed that way, despite its popularity. Bodega CASA Villa is a great addition to this area’s battle card of restaurants.

Makati Neighborhood Guide: Holiday Edition

Makati Neighborhood Guide: Holiday Edition

It’s that time of the year again where the air is a bit cooler, more traffic ensues, and people are generally more generous than other times of the year. The family seems to be kinder, friends a little more accommodating, and strangers are friendlier. You can’t mistake it with any other holiday as the malls, radio stations are constantly playing familiar tunes such as All I want for ChristmasThis Christmas, and Santa Claus is coming to town.

We want to kick off our neighborhood guide series with the famous- Makati City. Makati is a schizophrenic city where you could find all things and sights in accordance with anyone’s liking. From ultra posh locations, humble recreational spaces, a wonderful dining scene, and all sorts of merry activities! I have to admit that I am also sort of bias with the city where I grew up in.

To be fair, Makati’s towers house the nation’s major corporations and most of the major hotels. Construction started after WWII when the Ayala family seized upon the destruction of the rest of the city as a chance to start building. It is somehow fitting to say that the city is the center of all things interesting.




Ayala Triangle Gardens Light and Sound Show
Be dazzled by the Christmas lights cascading from the trees and the spectacular display of dancing lights and sounds. The show schedule is from November 20 to December 31running every 30 minutes from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.


Photo Taken from the Ayala Gardens Facebook Page. 

A Groovy Kind of Christmas
This Christmas concert for a cause features Skarlet, The Brownbeat All-Stars, and The 62nd Project. The concert will take place at the Ayala Museum Ground Floor Lobby on December 23 at 6 p.m. Admission is free. All donations will go to the Ayala Foundation Inc.’s Laging Handa program for the benefit of victims of super typhoon Yolanda.




Greenbelt Christmas Market

  • Date: December 9 to 24
  • Venue: Greenbelt 3 Park


  • Operating Hours: 10 AM to 9 PM
  • Address: The Landmark Bldg. Makati Avenue, Ayala Center, Makati City, Metro Manila


  • Operating Hours: 11 AM to 9PM
  • Address: Legazpi Street, Makati City

Century City Manila Mall

  • Operating Hours: 10 AM to 10 PM
  • Address: Century City Lifestyle Center, Kalayaan Ave. cor Salamanca, Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City

Circuit Makati

  • Operating Hours: 11 AM to 11 PM
  • Address: Hippodromo, Makati City




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Staycation in the City

Peninsula Manila

Are you all set for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? If you haven’t made plans yet, celebrate with your loved ones in any of Peninsula Manila’s four restaurants. The LobbyEscoltaSpices, and Old Manila will prepare a buffet or Christmas menu for lunch and dinner.


Location: The Peninsula Manila is at the corner of Ayala and Makati Avenues, Makati City; Tel. No. 887-2888.

Fairmont Makati 

Experience Afternoon Tea during merienda get-togethers with family and friends. Spend a Sunday afternoon with stuffed bears and bear-themed treats while being serenaded by carolers and meeting Santa Claus.

Afternoon Tea is available daily from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. for P1,222 for two persons. Guests may opt to add a glass of Champagne for P1,106 per person. Every Sunday of December, children can join the Teddy Bear Afternoon Tea at Fairmont Lounge from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m.


Location: Fairmont Makati is at 1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, Makati City; Tel. No. 555-9888.

Makati Shangri-La

The hotel’s food offerings for the holiday include complimentary turkey carved on your table at Circles Event CafeChristmas High Tea Set from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. and special coffee blends at the Lobby Lounge, and Christmas cocktails at the Pool Bar.

Experience a magical forest before the first frost as enchanting snow maidens and pixies greet you upon entering the hotel lobby. Meet and greet Santa and his reindeers by the Grand Christmas Tree at the hotel lobby on December 24 from 7 to 9 p.m., and on December 25 from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. You can also take your holiday photo in the Christmas sleigh.

Location: Makati Shangri-La is at Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue, Makati City; Tel. No. 813-8888.


Simbang Gabi

As Filipinos, we stand strong with our tradition. An essential constant to the Christmas festivities is going to Simbang Gabi. Check out different church locations and schedules around Makati City.

McKinley Road, Forbes Park, Makati City
Anticipated Simbang Gabi (December 15-23)
9 pm
Simbang Gabi (December 16-24)
5 am

1923 Orense St., Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City
Anticipated Simbang Gabi (December 15-23)
8 pm
Simbang Gabi (December 16-24)
4 am
5:30 am

Humabon St., Magallanes Village, Makati City
Anticipated Simbang Gabi (December 15-23)
8 pm
Simbang Gabi (December 16-24)
4:30 am

Greenbelt Park, Ayala Center, Makati City
Anticipated Simbang Gabi (December 15-23)
8 pm
Simbang Gabi (December 16-24)
5 am



How about a 24/7 open restaurant?



Whenever we have a celebration, the first thing my family thinks of is the food. Food is always king in these sort of celebrations and sometimes we don’t exactly have the time to prepare. With Old Swiss Inn, you’re guaranteed to have excellent food selection for all your holiday affairs.


This menu is available from 3:00 am to 10:00 am from December 16 to December 24 only.

Check out their Holiday Packages HERE

Aside from their Simbang Gabi offerings they are also open during Noche Buena and New Years Eve for those who want to dine out on these festive days. See their menu below:

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I know we’re looking forward to that Roasted Turkey and Angus Beef Belly (An FGDO Favorite). Find out our favorite holiday dishes HERE.


  • Makati: G/F Somerset Olympia, Makati Avenue corner Santo Tomas Street, Urdaneta, Makati City
  • Contact: 818-8251
  • Open 24 hours


Whether it’s to shop, spend times with your loved ones, go out with your friends Makati has a place where you can go. It has evolved throughout the years from being grasslands to the center of finance, and now the goto place during the holiday season. Savor the lights, the sounds and the season here in Makati.


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Old Swiss Inn: Angus Beef Belly, Glazed Ham and Toblerone Crinkles

Old Swiss Inn: Angus Beef Belly, Glazed Ham and Toblerone Crinkles

No time to prepare for the holiday season? Old Swiss Inn has exactly what you need with their holiday packages that’s sure to be a hit at your next party.

Mad Mark’s Creamery and Good Eats: Solid Food Grub as Always

Mad Mark’s Creamery and Good Eats: Solid Food Grub as Always

I would definitely still vouch for the VALUE FOR MONEY line without compromising quality. You’d be able to enjoy a good old steak plate for less than 500php. Generous serving, attentive wait staff, and their ice creams are still really good.

iBrowse and Buy: Filipino Forward Products

iBrowse and Buy: Filipino Forward Products

We, the Fat Girls Day Out team don’t just share insights about food, travel, and pop culture. If you’ve been reading most of our content you will notice that our materials and topics are geared towards Filipino forward causes. Art, music, and even weekend getaways. We’re marketing curated crawls via Klook PH to promote the local scene and why certain parts of Manila shouldn’t be dismissed as gritty.

We want to do our own share to help good causes both for the environment and for local micro-communities. Today, we’d like to talk about this website and why you should support their products.

A Trend Worth Hyping

The trend now perhaps is that people have pledged to go local. Although here in our country we are still at an infantile stage. It takes a ramp on educating each and everyone to understand the cause and effect of certain actions and consumerism acts that we’ve been so used to doing. We are affirming that this kind of transition, especially in people’s mindset that can dictate their actions doesn’t happen overnight, the fact that people are slowly using sustainable products is still a step toward something better.

Why are we vouching for iBrowse and buy?

There has been a surge of purchase and use of native bags, weaved goods, and that has even found themselves on the shelves of couture designers from all over the world. What you don’t know is that a number of regions here in the Philippines have been producing these type of items but have no avenue to sell it to the consumers.

1. They promote one of the Oldest local Industries in the country

While native bags, hats, tapestries have lately been makings its way to magazine covers thru various celebrities and well known local producers like Narda or Kultura. The Art of Weaving has been practiced by our ancestors as early as the 13th century, local tribes such as the Mangyans, Agobo, Visayans, Bontoc, and the Ifugao come from various parts of the country and create their own unique patterns that have been passed down thru generations. Each tribe has a unique design that is like a signature.


Ibrowse and buy


While these designs are beautiful, technology has allowed their patterns to copied and be mass produced by machines, contributing to the loss of tradition.

Unknown to most of us, creating these handcrafted items is tedious work. From the moment they collect the raw materials, treating it, coloring, and actually weaving. The entire process takes a minimum of 2 weeks to produce.

Producing handcrafted products takes a long time, but is immediately rewarded by the unique designs, quality, and durability of their final work.

2. They source their products from local cooperatives and communities that still practice the craft

The path towards leading a steady path outside poverty is a continuous effort, helping them build their skills is just the beginning, we have to emphasize that the Philippines is pretty abundant with natural resources and untapped potential of Filipino craftsmanship.

Ibrowse and buy

They directly source their products from cooperatives from different provinces from all over the country. These local communities have no venue to reach the local market, iBrowse and buy bridges the grab between these communities and consumers. B In addition, a portion of proceeds from each sale will be looped to purchase their products to channel back here in Manila.

3. Online Platform

The challenge for our local cooperatives and communities is having the platform to share and promote their products. By creating an online platform that focuses on helping communities and local craftsmen, we are in turn helping them hone their craft and keep with our ancestor’s traditions.

Exclusive and Limited Pieces

Proudly made in the Philippines, handcrafted with unique designs. These products are mobile pieces of art that are usable in daily life whether it’s to provide a place to bring your things or use as a design piece at your home. Their designs have a limited number of products making their products uncommon.

Aside from you being a conscious consumer, environmental and socio-discerning consumer promoting and using their merchandise line is helping out their respective communities so you’d be able to give this as a gift to family and friends. We’re sticking to daily usable products, community-led production, and original Pinoy-pop culture-centric products.

Ibrowseandbuy provides an online platform for these micro-producers to reach consumers. Remember stocks are limited. Go to their shop for orders. Bulk orders are welcome (Business to Business Rate).

Please engage with us or you may call +998 5448140 or +917 8958243 (iMessage, WhatsApp, and Viber)

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So You Want to be a Film Photographer

So You Want to be a Film Photographer

Film photography and all its considerations. How to start, where to buy your camera, source for films, and much more. A Fat Girls Day Out Guide.

Fienstra at Solaire: Unlimited Italian Oysters and Beyond- Aperitivo Epico

Fienstra at Solaire: Unlimited Italian Oysters and Beyond- Aperitivo Epico

What is an Aperitivo? Aperitivo is similar to the American “Happy Hour”, but it means much more to the Italians. Aperitivo is a northern Italian tradition, where you have a  pre-meal drink with light snacks or finger food that’s designed to stimulate your appetite for dinner. Well, let us tell you again about our Aperitivo experience where we had another, yet memorable Friday evening over at Finestra in Solaire Resort & Casino as we enjoyed free-flowing cocktails, wine, and of course air-flown fresh oysters from Italy.




FGDO Recommends

Pick your favorites from Finestra’s Happy Hour beverage selection of wines, beers, and Italian-inspired cocktails: Prosecco Toso, Trebbiano Trebi, Montepulciano Moda, Aperol Mojito, Negroni Sbagliato, Sicilian Sunset, Cardinale, Garibaldi, Beautiful Incident, and Peroni.

***Complete menu here

Italian Oysters

With their briny liquid and velvety mouthfeel, their gorgeously mottled shells and in-the-raw presentation, one can never have enough of this wonderful gift from the sea.




Sharp saltiness may give way to its subtle sweetness, mild brininess transitioning into a clean taste. These 0ysters  are fresh, soft, creamy, and bursting with umami to the taste.

When enjoyed with the right wine other curated cocktails, the robust flavor of the oysters will truly come out making it an unforgettable experience.

Drinks we recommend




Negroni Spaglito, it’s a gin-based drink topped with orange zest. The orange scent fills your nostrils every time you take a sip. It’s a bit stronger than the two other drinks. This rendition is lighter and more refreshing. 




Also sometimes spelled “cichetti” or called “cicheti” in Venetian language are small plates of food that you could nibble in between glasses of wine.

  • Calamari Fritti
  • Roman Rice Pilaf
  • Ham & Cheese Croquettes
  • Tomato Bruschetta
  • Anchovies and Mozzarella Crostini



Aperitivo Epico happens every third Friday of the month and it already started last October 19th from 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm. Reasonably priced at 1,295php ++ (*Price is inclusive of VAT and subject to service charge).


Why Go?

There are many ways to end the week right and experiencing Apertivos with Finestra at Solaire is highly recommended. From the moment you enter the door, you are welcomed into this world of glitz and glamour and given the royal treatment. The price point is justifiably a solid good value for money. You’d be spending the same amount also somewhere in Poblacion or BGC where the crowd is too rowdy, parking spaces are scarce, combined with mediocre food & service. As for the Fat Girls Day Out crew, we’d rather be spending our Friday evenings with somewhere worthwhile.

This is THE experience you want to have on your next Friday night. A night of carefree worry, care, laughter, and delicious bites.



  • Solaire Resort & Casino, Aseana Avenue, Entertainment City, Parañaque
  • Call 888-8888 for reservations.
  • Facebook


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AG New World Manila Bay Hotel : Festive Holiday Spreads and Beyond

AG New World Manila Bay Hotel : Festive Holiday Spreads and Beyond

Welcome the holidays with indulgent staycation packages with AG New World Manila Bay Hotel