Long Live The Mixtape

Long Live The Mixtape

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If you are anything like me that see life as a motion picture that any scenario, emotions and life events need a solid track playing at the back of your head then this content is written just for you my friend.

To our young millennial to Gen Z readers do you have an idea of what a mixtape is?

A Quick background:


plural noun: mixtapes
  1. a compilation of favorite pieces of music, typically by different artists, recorded onto a cassette tape or other medium by an individual

Songs in compilations may include a selection of favorite songs or music linked by theme or mood, perhaps tailored to the tape’s/CD’s intended lucky recipient. It is essentially a curated audio tune for your emotions.  Mixtapes were intended to be given to someone to express one’s intent, desire, and feelings. It once invoked dynamic emotions and relationships. Some may take it as a form of art expression not just a deftly portable vessel of your favorite music. Creating the perfect mixtape plagued older generations for decades. If done correctly, a mixtape will earn you a gold status among friends and prospects that’ll bind all relationships.

Sadly this sort of music-gift-giving died dwindled down and had lost its traction to popular culture. As the youth of the 80’s and 90’s grow older, the mixtape life cycle died down. Predominantly the giving part. Nowadays, we tend to be lone listers of our crafted tracklist that we now call ‘Playlist’ it on our Spotify list, Apple Music or on our smartphone’s mp3 players. We quite enjoy it for ourselves with our headphones on during our daily commute in the morning.


How To Make a Good Mixtape

Making a good mixtape is a very delicate practice, and takes a certain amount of skill and taste in music. There are a few dos and donts. Here are your battle cards to guarantee you win the heart of all who’d listen to it.


  1. Know who will receive your mixtape– It is a personal thing. Know the bare essentials; the person’s taste, his/her relationship with you.
  2. Select a Theme– All mixtapes should ALWAYS have a theme. Fluidity and coherence are the keys to tell a story or invoke certain feelings.
  3. Draft the tracklist– making a mixtape is like writing a good letter. A lot of erasing and rethinking then you’d have to start again.
  4. Do not repeat the same artist once– No to redundancy
  5. Mix it up– yes, mixtapes are a selection of songs with fluidity, but it wouldn’t be interesting if all tracks sound completely similar. You need variety. If you start off with a slow song do not follow it with equally depressing songs.
  6. Be a music show off- When you give a mixtape you are conceiving this idea of how musically educated you are. Make impressions that you have vast collections of records around. Subtle drawing of attention to song’s unparalleled qualifiers (extended cuts, b-sides, original editions, etc)
  7. Name your mixtape well– Always name your mixtapes. Regardless of the title; “Blah-blah’s Mixtape Vol 1”- as it adds a personal touch to your creation. Add the “Vol. #” to any title as it gives the prospect something to look forward to for the next batch of the tracklist.
  8. Custom cover art game should be strong–  A mixtape is like a gift. It is always better to have a nice gift wrap to any gift. It is important to give your mixtape a good cover art as it is the first thing the receiver sees when receiving it (may it be digital or tangible). Be creative.
  9. The intro and outro song should stand out– The first and last tracks are arguably the most important on your mixtape. The first track sets the mood up, and either pulls your listener into your meticulous world or slams the door in their face. You want your mixtape to feel complete, finished and whole. Like a good short story.
  10. Keep it short when in doubt– It’s better to be short and sweet rather than have 18 tracks of unwarranted songs. 6-7 tracks should do the job.


I love music ever since I was a child. I remember having my 1st Walkman by the age of 10, my first Discman by the age 15 and my very own 128mb triple-A battery-operated Mp3 player back in 2002. The perpetuating joy having to design different playlist is something to look forward to. Here are some of my most tracklist that you might find interesting to create into a mixtape or as for a personal playlist. These mixtapes are available on our Spotify page you may follow the fatgirlsdayout page for updates. All Septemeber release are under volume 1 compilations.

Quick Disclaimer

  • We’re not affiliated with any of these artist management/promotion (we just love their music!)
  • This is not a paid content from Spotify or these artist management/PR (again, we just love their music!)


Infinite Summer Mixtape

As you drive for 4 hours to see the magnificent white, sandy beaches and the clear blue waters. That afternoon after you got there, you got to your resort and unpacked.  As soon as you got done, you rushed straight to the beaches.


Coffee & Cigarettes Mixtape

Waking up on a Saturday morning without any plans throughout the day. First thing on your mind is to get a hot cup of joe and light a stick of cigarette.





Missed Connections Mixtape

For all the unrequited love



Rain x Dazed Mixtape

On a weekday, you decided to stay in and skip work just to enjoy the weather.


Yes, Lover Mixtape

Quirks and fickleness of falling in love.


Zombie Apocalypse Mixtape

Humanity already consumed by the apocalypse. We try to live each day as the last finding that sweet spot of hope. A beautiful soundtrack while we do the killing on our way.






Essentials of Indie

The grand daddies and mommies of indie music.





Pitty Party

Lost someone> Lost something> Lost yourself

Get your tub of ice cream and that bottle of rum.



Slumber Mixtape


Lullabies every night.
















Skin On Mixtape

Your “Netflix and chill” tracks.











Listen to these mixtapes on traffic, your drive home after a date, keep it or share it.

All these mixtapes or what we call now are available on our Spotify page click here for the full page view or click each title for link redirection. If you don’t have Spotify installed yet click here to download. We’ll be releasing Volumes 2-3 in the coming months.

We hope that all tracks will remind you that life and mundane routines can be beautiful with a little help of ga ood track list.

Never underestimate the power of a mixtape. Remember you are using someone else’s poetry to express how you feel.

So now you have all the ingredients you need to create the perfect mixtape. Whether you want to get a girl, heal a broken friendship or give a thoughtful present – a mixtape is a perfect solution. So go ahead and start creating.

The mixtape is an unsung art that has permeated our lives.


Engage with us; experience@fatgirlsdayout.com or fatgirlsdayoutph@gmail.com

Find us at Klook PH should you want to join us during our #DayOut. Adult Field trip, yes?

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