Marciano’s: Do you know the difference between raw and well done? 

When we first entered Marciano‘s in UP Town Center. It looked like a quaint American-Italian lounge that sort of looked like a typical italian restaurant in New York. On your right, you can see their baked goods and where they make their pizza. The dim lighting and pub-esque ambiance only contributing to the “Godfather” like feel of the restaurant. Although I was skeptical to try, we opted to give it a chance. As we received the menu we were disappointed as apparently they just revised it a few days ago. So the only thing I wanted to try, the Mushroom Truffle Linguini, was no longer available. When we asked the server about it he simply said that it was still the same taste even without the truffle. I refuse to accept that, truffle oil has  a very pungent flavour and I’m sure its absence would be very noticeable.  

Spinach and Cheese Dip with Mini Bagels


The cheese and spinach dip was mediocre. It would have been better if the mini bagels were slightly toasted or if they used a baguette instead of a bagel. 
Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza


The flat bread crust was very crunchy. The tomato sauce, cheese and the prosciutto was a nice combination especially when you add a leaf of the arugula.

The presentation of the lasagna was beautiful. The cream sauce on top of the pasta and beef sauce was very smooth and creamy. The tomato on top was a nice addition to the dish.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Biscuits
The fried chicken was crunchy but very bland. The skin was darkened, I’m guessing it’s because of poor food preparation. Usually, most restaurants get this dish right, but that was just not the case here. 
Steak and Rice
Frankly, this dish was terrible. The steak was bland and it was grainy. It was not quality beef worth 500 pesos. The only good thing in the entire plate was the garlic rice. ??
The last thing we ordered was the Fish and Chips, I didn’t bother taking a picture since it was served raw. The potato chips that came with it, was not crispy. That order arrived late, practically the last one served even though it was an appetizer. We also sent it back due to it being raw. It was better when it came back, but nothing special. Maybe because we were just so peeved about how it first arrived late and raw.
I was very disappointed with all the meat dishes that we ordered. I think this restaurant is more of a pizza and pasta place. Although the service is good and they try to make sure you are enjoying your meal, it just comes up short. Hopefully, next time they will not serve under-cooked dishes. 

2 rice rating

For more information:
Address: Katipunan Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines


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