Mirèio: Provençal Food and All Its Essence

Mirèio: Provençal Food and All Its Essence


A high-ceilinged space with natural light streaming in from the floor-to-ceiling windows, marble detailing and kitchen countertop as well as plush seating set the elegant tone for Mirèio. It was our first time to dine in this elegant brasserie where Provençal-inspired cuisine and other French favorites born of traditional French cooking techniques takes the stage.


fat girls day out-Mirèio


Raffles true to its literature-centric theme and connection has made a thoughtful tribute to Nobel Laureate Frederic Mistral by naming dedicated space for his most celebrated poem– “Mirèio”


fat girls day out- Mirèio
Photo: mireioatraffles.com
In Provence, Mirèio is the daughter of a rich farmer. She is in love with a modest basketmaker, Vincènt. Her father disapproves of the relationship and seeks other suitors. Mirèio, in despair, escapes from her house to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. There she prays to the saints that her father will accept her relationship with Vincènt. The way is hard and unbearably hot. In the end, the saints made an appearance to Mirèio. They tell her of their happiness in paradise, and Mirèio dies in peace.


fat girls day out-Mirèio



On one quiet Saturday noon, we found ourselves at the 9th floor of Raffles (Makati), the gracious host showed us to our table which is perfectly arranged cutleries and tables facing the unobstructed view of Makati. 


Provençal food and all its essence

Real Provençal cuisine is bold but simple, focusing on perpetuating the taste and texture of seasonal, fresh ingredients of the region. Quite distinctive from the rest of French cooking as it envelopes its style of Mediterranean influence where spices, herbs, olive oils, and fresh florals are heavily in rotation. Think of salad with basil and tomato, ratatouille, bouillabaisse and fragrant meat chops grilled with herb and garlic.


fat girls day out- Mirèio


Located in southeastern France, which extends from the left bank of the lower Rhône to the west to the Italian border to the east, and is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the south- Mother Nature is abundantly generous in this part of the France, and Provençal way of cooking is naturally tasty and flavorful due to the sun-kissed produce all year round.

Mirèio at the Raffles Makati is a showcase of Provence’s rich culture and culinary traditions.


fat girls day out - Mirèio

The creative cocktails, meanwhile, are alone worthy of your time. This drink is called the Mirèio. One of the best-sellers is Mireio (P695), a mix of Grey Goose, green chartreuse, cranberry juice, and lemon juice.


(NEW new a la carte menu) Pan-seared foie gras with  raspberry and rhubarb chutney/ buckwheat tuile

fat girls day out-Mirèio

The foie gras was perfectly seared on both sides with a dash of rhubarb chutney and raspberry. The best way to eat it is to get a bit of the tuile, the rhubarb, and the raspberry. The buttery, delicate flavor of the foie is perfectly complimented by the tangy and tarty raspberry and chutney. The buckwheat tuile adds a little bit of texture as you take your bite. It’s completely balanced in your mouth.

Seared Hokkaido Scallops /Asparagus/shallots/lemon butter/microgreens

fat girls day out-Mirèio


Excellently seared scallops with a nice tender center were a great start to our meal. The scallops were so tender and had a hint of sweetness as you bite into it. Do yourself a favor and get a bit of every element in the plate, it just works well together. The fried shallots are a nice burst of flavor when eaten with the scallops.


Lobster Bisque 

fat girls day out-Mirèio


This classic french entree was served to us by pouring the bisque into a bowl with pieces of lobster, apples, and creme. The bisque itself was full of the creamy rich flavors of lobster and by adding some pieces of at the bottom, it added a nice texture to the dish, while the cubes of apples gave it a bit of tangy flavor. Warm, and comforting, it’s a great starter.


Burrata Caprese

fat girls day out-Mirèio


Burrata Caprese, this dish is definitely a favorite. They use fresh mozzarella served with an arugula salad, tomatoes, and apple chutney drizzled with sweet balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. While staying true to the classic Italian Caprese, they add their own twist. It’s such a light salad and refreshing taste with every bite of the cheese in your mouth.




(NEW new a la carte menu) Maine lobster tail Thermidor/ lobster bisque mashed potato/roasted green asparagus/cherry tomatoes



Visually appealing, as well as, tasty. This dish uses Lobster imported from Maine. Chopped lobsters are placed in the shell with a  creamy white sauce then topped with melted gruyere cheese. They serve this with a side of sweet potato, lobster bisque and grilled cherry tomatoes and green asparagus.

(NEW new a la carte menu) Kurobuta pork chop with porcini/ confit potato/ watercress salads



First thought when I took a small bite of the pork was that this was something unique. It’s not your typical pork chop. If you don’t know what Kurobuta is, it’s described as being the wagyu of the Pork World. Kurobuta comes from Berkshire Pigs that originates from England. The meat is a lot more tender than normal pork and it was just evident with each bite of the pork chop. They complement this with a side of confit potatoes and a watercress salad.

Grilled Black Angus Rib Eye with french fries and caesar salad



300g of Black Angus Rib Eye with homestyle fries and a side of caesar salad. This dish is quite filling with the generous serving of the crisp fries. The steak itself was served medium well and had a nice crust on the outside and was tender and flavorful with each bite. Add a bit of sea salt to add even more umami flavor in the meat.


See their Lunch Set Menu 



Lavender Creme Brulee

fat girls day out-Mirèio


This dish is the perfect ending to such a refined meal. Mireio’s creme brulee uses a lavender extract that adds a nice finish when you get a spoonful of this custard dessert. The texture was soft, creamy with a nice caramelized layer of sugar on top with a small chocolate stick and peach sorbet on the side. Break into the caramelized sugar and help your self with a spoon full of everything, where this simple dish is elevated further with the different textures and temperatures you get to experience with each bite.



 65 % Maraicabo Mousse with Chocolate Ice Cream, truffle cake, and hazelnut crunch


fat girls day out-Mirèio


Chocolate mousse, chocolate ice cream, fudge, chocolate strips, hazelnut crunch, and cacao nibs. This dessert plays with the different textures and temperature of the chocolate and plating it in such a fun way that you can have chocolate in 6 ways in one single bite. The 65% Maraicabo dark chocolate really makes a difference by having a nice dark full-bodied chocolate taste.


fat girls day out- Mirèio
The perfect cup of Flat White coffee to cap off the perfect Saturday lunch.



Why Go?

Let’s start with the sun-drenched interiors, the modest bar area that doesn’t intend to intimidate anyone, a space that becomes this oasis of calm within the endless usual chatters in the Makati neighborhood. Then there’s the unfailingly high level of standards in cooking and service.

fat girls day out-Mirèio
Photo: mireioatraffles.com

But what separates this highly decorated gourmet establishment from all of the other decorated restaurants in Metro Manila is that uniquely local of Provençe gestalt that Hervé Clair has cultivated over the years of exposure to classic and innovative take on the French gastronomy practice  — one that combines their own, ever-evolving artistic perceptiveness with a strong touch of international discipline, and the grandeur of gourmet dishes slowly growing in popularity in the local Philippine market.


We were spoilt for choices of mains like steaks and seafood prepared with fresh ingredients that are frequently flown in to ensure the quality of the dishes served. Add to that these new flavourful addition to their ala carte menu. Mirèio goes beyond the perfect ambiance and we’re thrilled to experience much more delicious reasons to keep us coming back for more.


Mirèio Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

9th Level, Raffles Makati, 1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, Makati, 1224
Telephone: +632 795 1840
Private Dining Inquiries: +63 926 755 4569
Email: mireio.makati@raffles.com
FacebookRaffles Makati


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