Misuzu Japanese Restaurant: Kimonos, tatami mats, and sushi.

Misuzu Japanese Restaurant: Kimonos, tatami mats, and sushi.


Malate, the original hang out place in the 80’s to 90’s where you find all the original homegrown Filipino, Chinese, and Japanese restaurants. The highlight of this area used to be the nightlife and where everyone would go with places like Cafe Adriatico and Cafe Havana.

Nowadays, its sort of become a place to pick up the ladies and where its a pretty common sight to see a tandem of a foreigner and a filipina walking side by side.

Hidden in Mabini Street in the Malate area, houses some of the authentic Japanese restaurants called Misuzu.



On the second floor of the Hollywood Garden building right across from the Korean place, you find Misuzi. It’s low key, dimly lit and authentic. When we entered the room we were welcomed by Japanese decorations, waitresses in their kimonos and an area where you can sit down on the floor on the tatami mats.

Though out the meal, you can only hear nihonggo while Local Japanese businessmen drink their sake and enjoy their sushi.




Salmon Sashimi

Fresh generous slices of Salmon Sashimi. Each slice is fatty, creamy, and perfect with a bit of wasabi and soy sauce.

Uni sushi

Fresh, creamy, and briny uni on a bed of sushi rice and wrapped with nori.

Nigiri Platter

Their Nigiri platter comes in half or whole, we opted the half and got different selections of nigiri. It came in Ebi, Tuna, Mackarel, Squid, and Snapper. Each one has a different flavor profile. Usually, local restaurant over look their sushi rice that it ends up tasting too tangy or sweet. Here in Misuzu, they do it just right, it’s balanced and has a good shape. Remember to only dip the fish side onto the soy sauce when eating.

Overall, Misuzu is a under rated Japanese restaurant in the Malate area. While Malate might not be your go-to place for Japanese, you should overlook the grime, and the air as they still do have some of the best in the Metro. They serve excellent quality sushi and sashimi’s and have a wide selection of your favorite staple Japanese food like tempura, gyudon, and ramen.

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