New Moon: Popup at Boa Kitchen and Socials

New Moon: Popup at Boa Kitchen and Socials


The team behind BOA Kitchen & Socials invited us to experience their new pop-up concept the use of various local ingredients with a southeast Asian flair.

In this pop-up, Chef Julius Necor and Joey Marcelo introduce their new concept called “New Moon”, where they elevate southeast Asian dishes into a degustation style serving for those thoughtful eaters. The name itself new moon is because they plan to have a special menu every time there is a special phase of the lunar calendar, such as blood moon, harvest moon, or blue moon, that will only be available on that particular night.
Pretty sure that we’re in for a lot more of this strong flavor. As an array of short-eats were placed before us, as our eyes fell upon each plate that was served to us — it was combinations of dishes that had contrasting textures, colors, and temperatures.

Food Experience


fat girls day out- boa kitchen


This five course degustation starts you off with something familiar and ends with something unexpected.


fat girls day out- boa kitchen


The Mock Chicken Spicy

This is Necor’s take on the crowd favorite McSpicy chicken sandwich. Only healthier and more refined. The enoki mushrooms were deep-fried until crispy, the sambal aioli gives the much-needed kick, and the pickled cucumber tempered spiciness of each bite.



fat girls day out- boa kitchen


Served on a bed of tomato juice and salt, this oyster course has a modern take on how we typically have oysters. They serve the oysters with a kinilaw na gata granita that uses fermented tomato as the acidic factor that binds the dish together. They also add a few pieces of grilled pork belly to add smokiness to the dish.

We suggest taking it all in one or two bites for the full experience. The briny taste of the fresh oysters provides notes of sweetness that is balanced with the creamy and tarty granita which is completed by the smokiness of the grilled pork belly.


fat girls day out- boa kitchen


The name coconut is rightfully used in this dish, aside from the obvious bowl used as a serving bowl. Chef Necor gets creative and uses shredded coconut as noodles in this classic thai staple dish the pad thai. Instead of using meat as the protein component, he uses oyster mushrooms and tofu mixed in with eggs and beansprouts. Drizzle a bit of lime and take a bite and taste each of the vibrant flavors and contrast to this version of pad thai.


fat girls day out- boa kitchen

Laksa Risotto

The Laksa Risotto is another variation of the classic laksa noodle dish that originates from Malaysia and Singapore, this dish infuses seafood flavor, coconut milk, and laksa paste into adlai rice. This dish is the richest and most hearty in the set. Once you take a bite, you get a strong rich flavor of a laksa soup that comes complete with a kick of heat. The grilled shrimp provides a nice contrast to the strong distinct taste of the rice. It’s sweet, light, and smoky.

Note: Another word of caution, if you’re allergic to peanuts or any other foods, please mention it to the staff beforehand because most elements eventually contain a generous portion of peanuts.


fat girls day out- boa kitchen


For those of you who are not familiar with the dish Laing. Laing is a dish that uses shredded or whole taro leaves cooked with thick coconut milk that originates from Bicol. In Chef Necor’s version, he serves his version as a thick sauce that acts as the base of the dish, he then adds a piece of sous-vide pork belly that’s deep-fried. He then garnishes this with sambal shrimp sauce that adds texture and heat to the dish. Don’t say we never told you but it’s best paired with white rice.


fat girls day out- boa kitchen

Cardamom & Rose Cheesecake

This deconstructed cheesecake is made of cream cheese and rose essence on a bed of crumbs infused with cardamom, ginger. It’s light and refreshing, and you can definitely taste the rose flavor.


Be one of the first to try this degustation menu for only PHP 1,400 ++ per head at Boa Kitchen and Socials.


New Moon at Boa Kitchen and Socials 

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