New York City: Manileña Tourist Hacks

New York City: Manileña Tourist Hacks



Fat Girls Day Out NYC


In a city of over 9 million people of over 20 different nationalities from all over the world. They have the biggest Middle Eastern population, Chinese population, and even Hispanic population. True enough to its history, New York has served as an entry point to immigrants since the early 1600’s. Today, here I stand at the point of entry. Millions of others have gone before me, to experience the vast wonder that is New York City.


Fat Girls Day Out NYC

Once I cross the threshold that is Lincoln tunnel, I brace myself on how to comprehend the upcoming view. The looming building overshadowing most of the view, you feel that you have just entered a bubble of an alternate reality, and the world outside does not exist anymore.

How can I begin to describe New York City? Cosmopolitan, Trendy, Majestic, Grand, Traditional and Complicated. You have buildings that use classic designs from Art Deco to Neoclassical to Gothic, and to Beaux-art. It’s a place where food, art, and culture collide.

Fat Girls Day Out NYC The Plaza
The Plaza Hotel
Fat girls day out NYC
NYC Street Art
Fat Girls Day Out NYC
NYC Hotdog Stand
Fat Girls Day Out NYC
Times Square

I love how even with the overabundance of buildings there are still several parks scattered all over the city. It’s a mix of greens, blues, and concrete. I’ve been to New York three times, and it never loses its appeal. She’s like your outspoken friend who’s always inviting you to all the cool secret places. There are so many things to do and discover in New York. It’s one of the best places to get lost in and immerse yourself in the city.

Fat Girls Day Out NYC
NYC Framed
Fat Girls Day Out NYC
NYC Central Park (Summertime)
Fat girls day out NYC
Big Bird in Central Park
Fat Girls Day Out NYC
Brooklyn Bridge
Fat Girls Day Out NYC
City Streets

New York is so tolerant of all these different cultures and all these different traditions. You can find any kind of cuisine from the city, perhaps this is one of the reasons it’s called home by so many immigrants. By day New York is very busy, you see businessmen in suits crossing the road headed to wall street, you see the dog walker in central park with 5 different breeds of dog, the socialite in her heels, headed to Bloomingdale’s, the tour headed to Times Square, and your regular Joe ready for another day of work. It’s hard not to feel like part of the exhibit when every corner seems so picturesque.


Fat girls day out NYC
Grand Central Station
Fat girls day out NYC
NYC at night


By contrast, the city is different depending on what neighborhood you’re in. They have a numerous number of bars where you can listen to your local indie artists or the famous singers in concert at the Madison Square Garden. Regardless of where you are in the city, the shimmering lights from across the countless looming buildings shine on you, and you stand in awe of the beauty of the night lights.


Fat girls day out NYC
Times Square




There are 4 ways to get around the city:

  1. Bus
  2. Taxi
  3. Ride Sharing (i.e Uber)
  4. Subway

Click to enlarge map below with schedules;

Fat Girls Day Out NYC
NYC Subway Map

The best way is to take the subway and walk around to reach your destination. It is both cost and time efficient at the same time. There are plenty of taxis, but they’re pretty expensive.



In New York, you can walk everywhere and you’ll be surprised at what the streets have to offer.


Now, if you want to just hit all the tourist spots, the most convenient way to get around would be to purchase a hop on and hop off the ticket, you can get down to all the tourist attractions you want to visit then just hop on the next bus to the next spot.



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There are many choices for accommodations in the city. You can choose to get a bed in Airbnb that can cost you 10USD per night or opt for a hotel that could be as low as 60 USD to 300 USD per night. Click HERE to see the best deals and prices available.


Don’t be afraid to try the corner cafe’s, the hot dog stalls, and the hole in the wall restaurants and delis.

Magnolia Bakery

They are best known for their Banana Cream Pie. However, what I found most delicious was their dark chocolate fudge brownie.


Address: 200 Colombus Ave. NY; 401 Bleeker St, NY; Rockefeller Center, NY


Photo from

Halal Guys

Once I got into 53rd street, I could already smell the strong fragrant of the Halal Guys food cart. The scent will draw you in. Try their Gyro over rice, it’s around 8 USD, the flavors are stronger and more pronounced than the one in Manila. And their sauce is unlimited, you can help yourself to how much you want. This is worth lining up over, it’s filling, tasty, and affordable.

Address: W 53rd St. and 6th Ave, NY

The Plaza Hotel’s Food Hall

The Plaza Hotel, one of the most celebrated hotels in America, is one place you shouldn’t miss. It was originally built in 1907 and housed countless world leaders, Kings, and Hollywood stars. Their food hall on the lower floor features different kinds of fine food, from various cuisines from all over the world.


Shops at Plaza Hotel by Jeffrey Beers


Luke’s Lobster

When you visit the Plaza Hotel Food Hall, make sure to try the Lobster Roll from Luke’s. You can taste the fresh lobster and the richness of the butter combined in perfect symphony. I had to stop myself from getting a second roll. Definitely one of my favorite things I’ve had in New York.




Lady M

For dessert, head over to Lady M’s and try their handcrafted cakes and pastries. I tried the signature Mille crepe cake.

ladym millecrepe cake


Address: The Plaza Hotel, 5th Avenue and Central Park, NY

Shake Shack

One of the things I wanted to check off my list was Shake Shack. Which was really the best burger chain in America? In N Out? Five Guys? Or Shake Shack? For me, once I took my first bite of my Double Shack Burger it was clear, this was the winner. The rich meaty taste of the patty and their potato buns topped with cheese was an explosion of flavors in my mouth.  Don’t leave New York without trying this.


Shack Burger, 7.93 USD @wheremyfoodat

Address: 691 8th Avenue, NY; Grand Central Terminal, NY; 200 Broadway, NY


Serendipity 3

Aside from being a popular place because of those who loved the movie, they also serve delicious food and desserts. Try the Bleu Cheese Burger and their Frozen Hot Chocolate. Make sure to make reservations, as they always have a long queue.


Frozen Hot Chocolate



Address: 225 East 60th Street, NY

Momofuku Milk Bar

The milk bar is the award-winning chef and owner Christina Tosi. They are famous for their crack pies, and compost cookies. You also need to try their cereal milk soft serve ice cream with cereal bits. It’s really really good!



Address: 251 East 13 St. NYC

More recommended spots;

  1. Katz Deli – Katz Deli goes way back since 1888, try their pastrami and corned beef sandwiches. Find them at 205 E Houston St, New York, NY
  2. Gray’s Papaya– Try their famous hotdog sandwiches. Find them at 2090 Broadway, New York, NY
  3. Peter Luger Steakhouse – Peter Luger is synonymous to the steak in New York. Established in 1887, they still serve the best steak today. Make a reservation at +1 718-387-7400, and find them here 178 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY
  4. Dominique Ansel Bakery – Try the original Cronut and cookie shot glasses. Find them here 189 Spring St, New York, NY
  5. Smorgasburg – This is a weekend foodie market featured 100 vendors from all over NYC and across the region. They’re open on Saturdays at Williamsburg and Sundays at Prospect Park. Disclaimer: They are only open on weekends of April till October.



There are a lot of things you can go to in New York but these are some that I think you shouldn’t miss. It might be cliche to some of you to go to these spots but they’re also classic. I’ve divided them into the different areas of the city

  1. Upper East Side – Take a stroll down central park before heading to Serendipity for lunch. There are also many museums in this area like Guggenheim, Frick Museum, and the Jewish Musem.
  2. Upper West Side – Check out the Museum of Natural History before heading to the Lincoln Center and catch a show at the New York City Ballet.
  3. Mid Town – There are several sites to visit it Midtown. Go up to the Empire State Building roof deck, Take a train from Grand Central Terminal, say a prayer in St.Patrick’s Cathedral, take all the pictures of Times Square, and watch a musical.
  4. Chelsea – NYC’s gay hub, with the trendiest clubs and restaurants
  5. Financial District – Take a stroll on Wall Street, and take a picture with the golden bull.
  6. East Village – Check out St. Marks Place, this neighborhood has a very diverse food/arts scene. Aside from vintage shops and hidden clubs,  you can find the likes of Momofuku Noodle Bar and Eddie Huang’s BaoHaus in the area.
  7. Greenwich Village – If you’re a fan of friends head over to the Greenwich Village to check out their building. You can also visit the Washington Square Park.
  8. Tribeca – Check out the Brandy Library and the Mysterious Bookshop where you can find new, classic and even rare titles.
  9. Soho – One of New York’s prime shopping district, and art district. Visit the Film Forum, to watch classic and foreign films and art house features in this place.
  10. Williamsburg – Channel your inner Dan Humphrey and go to the Brooklyn Bridge, and check out Williamsburg where you can take a peek at the thriving art scene.



While there are countless of things to do in New York, I listed down the top 10 things you should do while you’re in the city.

  1. Take a stroll in Central Park, then take a pause and people watch.
  2. Visit the museum: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Natural History, Guggenheim Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art
  3. Get a ticket to watch Hamilton, Wicked or Lion King on Broadway.
  4. Visit Times Square and get a picture of the Naked Cowboy or Spiderman
  5. Go to the top of the Empire State building and see the New York skyline from their roof deck. Feel free to channel your inner Meg Ryan.
  6. Take the ferry to Staten Island and Ellis Island and see the Lady Liberty up close.
  7. EAT!
  8. Cross the Brooklyn Bridge into Williamsburg, and watch a free concert in Prospect Park(They have free concerts every Saturday during summer time). Check out Sofar’s and check the gigs across the city.
  9. Visit Coney Island and ride the Cyclone while munching on Nathan’s hotdog.
  10. Watch the Yankees play in the Yankees Stadium or the Knicks in Madison Square Garden.


  • Check the weather, dress the occasion.
  • Be ready with extra cash, everything in New York is taxed 8.875%, on top of that you also leave a 15% tip, especially when eating in restaurants.
  • Be firm, don’t be afraid to say no to those pesky vendors on the side of the road.
  • When visiting the museums, remember that you don’t need to pay the full entrance fee usually amounting to 15-30 USD and can opt to give a donation instead that can amount to 5 USD.
  • Go to the restroom before leaving your hotel/Airbnb there are not a lot of free toilets around and would usually require you to buy an item, then be given a password you need to enter in a locked door to open the toilet.
  • Download the offline version of NYC in Google Maps. It will make it much easier to get around, and it already shows you what bus/subway/street to take to your destination.
  • Watch out for Wifi and charging stations. They have this for free all around the city.
  • Keep your bag close to your body, while it’s a safe place, sometimes you can’t avoid pickpocket


New York is for everybody. Whether you’re a historian, a geek, a foodie, an artist, a model, or a  businessman, you will find something to do. The city will welcome you into its open arms, drowns you in moonshine and sends you on your way. The fleeting feeling of New York is something I’ll always go back to. In this city of millions, I know it’s also a city for me.

As we always say. Explore and wander! And become a storyteller when you return home.




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