Have you ever experience an authentic Octoberfest celebration? No, we’re not talking about just drinking flimsy local beers at the back of a shopping mall. I reckon back in the 90’s and early 2000’s when a local beer brand leverage on this kind of celebration.

But see, consumers now are more discerning more than ever. Having so much noise and clutter presented to us we seek authenticity in brands, service, and products being offered to us. So when we now say Octoberfest we’d want it to be celebrated in the most Bavarian way!

Brotzeit already kicked the Oktoberfest celebration with a ceremonial Keg Tapping at their Shangri-La Plaza flagship branch last September 15, 2018. The tapping is accompanied by shouts of “O’zapft is“, which means this has been tapped and the official kicked off has launched.

Fat Girls Day Out

From hoisting 1L steins of German beer, digging deep into crispy pork knuckle and chanting along to folksy Oompah songs together with joyful merrymakers, Brotzeit’s Oktoberfest parties have always been a fun and festive affair.


The 2018 Octoberfest will feature traditional Bavarian food with select German special lager’s which will go perfectly with the special Bavarian feast.

The Weihenstephan Festbier is the oldest brewery in the world. A golden-yellow wheat beer, with its fine-poured white foam, smells of cloves notes will definitely delight you with its refreshing notes of banana. Brewed according to our centuries-old brewing tradition on the Weihenstephan hill. On the other hand, Paulaner beer is 100% natural full-bodied Bavarian Marzen, with full rich malt flavors. It has been brewing since 1818, representing centuries of brewing tradition in a stein. Both of these featured beers are no exception to the German Beer Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot); which is a collective name for a series of regulations that limit the ingredients of beer in Germany. Little known fact: beers brewed following the German Beer Purity Law seldom or never cause hangovers as the water and other ingredients used are very pure.

BROTZEIT Exclusive Menu Roster. Served from September 15 to October 31, 2018, in all Brotzeit branches:

Gemischteplatte 850

Fat Girls Day Out- BROTZEIT

Mixed board of assorted cold cuts and cheese with Obatzda served with breadsticks and radishes

Meter-Wurst 920

Fat Girls Day Out- BROTZEIT

One meter long paprika-cheese sausage (500g) served with spicy potato wedges, sauerkraut and

Oktoberfestplatte 3,500php

Fat Girls Day Out- BROTZEIT

Oven roasted pork knuckle, beer-infused Bavarian honey ribs, juicy and tender whole roasted
chicken, meter sausage served with spicy potato wedges and sauerkraut. This is the star of the overall Octoberfest Menu.

Geffulter Schweinebauch mit Sosse 980

Fat Girls Day Out- BROTZEIT

Oven roasted for a crisp crackling skin, the succulent pork belly is filled with a deliciously moist
bread stuffing that is packed full of flavor a signature Oktoberfest dish.

Gebratener Rinderbauch 950hphp

Fat Girls Day Out- BROTZEIT

Slow roasted Angus beef belly with roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes served with beer gravy

Scheiterhaufen 190php

Fat Girls Day Out- BROTZEIT

Traditional German bread pudding with rum & raisins and vanilla sauce


Shangri-La Plaza

  • SEP 15: Oktoberfest Celebration Kick Off with a ceremonial Keg Tapping by German Club Manila President, Mr. Tobias Rast
  • SEP 29: Oktoberfest Celebration featuring KO Jones Band, DJ Allan Corpus, and Aussie DJ Brock Donald, hosted by Tina Ryan.

Shangri-La Fort (BGC)

  • OCT 13: Oktoberfest Celebration featuring Kudos Loves Eighties Band

All Branches

  • All Fridays of September and October: Beer-centric games and challenges
  • SEP 15 onwards: Dine & Spin to win premium sponsored items!

Why Go?

Brotzeit has been hosting 5 years of memorable Octoberfest shindigs and based on our friend’s stories it had been anything but epic. Their kitchen working overtime to prepare not just a fantastic Bavarian spread, but with their outmost commitment to authenticity.

Oktoberfest is a period of conviviality, and the perfect time to get together with friends, colleagues, and families. You are definitely encouraged to indulge.

Fat Girls Day Out
*Oktoberfest 2018 beer and food menus are available at all Brotzeit outlets from September 15 to
October 31.

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Brotzeit (Shangri-La Plaza)

  • Mandaluyong: Level 1, Shangri-La Plaza, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
  • Taguig: 11am – 12midnight
  • Contact: +6326311489
  • Facebook

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