Old Swiss Inn (Makati): Manila’s Preface to Swiss Dining

Old Swiss Inn (Makati): Manila’s Preface to Swiss Dining


[Updated: July 2019] Where in Makati can you go to get hearty, authentic Swiss food? Not to mention a place that is also open 24 hours round the clock for 7 days delivering the same level of consistency for the past  70 years?  With this special feature, we want to give homage to the famous and the original Swiss-European restaurant, The Old Swiss Inn.


Fat Girls Day Out- Old Swiss Inn


An established character in the Manila dining scene that is unapologetically dissing fads and is able to stand still and proud. He is the more established adult, contented, and cultured. While the rest of your modern “fusion”  new entrants are the young needy millennial, busy finding their place in the city and growing rapidly in many different tangents.


Embedded in Manila’s Dining Scene since 1946

Founded by Swiss national Emil Landert and now celebrating its 70th anniversary. This is their first branch was on Dewey Boulevard, now known as Roxas Boulevard. Many people were captivated by its authentic Swiss cuisine, quaint wood interiors, and service.


fat girls day out - old swiss inn
Scanned Original Photo of the First Restaurant in Roxas Blvd.



In the 1970’s the restaurant was transferred to a larger location in Paco to accommodate more patrons. In the 1980’s the Paco branch was destroyed in a fire but was eventually rebuilt and re-opened by Mr.Felix Limcaoco in 1990.


Fat Girls Day Out- Old Swiss Inn
Original Scanned Photo from OSIR Archives


Through the years, the Old Swiss Inn has grown to its present size of two (2) restaurants with strict adherence to uncompromising standards and consistency.

Swiss Cuisine and all its essence

Switzerland is known as a neutral country but they actually have many influences from Germany, Italy, and France. This confluence of flavors can be found in Old Swiss Inn’s menu roster where you can see and taste the influence.

Old Swiss Inn provides the new generation of customers the quintessential experience to European dining. It has all the beautiful textured layers of experience, a remarkable induction to Swiss menu staples. 

If you are fond of Fondue, raclette, and quality meats then you are in for a treat my friend.


FGDO Picks

No visit to the Old Swiss Inn is complete without experiencing their tabletop Raclette.  There’s nothing like warm, melted raclette layered over a mound of potatoes, meat or even just by itself on an elegant white plate.


Fat Girls Day Out- Old Swiss Inn


Satisfy your relentless cheese appetite with lots of melted cheese.

Fat Girls Day Out- Old Swiss Inn


For those who want something lighter, try their Mother Earth Raclette, it comes with an assortment of fresh mushrooms, asparagus, and other assorted fresh vegetables. Each of these sets is good for 2-3 people.


Fat Girls Day Out- Old Swiss Inn

Mother Earth Raclette (Vegetarian), La Parisienne Raclette, and Wagyu Skewers Raclette 

For those meat eaters, we suggest the La Parisienne Raclette and the Wagyu Skewers Raclette, it comes with tenderloin and wagyu skewers, respectively, and an assortment of fresh vegetables.

fat girls day out- old swiss inn

Staple Classics

The Old Swiss Inn’s dedicated patrons will be happy to know that its signature dishes still stay the same.


Fat Girls Day Out- Old Swiss Inn

Fresh Corned Beef 

For those of you, who grew up eating corned beef out of a can. This may come as a bit of a surprise. They boil beef brisket until its tender and then serve with sauteed cabbages and boiled potatoes. A crowd favorite, this is one of Old Swiss Inns most popular dishes, and personally our family favorite.


Fat Girls Day Out- Old Swiss Inn


Gnagi is also known as pork knuckles or can be said that it’s the German version of Crispy Pata. They boil, cure then fry the pork knuckles until its crispy. It’s crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. This is served with a side of sauerkraut and boiled potatoes.


Bring these favourites with you at home

Take home or have your favourite Old Swiss Inn favourites delivered to your doorsteps as well– visit their Facebook Shop to order.


fat girls day out- old swiss inn


fat girls day out- old swiss inn

Chocolate Fondue

Melted chocolate on a pan beneath an open flame. Take a few their homemade marshmallows and dip it in. Sinful, and elegant this simple snack is a sure winner for any age.


New Curated Dishes

fat girls day out- old swiss inn

Skillet Scamorza uses Pinkie’s Farm’s Scamorza cheese. Smoked Scamorza (an Italian medium-soft cheese), cherry tomatoes, basil, and bacon.


fat girls day out- old swiss inn
Skillet Cookie: Warm, gooey Skillet Toblerone dark chocolate cookie topped with homemade marshmallows cooked in an iron skillet and served warm in your table. Pair with milk, coffee, or vanilla ice cream.



fat girls day out- old Swiss inn
The Butcher’s Board: Angus Ribeye, sausages, house cured bacon, lamb chops, roasted vegetables, and choice of starch.


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The Establishments Like This Matters?

The perfect confluence of everything that is Swiss. The Old Swiss Inn Restaurant having two (2) quarter of a century worth of experience delivering quality and taste to the Filipino market.

For us, Good Food is Good Food. Food quality and taste is KING. No matter how “IG-worthy” these new pseudo-fusion restaurant is people will continue to come back and will turn into as a repeat customer if the food that is being served to them is something valuable, good, and consistent.


Fat Girls Day Out- Old Swiss Inn


Through its history and consistency, the Old Swiss Inn Restaurant is able to continue being relevant from 1946 up to this very day while you are reading this content. Why? because it doesn’t follow and jump quickly to the latest fad. They stick to their vision and values:  unapologetically serving comfort food that is neither haute or fusion.


Why Go?

There’s no better place for Authentic Swiss and European cuisine like the Old Swiss Inn Restaurant. Why? Because 70 years of marketability and credibility are the only proof of concept that you need. Did we mention they were also this year’s winner of People’s Choice Awards for “Favorite European Restaurant” for 2018?

You go to this kind of places for the food, for the consistency of taste and the stories that were told between its wooden walls. The Fat Girls Day Out crew will sure to be regulars for more years to come.




The Old Swiss Inn Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Old Swiss Inn (book a table here)

  • Makati: G/F Somerset Olympia, Makati Avenue corner Santo Tomas Street, Urdaneta, Makati City
  • Contact: 818-8251
  • Open 24 hours
  • Paco: Garden Plaza Hotel & Suites, 1030 Belen Street, Paco, Manila
  • Contact: 521-3002, 526-2739
  • Open daily from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Engage with us; experience@fatgirlsdayout.com or fatgirlsdayoutph@gmail.com

Find us at Klook PH should you want to join us during our #DayOut. Adult Fieldtrip, yes?

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