The Original Pares Mami House: 2 Decades of Serving Comfort

The Original Pares Mami House: 2 Decades of Serving Comfort


Can you tell me what your comfort food is?

It is a dish that our mother or our lola used to make us during our childhood – it can be that good bowl of Sinigang, Arroz Caldo, mac & cheese. Regardless of what the food is, it soothes our souls and comforts us in such a way having that dish makes everything seem okay. A dish that provides emotional comfort to us and linked us to a place or time when we were kids when situations and life weren’t this complicated.

When I was just 5 or 6 years old, my granddad would always take me to buy Pares to this place just 2 blocks outside our house back in the mid-1980s. We have it to go and bring it back home for dinner. On Sundays, my mother would take us after church to the same Pares House to reward us for sitting steadily for 1 hour without whining while listening to the Pastor’s sermon. It has been in business for more than two decades. People of all ages and all walks of life come to this place to enjoy a good set of stewed beef brisket.


Fat Girls Day Out-Pares



The Original Pares Mami House is at the corner of N.S. Amoranto (famously known as Retiro). Red and white walls are scruffily faded and the bright orange bowls are readily available to welcome patrons. The place is simple, again scruffy, and raw. But you can see the old hardware of aluminum, paint on the wall, faded old menus that it is a heritage restaurant and the tradition of eating at this place had been passed on from generation to another.

I have lived in Mayon for only a few years after we transferred to the southern part of Metro Manila. As I was growing my craving for Pares always brings me back to this place.  My siblings and I would drive from Bicutan to Retiro at 2 AM just to satisfy our cravings. It has been in business for more than two decades. It is amazing how this humble fast food/eatery attracts people from all walks, of social class, from taxi drivers, students, millennial young professionals, Chinese businessmen. The food here satisfies everyone. They grew up eating the same Pares meal with their parents and now they’re adults they carry it out then shared with their children.



The beef Pares is slow-cooked beef stew, a bowl of garlic rice with bits of chorizo and scrambled egg, and paired with soup. They boil the beef briskets in a pot with water, salt, and onion. Cooked until it is soft, tender, fall off easily. They put soy sauce, brown sugar, star anise, and pepper. Simmer everything to perfection. The sauce is thick that wraps around the beef brisket with just the right ratio of meat and fat.


Fat Girls Day Out- Pares


As I ended my stressful day at work at 10 pm. I decided to drive all the way from BGC, the Fort (Taguig) and go to Retiro. Purely out of whim and I was reluctant about certain aspects of that week. A lot of things going through my mind. I need a meal that will remind me of the good things. A meal that reminds me of how my mom would feed us for comfort. I arrived past 10:30 pm and saw this huge crowd gathered around the service area.


Fat Girls Day Out- Pares


People order what they want. The food is served fast and hot. They sit down, do not talk and just enjoy a good meal of Pares. Everything runs efficiently in this place, even the patrons know that they need to eat their food fast as there are other customers eagerly waiting for their turn. SUV’s, pedicabs, motorcycles, and taxi cabs are parked strategically around the restaurant. As I have mentioned earlier, everyone here is equal. In our country which is pretty subdivided by socio-economic class, this is quite a rare sight.


Fat Girls Day Out-Pares


I have to give credit to their service system. They have this lean efficiency of order taking, serving your food up until you get your tab. They are assigned per area of the diagonal space, take your order stick the order sheet and total bill behind your table then in less than 10 minutes you’ll be served with your order. A pitcher of complimentary distilled water with ice will greet you while you wait. The way the service staff moves is like a choreographed dance that is well-rehearsed.


Fat Girls Day Out-Pares

Service here is extremely fast and transactions are quick. It seems that the waitresses anticipate what their customers need and want.

There are other restaurants serving Pares (popular ones):

  1. Jonas Pares (La Loma , BGC fort), One of the 1st establishment who serves Pares. Grew up eating here as well, but over the years the recipe seems off and different. They weren’t able to maintain their original recipe.
  2. Pares Retiro (P.Tuazon and other branches), one of the new ones who even COPIED THE PARTS OF THE NAME perhaps to confuse people that this is the Original Pares place in Retiro. But they are not connected at all. Good cuts of beef and affordable.
  3. Pares Mami House (Espana Blvd.)
  4. Best Friends Pares Mami House (Mandaluyong), sweeter taste. Not comparable.
  5. Kumpares (mostly peppered in Las Pinas, Market Market Taguig), this is. Nevermind. Don’t even try it.


But none of these competitors or copycats can battle out The Original Pares Mami House. I recommend ordering the classic Beef Pares, of course, the camaron rebusado and their campto soup. Good food stands the test of time. You do not need so much forward-thinking concepts and expensive restaurants to satisfy your search for palate satisfaction. A complete set of Pares will cost you 90php (2 USD) as of May 2017. Expect to spend 300php (4 USD) for two people. You already have 2 sets of Pares, 1 side viand or noodles, and share a bottle of cold Coke.

This place and the food may not be instagrammable (we know this isn’t a real word), but it cuts through that bullshit facade. You go to this kind of place for the food, for the consistency of taste and for the memories.
Now that I’m 36 years old. I still come back here for the food, for the memories, whenever I want to share something great with a friend and when I need to be reminded that life can be as simple as a bowl of Beef Pares.


4 extra rice rating for The Original Pares Mami House.

Original Pares & Mami House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The Original Pares Mami House (check Waze for exact location)
N.S Amoranto Sr. Avenue, La Loma, Quezon City
Open 24/7 (except Maundy Thursday and Black Friday

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