The Pantry by Dusit Thani Manila: Lunch Game is Strong

The Pantry by Dusit Thani Manila: Lunch Game is Strong


What do you look forward to most on Sundays? For us, it is the glory of the relaxed pacing of a Sunday Lunch. The best mid-day activity is to share a good meal spread with your loved ones. On one humid Sunday, the Fat Girls Day Out crew decided to return to the Pantry. Since we love their breakfast buffet so much we decided to to a TREAT YOUR SELF-day to end our very busy week.

The Pantry has nine global stations: the Chinese bao bar, the Indian Tandoor oven, the brick oven pizza area, the salad station, the seafood station, the carving station, the dessert station, the beverage studio, and a takeaway counter called Grab & Go.

Fat Girls Day Out- The Pantry


The Pantry observes three to four cycle changes in its menu.  That means, if you come for lunch today, and the succeeding two days, there would be a different lunch every day.


Fat Girls Day Out- The Pantry


They switch things up as change is necessary when needed and retain the crowd pleasers at the same time.

Fat Girls Day Out- The Pantry
Their idea of farm-to-fork is their constant ethos. Using only organic and locally sourced fair trade produce and ingredients to create quality tastes and textures from Indian, Italian, Filipino and Pan-Asian cuisines.


Fat Girls Day Out- The Pantry


The Pantry has a total of 8 stations – some are Filipino, Italian, Indian and Pan-Asian cuisines masterfully prepared by specialty chefs.

Fresh Section

Fat Girls Day Out

Fat Girls Day Out- The Pantry

Bread Selections

Cheese and Cold Cuts

Fat Girls Day Out- The Pantry

Italian Section

Fat Girls Day Out- The Pantry


A Large Parmigiano wheel is the centerpiece of their pasta station. Ask the chef to prepare any pasta combinations for you.  You sure to sample their Italian station for some brick oven pizzas and pasta dishes.


Fat Girls Day Out The Pantry


Mediterranean Section



Indian Spread

Fat Girls Day Out- The Pantry


Make sure to grab a few samosas. If you’re a big fan of Indian cuisine and have scoured around Metro Manila for it, then you’re in for a treat. The Pantry whips out a solid Indian food spread.

Fat Girls Day Out- The Pantry

Seafood Section

Fat Girls Day Out- The Pantry


If you need a fill on seafood, then you’ll be excited to know that The Pantry has a broad seafood selection.

Lechon Pit

Lechon Station, which is roasted in full view of the guests, by means of a small glass “Roasting Room” near the carved meats section.


Fat Girls Day Out- The Pantry


The Pantry’s “Signature Lechon” is clearly the crown jewel of the spread. The roasted pig had a good crackle to its skin, giving way to the moist, beautifully cooked meat.

Watch the suckling pig get slowly roasted and brought to the carving station piping hot and crispy skin still intact.

Fat Girls Day Out- The Pantry


Beverage bar

There’s a big bar in the middle of the room that’s pretty hard to miss. It supplies refreshments of all kinds to the patrons of the restaurant as well as the guests of the hotel lounge. Choose from their signature cocktails or spirits with an organic infusion of lemongrass, basil, or ginger. Perhaps you’d want to go for non-alcoholic drinks included in the buffet, such as chilled fruit juices,  tea, and freshly brewed coffee by their in-house barista.




The Pantry also has a nice selection of cakes and pastries for you to choose from, ranging from classic Blueberry Cheesecake to Native Filipino Rice cakes.

Fat Girls Day Out- The Pantry


The dessert section is beautifully presented to their dine-in guest.


Fat Girls Day Out- The Pantry

We love their churros with chocolate dipping sauce crème Brule.


Price Point

Is it worth your money? Yes, definitely. The quality of sources ingredients, the execution of their chefs and the excellent customer experience that you’ll get.

The Pantry’s Published Rate as of Feb. 2018.

BREAKFAST 1,450 nett per person
Monday-Friday1,950 net per person
Saturday2,150 net per person
Sunday2,500 net per person (without wine)
2,950 net per person (with wine & Chandon)
Monday-Friday2,200 net per person
Saturday-Sun2,350 net per person


Customer Service

The service personnel is excellent, being that it is high turnover and always busy. Tables are cleaned and reset instantly.  All staff, including hostesses, were very accommodating.

We suggest that you skip breakfast if you know you’re going to have a buffet for lunch. Maybe have a few nibbles on your way, but make sure to leave space for the delicious food you’ll soon have for Sunday lunch.

The Pantry is a relatively new restaurant that promotes the ‘farm to fork’ concept and uses organic and locally sourced produce and ingredients. The quality of the food selection is excellent. The carving station is great. The freshness of the seafood is remarkable. The appetizers, particularly the selection of cheese and cold cuts are simply amazing. The fresh fruits are unbelievably sweet. The dessert selection is incredible good. Definitely worth coming back to.


Our CX Rating:

The Pantry at Dusit Thani, Makati City

  • (6 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.), lunch (12 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.), and dinner (6 p.m. – 10 p.m.).
  • For reservations, contact +63 (2) 238-8888.
  • Official Website

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