Poison: You Haven’t Had This Experience Before

Poison: You Haven’t Had This Experience Before


Down The Alley at Karrivin Plaza next-door the Hydra office is Poison. A moody layered character filled café that is motivated by the Japanese anime Ghost in the Shell, and an anti-thesis all mainstream or sometimes trying hard coffee shops trying to catch up the waves of well-lit coffee places, rustic and pre-millennial interiors of most shops in Metro Manila. They serve good coffee and  well made no-frills doughnuts.

Fat Girls Day Out- Poison Makati
Store facade

Poison is a product of three companies: Tasteless for the menu, Hydra for the design, and La Marzocco for its espresso machine.

Fat Girls Day Out- Poison Makati
Flat black lead signage at the counter
Fat Girls Day Out- Poison Makati
Dark and minimalist colorways and shapes

This isn’t your typical café. Its dark, purple neon diffused lights, A/C jacked up high and a playlist rounded up by heavy bass lines. A quick allusion to the venom of the Hydra without being too Grecian. We stayed for hours ordering our 2nd cup of coffee while staring at the looped animation on the wall of cats, coffee, and donuts melting into each other

Fat Girls Day Out- Poison Makati
Looped amimation projected on its wall

Fat Girls Day Out- Poison Makati

For some reason, coffee and donuts have long been parodied as the essential snack of US policemen, and we Filipinos love our doughnuts so much that we even lineup to the typical chain stores and malls.

In the Philippines, our definition of a doughnut is the sugar loaded American deep-fried pastry that’s full of sugar and air. Poison’s version is poles apart from the typical. It’s made with sourdough and brioche. Marrying the former’s airiness of sourdough and the chewiness of the latter, so you’ll notice some airiness, exterior of crunch when you bit into it and flavors exploding.

Fat Girls Day Out- Poison Makati

Fat Girls Day Out- Poison Makati

It might seem like an overgenerous step (as making sourdoughs alone takes at least four days to make), but the heavier dough works as a better ground to play against Poison’s selected toppings like Valrhona chocolate, custard brulee or blueberry. Doughnuts are laid out on wooden trays on their counter. No hipster designs or even chocolates sticking out of the dough. It is a scaled-back version, nothing over-the-top. 7 flavours:

Filled (70php)

  • Blueberry lemon – Lemon curd filling overdose with blueberry jam and blueberry glaze
  • Egg Custard Brulee  – Burnt sugar exterior injected with dark brown sugar custard
  • Boston Creme– Vanilla mousseline and home made marshmallow stained with dark chocolate

Holes (50php)

  • Blueberry Glazed
  • Salted Dark Chocolate
  • Vanilla Glaze
  • Garam Masala (instead of Cinnamon)

They only make two batches of donuts a day comprised of 40-70 donuts per batch. Catch Batch One at around 10 am and Batch Two at around 4:30 pm.

Fat Girls Day Out- Poison

Their coffee is wonderful which is from Yardstick coffee, too and doesn’t intimidate. Nothing fancy and pretentious.  It’s black, white, or mocha; iced or hot. Simple.

Fat Girls Day Out- Poison Makati

Fat Girls Day Out- Poison Makati

Go for their pleasurable deadly doughnuts and full flavoured cofee and stay for hours being curious about its neon lights and minimalist design making you feel that you are in dystopian future.

4 Extra Rice Rating for Poison Doughnuts for their Ambiance, Quality, Taste, Value for Money and Customer Experience. (Extra Rice Rating or CX Rating Scale FAQ)

Fat Girls Day Out- Extra Rice Rating

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